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How Van Raam bikes are produced

In our factory in Varsseveld, we build custom bikes for children and adults with a physical disability and for people who seek more safety and stability when cycling.

Van Raam Company Film

Wondering what the Van Raam factory looks like and how our custom bikes are put together? Take a look at the Van Raam company film below, which depicts the entire production process of a custom bike. Also see what steps a Van Ram bike goes through and follow the Easy Rider tricycle through the factory. 

Van Raam Bike design

In addition to our in-house production and assembly facilities, we also have our very own design department: the Research & Development (R&D) department.

In designing our bikes, we use the 3D software package SolidWorks to design bikes in full 3D. Read more in the article about Van Raam's research and development department.

Van Raam department Research Development

Bicycle frame production

Many different steel pipes arrive in our production department, after which they are processed and eventually shaped into bicycle frames. Various machines are used to process the many pipes and a welding robot connects all parts together.

The company film shows the welding robot in operation, for example. The film also shows that in addition to all the machines, handcraft and technical knowledge is also required to produce a high-quality custom bike. Besides the welding robot, our factory also includes other machines, such as a 3D laser machine.

Would you like to know more about Van Raam's bicycle material? Then read the article: "What bicycle frame materials is a Van Raam bike made of?

Van Raam production special needs bikes robot welding

Mazak 3D laser machine

Our mazak laser machine performs all kinds of tube processing on the pipes that eventually form the bicycle frame. In the pictures and videos below, you can see that the laser machine is working on the frame of the Easy Rider and the Maxi tricycles.

Van Raam 3D laser machine mazak tube processing special needs bikes
Van Raam 3D laser machine mazak tube processing special needs bikes in operation

Style BT 1000

One example of an innovative machine at Van Raam is the Style BT 1000 milling machine, which has several integrated tools that enable it to carry out various operations on pipes in rapid succession. For example, two Easy Rider tubes can be processed simultaneously.
Thanks to the simulation possibility, it is possible to see, before the machine is running, with which tools and in which order the machining operations must be made.

Take a look at the pictures below to see how the BT 1000 works.

Van Raam production special needs bicycles BT1000
Van Raam production special needs bicycles BT1000 in operation

Van Raam Bicycle Frame Blasting and Powder-coating

The blasting cabinet is used to blast the frame, after which it is powder-coated in our very own spraying workshop.

Each Van Raam bike can be powder-coated in (almost) any RAL colour. Read more about powder coating and choosing any color bike.

The price list on the product page of the relevant Van Raam bike shows the standard colour of every bike.

Paint shop in the Van Raam bicycle factory powder coating frames

Collecting Parts

The warehouse collects all the components that the mechanics mount onto the bicycle frame.

These components differ per model. Moreover, because almost every bike can be equipped with different options and accessories, almost every bike is unique.

The most popular Van Raam add-ons can be found on the options page.

Collecting parts in warehouse Van Raam

Producing wheels in the wheel assembly

We produce our very own wheels in our wheel workshop. The process starts with a rim, spokes, possibly a motor and ends with a complete wheel.

In the video below, we show how Rick manually holds a spoke in front of the correct spoke nipple on the rim and uses a machine to properly insert all the spokes. After inserting the spoke, the rim tape is prepared and the spokes are tensioned and balanced. The wheel is now ready, only the inner tube and outer tyre remain.

Producing wheels in the wheel workshop

Van Raam Bike Assembly

In our assembly hall, all components are attached to the bike. Additional parts, such as an electric motor, foot fixation, backrest and stick holder are also attached here.

Testing and final inspection

Once the bike is ready, it is tested one last time by our team of final inspection engineers and the electronic system is activated.


Once the bike has been approved, it is prepared for transport and is shipped to the dealer/bicycle shop.

Bicycle mechanic at bicycle manufacturer Van Raam in Varsseveld

Video's: How Van Raam make bicycles

Take a look behind the scenes of the recordings during the development of the Easy Rider Compact.

Take a behind-the-scenes look at the recordings during the development of the Van Raam Fun2Go duobike

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