How to order a Van Raam special needs bike

If you notice that it is no longer possible or more difficult to cycle on a conventional two-wheel bike, you will look for a suitable alternative. After all, most people just love cycling! But how do you order a Van Raam special needs bike? In this article we explain this process by means of a video.

Step-by-step instructions for ordering a Van Raam special needs bike

It only takes a few steps to order a Van Raam special needs bike. Below we explain the steps you can take one by one.

Searching for a special needs Van Raam bike

Step 1: The search starts

You notice that cycling on a conventional two-wheel bike is (almost) no longer possible, but you like cycling very much. After all, cycling is healthy, a fun way of moving around and useful for transport or doing groceries. Therefore, you want of course a good alternative so that you can still use the bike. This is where our search starts. You are going to orientate yourself and by visiting (information days) from our dealers, by using the internet or through other parties or persons, for example through your therapist, you will come in contact with Van Raam.
You can browse all the special needs bikes in our product range and find all kinds of information, user experiences and news about these bikes on our website. In addition, it is even possible to configure your own bike in the online configurator. On our website you will also find our contact details so you can easily contact us in case you have any questions or if you want to make an appointment.

Step 2: Financing of the special needs bike

As soon as you have decided that you want to make use of a special needs bike, you can decide on how to finance the purchase: do you want to do this yourself, through a fundraising campaign or through a third party, for example your municipality (please note that this is different in each country). In the article ‘Tips for raising money for a special needs bike’ you can read all about how to finance the bike.

Financing of the bicycle

Step 3: Getting to know Van Raam and the bike

Once you’ve oriented yourself, it’s time to get to know Van Raam and the bikes. It’s important to know which bike is suitable for you so that once you’ve got the special needs bike, you’ll have the right one with the correct options tailored to your needs.
To get to know the bicycle, it is possible to make an appointment with one of the technical advisors at Van Raam. The appointment can be made via the website or by phone. Do you live too far away or are you unable to come to our showroom in Varsseveld, the Netherlands? Check our dealer page on the website to see which dealer is near you. You can contact the dealer and ask about the possibilities.

How to order a Van Raam special needs bike

You will be welcomed by our reception as soon as you arrive at Van Raam on the day of the appointment. You can take a seat in our showroom and you will receive a cup of coffee or tea. One of our technical advisors will come and help you and, as soon as he is aware of your wishes and requirements, he will show you the bicycle (or bicycles) that might be suitable in your situation. He will explain the advantages of the bike and show you how it works. Next, it is time to try out the bike. You will go outside to the Van Raam cycling test track with the advisor so you can have a go at cycling yourself. You can read more about the bicycle test later on in this article.
As soon as the test ride is successful and you know that this is the right bike for you, the advisor will take you back to the showroom and give you a quote with the bike, the options and the prices.

Van Raam dealers

Step 4: To the Van Raam dealer

With the quote you receive from our advisor, you can go to the Van Raam dealer near you. It is not possible to order the bike directly from Van Raam. The dealer will place the order at Van Raam based on the quote and your bike will then be produced in the factory in Varsseveld. Read all about the production of a Van Raam bicycle on the page ‘How we make bikes'.

How we make bikes

Van Raam special needs bike at the dealer

Step 5: Yes, I’m going to cycle again!

You have just received a message from your dealer that your own unique Van Raam special needs bike is waiting for you! You can pick up your bike and enjoy cycling again. Go to an appointment, do some shopping or make a nice bike tour.
Van Raam wishes you lots of fun and many safe kilometres on your new bike!
A lot of people preceded you in their search for the perfect special needs bike. Read their experiences on our website by clicking on the button.

User experiences

Picking up Van Raam special needs bike at dealer
Steps how do i order a Van Raam bike

Video ‘How to order a Van Raam bike’

In the video below you can see all the steps of how to order a Van Raam bike.

Van Raam test track

Van Raam has a showroom at the factory in Varsseveld with its own test track. This allows users to get to know the special needs bikes in the best and safest way possible. On the test track, there are various obstacles that can also be found in ‘real’ traffic. Think for example of bends, thresholds and a hill. In the article ‘Testing adapted bikes on the Van Raam bike test track’ you can read and see all about this.

Van Raam test track

Van Raam bike test track free test ride

Van Raam manufacturer of special needs bikes

Van Raam is manufacturer of special needs bikes. The bicycles in the product range consist of tricycles for adults and childrenwheelchair bicyclestandemsside-by-side tandemslow step through bicycleswalking aids, the mobility scooter bicycle and transport bicycles. The unique Van Raam pedal assistance is possible on almost every Van Raam bike.
All bicycles are produced in the factory in Varsseveld, one of the cleanest and most intelligent factory in the Netherlands. As soon as the bike is finished, it will be transported to dealers worldwide, with a focus on all European countries and North America.
Van Raam wants to offer sustainable and contemporary mobility to as many people as possible. We do this for people with a disability, but also for people who cannot or no longer want to cycle on a conventional two-wheel bike. We believe that if people are mobile and independent for longer, they will be happier. This is why we say: ‘Let’s all cycle!’

Do you want to read more about Van Raam?

impression Van Raam manufacturer special needs bicycles new construction

Van Raam is building a sustainable future

Kingspan (supplier of sustainable, high-quality products for the construction sector) has used Van Raam and the new Van Raam premises at Guldenweg 23 in Varsseveld, the Netherlands as an example project to show the processing of cavity wall insulation.

festive opening directors van raam new factory

Festive opening of new bicycle factory Van Raam

In March 2018 the first shovel went into the ground and at the end of December that same year, the new bicycle factory was ready to be used. On Thursday October 10th, 2019, the time had really come: the festive opening of the new bicycle factory from Van Raam! In this article you can read all about the unexpected speaker with a lot of humour, the gift from the employees and you can watch the aftermovie of this festive opening

sustainable climate system van raam bicycle factory

Sustainable climate system in new Van Raam bicycle factory

In the beginning of 2019, Van Raam has moved to the new bicycle factory in Varsseveld. From the beginning, it was clear that the new factory had to have a sustainable climate system. With various parties, Van Raam has designed a sustainable factory. Now, the climate system is fully in use.

van raam winner factory of the future

Van Raam wins the Gelderland Factory of the Future price

30 companies from Gelderland have signed up for a tender for the Gelderland Factory of the Future. The 7 Gelderland companies that receive € 200,000 from the province of Gelderland were announced. One of the winners is Van Raam with the new bicycle factory.

van raam wins the guus hiddink business award 2019

Van Raam winner Guus Hiddink Business Award

Van Raam is the winner of the Guus Hiddink Business Award! On the evening of Thursday 17 October, the festive award ceremony took place in the Amphion theatre in Doetinchem. Marjolein Boezel, Financial/HRM Director at Van Raam, has received the award. The winner of the Guus Hiddink Business Award is an example for other companies in the Achterhoek. This award is part of the Ondernemersprijzen Achterhoek (Achterhoek Entrepreneurial Award). Besides Van Raam, CAD2M B.V. and Bronckhorst High-Tech B.V. were also nominated for this prize.

Van Raam pedal assistance winner extraenergy test 2018-2019

Van Raam’s pedal support winner ExtraEnergy test

Our German partner Utopia Velo, manufacturer of high-quality bicycles, has come out as winner in the Extra Energy test 2018 - 2019 with our Silent system pedal support. The company has won 3 of the 13 categories.

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