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Description OPair wheelchair bike

The OPair is a wheelchair bike with which you can transport a wheelchair user. A seat for the wheelchair user/passenger is affixed to the front of the bike. From the back, the cyclist has an overview on the road and view on the passenger. On the split frame version, the front part is easy to remove from the cycling component, which enables use as a wheelchair on location. The slightly angled front wheels provide increased driving comfort and stability. The OPair wheelchair bike has a modern design.

The depth adjustable seat of the OPair can be set to the passenger's measurements as well as the angle adjustable back rest and expandable side rests. There are also options for side rests, making the bike suitable for both children and small adults. The comfortable seat for the passenger has an accessible entry. The bike can be altered completely with a variety of options. A personal seat can be affixed to the bike. For all the options available for this bike, see our configurator or the pricelist of the OPair. The optional electric motor provides support while cycling. Read everything about electric pedal support (Pedelec) for this bike.

If you choose an optional electric pedal assist, it will be delivered as a smart e-bike. It allows you to view a lot of information about your battery and smart e-bike from a distance. For example, you can use the app to view your cycling routes and change your cycling settings. Read more about the Van Raam smart e-bike on our Van Raam app page.

For more information see also FAQ.

If you want to try this bike or any other bike of us, you can make an appointment with us. We do not sell directly to individuals, sales and delivery is done by our dealer.

Standard equipment

  • 8 gears

  • Battery lighting

  • Armrests

  • Lap strap

  • Wheel protection

  • Hydraulic disc brakes (front side)

  • Environmentally friendly paint

  • Independent frame suspension

  • Parking brake

  • Safety lock


  • Transport someone who is in wheelchair

  • Adjustable seat

  • Suitable for children and adults

  • Fits through a normal door

  • Good view for the passenger as the driver

  • Front part is detachable

  • Front part can be used as a wheelchair

  • Comfortable and stable

  • Optimal sitting position for driver

  • Inclined front wheels for nice driving comfort and stability

  • Modern styling

  • Possibility for own orthotic seat

  • Collapsible and adjustable footrests for passenger 

  • Adjustable seat
  • Fits through a normal door
  • Front part can be used as a wheelchair
  • Optimal sit position for driver
  • Modern styling
  • Collapsible and adjustable footrests for passenger
  • Custom seating orthosis possible
  • Suitable for children and adults
  • Front part is detachable
  • Comfortable and stable
  • Inclined front wheels for nice driving comfort and stability
  • Pedal support is possible (smart e-bike)
Customer experiences
9.4 / 10
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Customer experience OPair wheelchair trike Ford Family
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Customer experience OPair wheelchair trike - Ford Family
Van Raam dealer Bike-On from the United States checks in on a local family in Rhode Island that has been using the OPair wheelchair trike for over a year. The Ford family is a real biking family and son Jack joins them in the OPair. In this customer experience, Meghan Ford answers some questions such as: Why did they choose the OPair wheelchair trike? And how has it changed their lives? Watch the video below.
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Customer experience OPair wheelchair bicycle - Family Brandt
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Customer experience OPair wheelchair bicycle - Family Brandt
Unfortunately Niklas cannot ride a bike on his own, but with the OPair wheelchair bike he can once again go on bike tours with the whole family. Read more about this experience and watch the pictures around videos of the family.
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The OPair wheelchair bike through the years

OPair through the years

Van Raam has a history of over 110 years. Since 1986, the focus at Van Raam has been on the production of special needs bicycles. The bicycles in Van Raam’s range are continuously developed and improved. This also applies to the OPair tandem. In the article 'Van Raam wheelchair bike OPair over the years' you will discover all about the developments of the OPair.

Van Raam wheelchair bike OPair over the years


Van Raam special needs bikes pedal assist Silent Smart Display
Divisible frame Easy Rider tricycle by Van Raam
Adjustable seat width on Van Raam bike
Midi tricycle with extra battery pack Cube Van Raam


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Item code


Average range (default battery)

57 km

Min-max range (default battery)

38 - 92 km

Inside leg length

80 - 95 cm

Standard frame height

52 cm

Boarding height

45 cm

Weight without electrical system

58 kg

Weight with electrical system

68.8 kg

Cycle length

214 cm

Cycle width

76 cm

Wheel size front


Wheel size back


Standard color

(RAL 7031) Blue gray matt

2nd color (extra charge)

(RAL 7047) Telegray 4 matt

3rd color (extra charge)

(RAL 6034) Pastel turquoise

RAL color of choice


Maximum driver weight

120 kg

Maximum passenger weight

120 kg

Maximum luggage carrier weight

20 kg

Possible separable frame



Van Raam OPair bike with wheelchair in front

Van Raam OPair: bike with wheelchair in front

A wheelchair bike is a combination of a wheelchair and a bicycle, intended for two persons in which the wheelchair user sits at the front of the bicycle and the persons sitting behind it cycles and steers. With a wheelchair bike, you can cycle together with someone who is wheelchair dependent or has difficulty walking and cannot cycle on his or her own. In this article, you will learn more about the OPair bicycle with a wheelchair in front.

wheelchair bikes by Van Raam

Which type of wheelchair bike is most suitable for you?

For people who can’t (no longer) cycle on a regular bike and who are wheelchair-dependent we have a good and safe alternative . The wheelchair bikes are used to enable a wheelchair –dependent person to travel by cycle. Van Raam special needs bikes has various types of wheelchairbikes: The OPair wheel-chair bike and the VeloPlus wheelchair transport bike. We would like tot give you more information about the different wheelchair models.

Van Raam OPair test winner by norwegian government

Wheelchair bicycle OPair is chosen as test winner

The wheelchair bicycle OPair from Van Raam was tested for the tender by an independent commission of the Norwegian government. The OPair wheelchair bicycle is suitable for children or adults who are no longer able to cycle independently. Read on to find out how the bicycle compares to other manufacturers and what makes it so special.

Dividing Van Raam wheelchair bike OPair Video

Dividing Van Raam wheelchair bike OPair Video

The OPair wheelchair bike is designed for the transport of people who are sitting in wheelchairs or who are no longer able to pedal independently due to a disability or age. Did you know that this wheelchair bike can be divided so that the front part can be used as a wheelchair? See in this video and article how the OPair wheelchair bike can be divided.

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