About Van Raam

Van Raam manufacturer of adapted bikes throughout the years

Van Raam has been a specialist in the production of adapted bicycles for more than 35 years and has been producing bicycles for almost 100 years. Van Raam is an innovative and sustainable company. In addition, Van Raam is a model company for the Smart Industry, Smart Working and collaborations with companies in the region. Read more about the history of Van Raam and Van Raam over the years.

About Van Raam adapted bicycles

Van Raam is a manufacturer of customized adapted bicycles. As a manufacturer of adapted bikes the goal is to offer as many people as possible sustainable and contemporary mobility. Van Raam has been producing bikes for almost 100 years with a focus on custom bikes for over 35 years. Nothing is produced on stock, every bicycle is produced to order. With about 245 employees Van Raam produces Dutch quality bicycles, both for adults and children with a disability or for people who want more safety and stability when cycling. The specialties of Van Raam are:

Van Raam manufacturer of adapted bikes throughout the years

History and timeline of Van Raam

Take a look into the past with us and see how Van Raam has been built, changed, optimized and innovated over the years.

Van Raam from 1900 to 2000


Van Raam was founded by H. van Raam and his sons in Amsterdam.


Van Raam moved to Aalten, in the Achterhoek.


Piet Boezel took over Van Raam.

Van Raam special needs bikes first Logo
Van Raam's first logo


The first modified bike was produced. An acquaintance of Mr. Boezel had a brain haemorrhage. During the recovery, the acquaintance asked Mr. Boezel to make a bicycle for balance problems. This was a tricycle (precursor of the current Maxi). The bicycle was well received and the demand for adapted bicycles continued to grow.


Ronald Ruesink, the current commercial director and son-in-law of Piet Boezel, joins Van Raam. In addition, the company concentrated more and more on the production of more adapted bicycles. 


The current financial/HRM director and daughter of Mr. Boezel, Marjolein Boezel, joined Van Raam.


The current technical director and the son of Mr. Boezel, Jan-Willem Boezel, joined Van Raam.

Van Raam in Amsterdam
First custom bike from Van Raam
Manufacturer of adapted bikes Van Raam building in Aalten

Van Raam from 2000 to 2010


Marjolein, Jan-Willem and Ronald take over the company. 


The company moves to Varsseveld, 40 employees at Van Raam and 4500 m2 of production space.


A series of Fun2Go duo bikes by Van Raam is specially adapted for use in a reality TV programme in South Africa

In the television programme "Expedition Unlimited" ten candidates travelled to Cape Town in 2008: five models (Celina, Fleur, Joey, Ronald and Tahnee) and five young people with a physical disability (Cefas, Kjeld, Lisanne, Samir and Shushila).


Van Raam adapted bicycles exists 25 years

Marjolein Ronald and Jan-Willem management of Van Raam
Van Raam adapted bicycles in Africa
Van Raam exists 25 years

Van Raam from 2000 to 2010 in the newspaper

  • Van Raam special needs bikes in De Gelderlander 2002 customer experience

    Van Raam tandem in De Gelderlander 2002.

  • Van Raam special needs bikes in De Gelderlander 2002

    Mr. Kluver from Van Raam special needs bikes in De Gelderlander 2002.

  • Van Raam special needs bikes in De Gelderlander 2003

    Van Raam double rider in De Gelderlander 2003.

  • Van Raam special needs bikes in magazine made in Holland 2005

    Van Raam OPair special needs bike in magazine made in Holland 2005.

  • Van Raam special needs bikes in Telegraaf Enschede 2005

    Van Raam special needs bikes in Telegraaf Enschede 2005.

  • Van Raam special needs bikes at Fahrrad Messe 2005

    Van Raam special needs bikes at Fahrrad Messe 2005.

  • Van Raam  special needs bikes in Financieel dagblad 18.08.2006

    Van Raam special needs bikes in Financieel dagblad. 

  • Van Raam special needs bikes in De Gelderlander 2006

    Mr. Kluver  from Van Raam special needs bikes in De Gelderlander 2006.

Van Raam from 2010 to heden


Since 2011, Van Raam has had its own electrical peddal support system, the Silent System. The motors, batteries, controller, smart display and software have been developed by and for Van Raam, especially for the rehabilitation market. It has also won the ExtraEnergy test several times.


More than 90 employees are employed by Van Raam, the company expands to 6800 m2 of production space and 8,000 bicycles per year. 


The first version of the Van Raam E-Bike App, it was completely renewed in 2018.


The first plans for the construction of a new bicycle factory are made. The building will be built only 1 km away from the old building.


Van Raam employs more than 160 people. In April 2018, the first shovel was put in the ground for the new bicycle factory. The Oldest employee in the Netherlands (96) has retired.

Henk Kluver through the years at bicycle manufacturer Van Raam

Between Christmas 2018 and New Year the move took place and in 2019 the new bicycle factory was taken into use. The new factory has a production area of 13,500 m² and a cafeteria for 250 employees.


Company name of Van Raam changed from 'Van Raam Aalten B.V.' to 'Van Raam Reha Bikes B.V.'. Establishment of subsidiary Your Plastic Solutions. Van Raam expands to Poland.


Start of the construction of a new building in Varsseveld, next to the large company building. The Van Raam Ideeënfabriek ('Factory for ideas') is also established. This is a creative workshop where variations and ideas are further developed into working models and prototypes.


The new building is completed and has been in use since January. With this building, there is 4,500 m² of additional space and there is now a production area totalling 18,000 m². About 245 employees work at Van Raam and sister company Your CNC Solutions has been established.


Van Raam has entered into a collaboration with investment company Armira from Munich to further support the planned international growth. This step is a logical continuation of the growth strategy Van Raam has pursued so far.

Innovation at Van Raam

In the course of time Van Raam has not only innovated, but also works continuously on improving and renewing its products and processes. Van Raam is proud of its bicycles, which have been developed using the most modern production methods, partly because Van Raam has won several innovation awards and is a leader in the Smart Industry and Smart Working.


New factory Van Raam in Varsseveld special needs bike

See more innovative highlights of Van Raam below:

Van Raam is winner Gelderland factory of the future
Bicycle parts from the 3d printer at Van Raam
Chat rickshaw bike from Van Raam wins Eurobike Gold Award 2019
Showroom with Van Raam custom bikes in southern Germany

Van Raam company videos

Van Raam has made several company videos over the years. See the different videos below and see how Van Raam has changed and expanded.

Van Raam adapted bikes over the years

Van Raam has been a specialist in the production of adapted bicycles for many years, a part of which Van Raam continuously works on improvements/renewals and innovations to the bicycles.

  • VeloPlus Van Raam through the years

    Van Raam wheelchair bike VeloPlus through the years

    Van Raam's VeloPlus wheelchair transport bike is designed to easily transport people in wheelchairs. In the meantime it has been completely renewed, it has a new design and improved driving characteristics. The introduction of a new model is also always a moment to look back and see what the previous models looked like. Read and see how the VeloPlus Van Raam wheelchair bike has developed over the years.

    History VeloPlus
  • OPair Van Raam over the years

    Van Raam wheelchair bike VeloPlus through the years

    The OPair is a wheelchair bike that allows you to transport a wheelchair user. At the front of the bicycle there is a seat in which the wheelchair user can sit. The first version of the OPair wheelchair bike was produced almost 30 years ago. In all these years, the bicycle has been continuously improved and renewed. Discover how the Van Raam wheelchair bike OPair over the years.

    History OPair
  • Fun2Go Van Raam over the years

    Van Raam duofiets Fun2go through the years

    The Fun2Go duo bike is a tandem where you sit next to each other instead of behind each other. One person steers, both can pedal. The first version of the Fun2Go originated in the nineties, although at that time it wasn't called Fun2Go, but Bicycle two seater. In all those years a lot has happened with the bike. Read on and follow the history of the Fun2Go over the years.

    History Fun2Go
  • easy rider tricycle over the years

    Van Raam Easy Rider tricycle over the years

    The Easy Rider is the best-selling sit tricycle by Van Raam. The precursor of the Easy Rider was developed in 1995. Read more about the transformation of the Easy Rider over the years in this article.

    History Easy Rider
  • First version Tavara low step through bike by Van Raam

    Van Raam low step through bike Balance over the years

    The Balance low step through bike is derived from the Tavara Balance bike. The first bike was created by architect Piet Tauber in 1985. He designed a bicycle on which you can always remain seated, even when stationary. Read in this article about the development that the Balance has undergone over the years.

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