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Customer experience Balance low step through bike - Paula Brommer

Customer experience Balance low step through bike - Paula Brommer
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I am Paula Brommer (47) and I live in Heerenveen, the Netherlands. I'm a mother of 2 children and work as a volunteer at Humanitas Thuisadministratie. I'm not really tall, namely 4.7 feet and I have asthma and fibromyalgia (a condition which you suffer from chronic pain in your muscles and connective tissue). Despite that, I would like to be active and not be classified as 'disabled', because you can't do much about it. In my spare time I like to cycle on my Balance low step through bike and enjoy the surroundings.

Balance low step through bike
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Reason for purchasing a special needs bike

I used to cycle a small women's bike, but getting on and off the bike didn't go really well. It's also very tiring with fibromyalgia. Immediately react to an emergency situation also became dangerous, which caused me to fall several times. At a certain moment I even became anxious to move myself in traffic, that's why I was looking for a suitable solution to be able to cycle safely. By talking to my Profile dealer in Heerenveen I ended up at Van Raam. I then had a look at the website and found it really welcoming to discover all the possibilities designed by Van Raam so that people still remain mobile.

Test ride at the dealer

By making a test ride at dealer Profile I got very high expectations. I was well aware that a special needs bike would be the solution for me after I crashed for the umpteenth time. During the test ride, others immediately noticed that I had a more relaxed posture, even though the bike was a bit too high for me at the time, but it could be adjusted to my height. The contact with the dealer went very well; friendly staff and they really take time for you.

I'm now experiencing the convenience of an electric battery and I finally feel like I'm actually getting ahead. I feel like a Speedy Gonzales!

Paula Brommer

Balance low step through bike

In total I waited 2.5 monts for my bike. I only have it for a short time (December 2019), but I have high expectations. I haven't cycled very much yet, but from what I have cycled so far, I am very enthusiastic! I even like to turn around for a bit. On the bike there is a rearview mirror and pedal support. I now experience the convenience of an electric battery and finally have the idea that I'm actually getting ahead,I feel like Speedy Gonzales! I also find it very positive that I don't have to get on and off the bike all the time. Now I experience being mobile again without panting (due to asthma) and that I can still keep moving with my fibromyalgia.

I use my bike to take my youngest to school, to come to work and to go shopping. Besides that I like to enjoy nature and everything I can do in Heerenveen.
Paula Brommer – Heerenveen (Netherlands)

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balance low step through bike paula brommer customer experience
Pros & cons
  • Relaxed posture
  • Remain seated on the saddle
  • To stay mobile
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