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Visitors address and showroom
Guldenweg 23
7051 HT Varsseveld, the Netherlands

Address Loading and Unloading
Kronenweg 3
7051 HX Varsseveld, the Netherlands
(around the corner to the left at Guldenweg 23)

Euroweg 12
7051 EB Varsseveld, the Netherlands

IBAN  :  NL 66 ABNA 053 29 18 924
KVK  :  09091449
VAT  :  NL8047.69.072.B01


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Opening hours

Monday/Thursday: 8.00 until 17.00 hr.
Friday: 8.00 until 16.30 hr.
Saturday and Sunday: closed
(Expedition: Monday/Friday: 8:00 until 16:00 hr)

Our showroom is open by appointment only.

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Idea box

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We do not sell directly to individuals, sales and delivery go through our dealers

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