A therapeutic bike from Van Raam

For physically and/or mentally handicapped people, a therapeutic bike from Van Raam can (again) offer a lot of freedom of movement! Van Raam makes a adapted therapeutic bike for you, so that you can become and remain mobile. In the following you will get to know the Van Raam therapeutic bicycles and you will also learn more about aids, electric motors and experiences of people who have a Van Raam bicycle.

a therapeutic bike from Van Raam

What is a therapeutic bike?

A therapeutic bike is a bicycle that promotes mobility and exercise. A therapy bike also belongs to the product group of mobility aids in the list of aids, but we will come back to this in the course of this article. Therapeutic bicycles have a variety of uses, as tricycles, recumbent bicycles or in special production. Options and accessories such as indicators, backrests and footrests can also have a decisive positive effect on your riding experience and style. These bikes do not only offer healthy reasons to ride them but also many positive aspects which can create a completely new attitude towards life!

therapeutic bike Husky
Maxi therapeutic bike
Twinny Plus therapeutic bike
Kivo therapeutic bike
Fun2Go therapeutic duo bike Van Raam
therapeutic bike Maxi Comfort
therapeutic bike Easy Rider
Easy Rider Compact therapeutic tricycle Van Raam
therapeutic bike Easy sport
Easy Sport Small therapeutic tricycle Van Raam
therapeutic bike Easy Go
  • Activity of the arm, leg and trunk muscles

  • Promoting the equilibrium reactions

  • Stimulation of the cardiovascular system

  • Covering greater distances

  • Allow family excursions

  • Promotion of social integration by cycling with friends

Van Raam therapeutic bikes

Van Raam has different types of therapeutic bikes in the Van Raam assortment available. Besides the standard/traditional therapy tricycles for adults and children, Van Raam also offers comfort tricycles and recumbent tricycles with a comfortable seat and backrest. Furthermore, also include:

  • Tandems,
  • Tricycle tandems,
  • Low-entry bicycles
  • and a walking aid
Besides these bicycles, Van Raam also produces a wheelchair bicycle, a wheelchair transport bicycle and a rickshaw bicycle.

Adult therapeutic tricycles

Adults who cannot (any longer) ride an ordinary bicycle are looking for a good and safe alternative. The adult therapy bikes: Maxi, Easy Rider, Easy Rider Compact and Easy Sport  from Van Raam are particularly suitable for people who want extra support and stability when cycling. Read more about the Easy Rider in the 'The Easy Rider adaptive tricycle from Van Raam' article.

therapeutictricycle Maxi

Therapeutictricycle Maxi

  • Smooth running

  • Easy ascent

  • Provides stability

therapeutictricycle  Easy Rider

Therapeutictricycle Easy Rider

  • Comfortable seats with backrest

  • Recumbent bike with extra comfort

  • Comfortable and stable

Easy Rider
Easy Rider Compact therapeutic tricycle Van Raam

Therapeutictricycle Easy Rider Compact

  • Very compact
  • Low entry

  • Stable, low seating postition
Easy Rider Compact
therapeutictricycle  Easy Sport

Therapeutictricycle Easy Sport

  • Both sporty and relaxed riding

  • Modern and sporty look

  • Comfortable tricycle with seat and lower sporty seating position

Easy Sport

Low step-in therapeutic bicycles

At Van Raam we have both a two and a three wheelers with a low entry, the Balance and Maxi Comfort.Both have a low and spacious entry and another special seating position that takes the strain off your neck, wrists and back. Furthermore, because the bottom bracket is placed forward, you can always touch the ground with both feet.

  • Safe and comfortable

  • Ergonomic seating position

  • Directly with both feet on the ground

  • More power through forward pedalling

Therapeutic bike Maxi Comfort

Therapeutic bike Maxi Comfort

A variation of the traditional tricycle, the Maxi Comfort.

Maxi Comfort
Balance therapeutic low entry bike Van Raam

Therapeutic bike Balance

The Balance is a two-wheeler with low entry and ergonomic seating position.

Therapeutic scooter tricycle Easy Go

Therapeutic scooter tricycle Easy Go

For people with changing energy levels, the 3 in 1 therapeutic bike is a bicycle, an e-bike with pedal support and mobility scooter in one. The Easy Go is:

  • Very agile

  • Compact

  • Can be used in different ways

  • Standard electrically equipped

Learn more about Easy Go on the product page by clicking on the button.

Easy Go

Tricycles with two front wheels and one rear wheel

For adults who want a "traditional tricycle" with two wheels in the back and one in the front, but have problems with estimating the width, there is a tricycle with two wheels in the front and one wheel in the back. This means that the rider always has a good view of whether he or she can drive through or past somewhere. This bike comes in two sizes, the Viktoria is the small version and the Viktor the larger.
  • Width easy to estimate

  • Deep entry

  • In two sizes

Tandem therapeutic bikes

With Van Raam tandems you can enjoy cycling together. Because of the low entrance height or the complete lack of an entrance as well as the various options, the tandems are often used with people who are no longer able to cycle independently. Van Raam offers different types of tandems that you can get to know better.

Fun2Go therapeutic duo bike Van Raam

Therapeutic bicycle Fun2Go tricycle tandem

The Fun2Go Duo bike  from Van Raam is a special tandem with three wheels. Because you sit on them side by side instead of behind each other, this bicycle is also called a parallel tandem. On the tricycle tandem, one person is responsible for steering and braking the bicycle. The passenger next to the rider can pedal along, but cannot steer or brake. Thanks to the duo bicycle trailer FunTrain from Van Raam, it is also possible to cycle with several people at the same time.

  • No entry

  • One person steers, both can pedal

  • Perfect attention to the front passenger

Side by Side tandem

Therapeutic tandem Kivo and Kivo Plus

The Kivo is a two-wheeled child-parent tandem for one adult sitting in the back and one child sitting in the front. This way the child has a good view of the surroundings. The rider sitting in the back always has a good view of the child from behind. The Kivo has a deep entry and is therefore easy to use. It also has 8 gears and a switchable freewheel as standard. The tandem is also available with three wheels, so if you are looking for more stability when cycling, you should try the Kivo Plus. It has the same functions and advantages as the Kivo, but with three wheels instead of two.

  • Self-determination whether the child can or must pedal

  • Rear person steers

  • Deep entry for both persons

Therapeutic tandem Twinny and Twinny Plus

On the Twinny twoo-wheel tandem for two adults, ascending and descending is easy thanks to the spacious deep entry. More space has been created between the saddle of the person in front and the handlebars of the passenger, so you don't sit too close together. You can decide for yourself how you want to cycle together. With the optional switchable freewheel, you can decide whether and how your co-driver joins in. The tandem is also available with three wheels, the Twinny Plus. This is a tricycle tandem. It has the same functions and advantages as the Twinny, but with three wheels instead of two.

  • Front or rear steering

  •  Adjustable frame height

  • Deep entry for both persons

Therapeutic kids bikes

Children who are provided with a therapeutic bicycle can learn a new way of leg movement in a playful way and of their own accord. Get to know our different children's therapeutic bikes, Huksy, Mini, MidiEasy Rider Small and Easy Sport Small. Learn more about electric bikes for children in our article 'Electric tricycle for kids'.  Read  also more about therapeutic bikes for children in the article 'Van Raam therapeutic bike for children'.

therapeutic kids bike Husky

Therapeutic kids bike Husky

  • Smooth running

  • Colourful and cheerful

  • Standard shortened crank

  • Agile

Therapeutic kids bike Mini

Therapeutic kids bike Mini

  • Pedal support possible

  • Agile and smooth running

  • Modern design

  • Trendy colours


Therapeutic kids bike Easy Rider Small

Therapeutic kids bike Easy Rider Small

  • Good seating support

  • Comfortable

  • Looking sporty

  • Suspended frame

Easy Rider Small
Therapeutic kids bike Midi

Therapeutic kids bike Midi

  • Agile

  • Smooth running and steerable

  • modernly designed

  • Differential gear

Easy Sport Small therapeutic tricycle Van Raam

Therapeutic kids bike Easy Sport Small

  • Sporty and modern design
  • Relaxed cycling posture
  • Comfortable
  • Understeering for reduced strain on neck and shoulders

Easy Sport Small
"To provide a sustainable and modern mobility for people with disabilities."

Raising money for a therapeutic bike

Imagine that you have found the ideal bike for you and/or your care institution, but you do not have the financial means to pay for the bike. Of course, that's a bit of a bummer. Fortunately, there are many different ways to pay for or collect money for your custom bike, we have put together some useful tips in the article 'Tips for raising money for a special needs bike'.

Tips for raising money
Therapeutic bike with pedal support and other options

Therapeutic bike with pedal support and other options

All bikes that you have got to know can be equipped with the Van Raam pedal assistance system, which was crowned test winner. The system is easy to use and has a starting aid that gives you 10 seconds of extra support to get off the ground. A special and unique feature of the Van Raam system is that you can ride backwards with the pedal assist switched on.

Through the free Van Raam E-Bike App you have a luxury bike computer that can send SOS messages and view bike data such as speed, battery capacity and distance. Read more about the electrical system and the app on the pedal assist page. Furthermore, all bikes can be equipped with many different options and accessories. For example, the Fun2Go with a rotatable seat.

All options

Get to know Van Raam

Van Raam offers people with a disability sustainable and contemporary mobility. Van Raam's vision is: if people with a disability can be mobile and independent for longer, they will be happier. Van Raam wants to contribute to the integration of people with disabilities into society. Let's all cycle!

About Van Raam

Experiences of users and their therapeutic bike

These special therapy bikes from Van Raam give you more independence in the everyday life. Shopping, going to the physio, visiting family or friends or spontaneous city visits were often only possible with help. Now they have the chance to do this (again) independently. Read such experiences first hand.


Husky tricycle

"With the Husky tricycle, David, our youngest son with a light CP, could participate this weekend with the bicycle parade in the neighborhood. Participating is so important!"

Paula (mother of David) - Leeuwarden

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Mini tricycle

"Although Duncan is in a wheelchair, he is just as happy as his peers and wants to be part of it as much as any other child. That's why he has a Mini tricycle."

Mother of Duncan - Gorinchem

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Midi tricycle

"I have been the proud owner of a Midi tricycle from Van Raam for 1,5 years now. One can say that I am in love with this bicycle. This I often say to people when they ask for my bicycle."

Monique van Stuijvenberg - Den Haag

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Maxi tricycle

"Since my childhood I have been riding a Van Raam tricycle and I have been using the Maxi for a while now via the WMO (Social Support Act). Without my tricycle I would never have been able to cycle!"

Dominique van Steijn - Den Helder

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Easy Rider tricycle

"The German Gunda Krauss cycled together with her dog Sauser on her tricycle Easy Rider in 2009 at the age of 70 from Munich to Rügen (1200 km)"

Gunda Krauss - München (DE)

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Easy Rider tricycle

"In the beginning of 2016 I was diagnosed with progressive polyneuropathy. Since then I am no longer allowed to drive or cycle with a regular bike. This news was difficult at the time."

Leo Kostwinder - Zwolle

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Easy Sport recumbent trike

"Jelle van Gorkom about cycling on the Easy Sport: “This was a fantastic feeling, it was absolutely a feeling of freedom and, moreover, a step in the right direction”."

Jelle Van Gorkom - Doetinchem

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Balance low step through bike

"I am Paula Brommer (47) from Heerenveen, the Netherlands. Despite my height (4.7 ft), asthma and fibromyalgia I would like to stay active and enjoy bike rides on my Balance low step through bike."

Paula Brommer - Heerenveen

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Easy Go scooter bike

"After I received my Easy Go, I first took cycling lessons with an occupational therapist before I went cycling on the road. I can certainly recommend this. I now enjoy cycling!"

Natascha van Leeuwen - Tubbergen

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Fun2Go side by side bike

"Collin Capozzi (22) from Belgium has an autism spectrum disorder (ASD), but this doesn't stop him from getting on the road with the Fun2Go double rider cycle."

Collin Capozzi - Puurs

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Twinny Plus tandem

"Tessel Klinkenberg (22) has Down's syndrome and therefore cannot cycle independently. With the Twinny Plus tricycle tandem, Tessel has the feeling that she really cycles."

Tessel Klinkenberg - Santpoort-Noord

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Kivo Plus tandem

"When Robin came to live with us he brought his wonderful parent and child tandem! We had to practise a bit and now we have made some nice bike rides!"

Antoinette Krol - Doetinchem

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