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Van Raam's Fun2Go duo bike is a special tandem bike with three wheels. This bicycle is also called a side-by-side tandem, because you are seated next to each other instead of behind each other. It is also possible to cycle with several people, thanks to the FunTrain duo bike trailer of Van Raam.

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Fun2Go side-by-side tandem

The Fun2Go duo bike from Van Raam is a special tandem with three wheels. Because you sit next to each other and not behind each other, this bike is also called a side-by-side tandem. Usually the Fun2Go duo bike is equipped with an electric motor so that you can cycle with pedal assistance, this makes cycling even easier.

On the duo bike, there is 1 person who controls and brakes the bike. The passenger sitting next to the driver can pedal along but not steer or brake.

Van Raam Fun2Go side by side bike
Van Raam Fun2Go side-by-side tandem

FunTrain duo trailer

The FunTrain is a special trailer that can be attached to a Fun2Go duo bicycle to create a four-person bicycle train. With this bicycle train of the duo bicycle + duo trailer, 1 person brakes and steers and the three passengers only pedal along.

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Van Raam Fun2Go duo bike and FunTrain bicycle trailer 4 person tandem bike
Fun2Go duo bike + duo bike trailer