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Van Raam’s pedal support winner ExtraEnergy test

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pedal support van raam winner extraenergy test

Our German partner Utopia Velo, manufacturer of high-quality bicycles, has come out as winner in the Extra Energy test 2018 - 2019 with our Silent system pedal support. The company has won 3 of the 13 categories.

The ExtraEnergy test

ExtraEnergy is a company in Germany that has been conducting independent tests on electrical bicycles and e-bikes since 1992. The company believes it is important that electric bicycles are tested well.

At the moment, is it the largest organisation in the world for information, users protection and promotion for light electrical vehicles. (Source: ExtraEnergy)

Van Raam pedal support winner ExtraEnergy test

Utopia Velo winner with Silent System

Utopia Velo, the German partner of Van Raam, has emerged as the winner in 3 of the 13 categories with the ExtraEnergy test. It concerns the categories Family, Lifestyle and Tour. Utopia Velo buys the Silent system pedal support from Van Raam and mounts them on their own bikes. The Silent system has won thanks to the powerful electrical support of the motor and the large distance that can be cycled on one battery. The battery has a large capacity, so you can cycle a long way before it needs to be recharged.

At Van Raam, quality is of paramount importance. We are therefore pleased to receive international recognition for our drive systems. In the ExtraEnergy test 2018-2019, 71 other bicycles participated with the drive systems from other manufacturers such as Shimano, Bosch and Yamaha.

van raam pedal support winner extraenergy test
Source: ExtraEnergy

Silent system pedal support with e-bikes

Since 2011, Van Raam has been using the electric pedal support system: the Silent system. This system, which consists of the motors, batteries, controllers, a Smart display and software, has all been developed by Van Raam.

With the transport bike the Chat and the scooter bike Easy Go, the Silent system comes standard with the bike. With the other bikes, pedal support is an optional choice. One of the unique features of the pedal support is the function to cycle backwards. This makes it unnecessary to get off the bike when you need to turn, park or get out of the garage.

You can also find out how the lighting works via the Van Raam electrical system in our article 'Lighting via the Van Raam electrical system'.

van raam pedal support elektro motor

With the starting aid you get support from the motor to drive away and is pedaling not necessary. Once you are cycling you can choose from three different settings: Eco, Comfort and Sport.

The motor is very quiet so that you can hardly hear the pedal assistance while cycling. In addition, the system is easy to operate with the smart display and the Van Raam E-Bike app.

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Pedal assistance

van raam pedal support elektro display

Van Raam E-Bike app

The Van Raam E-Bike app can be used with an electrical Van Raam bicycle. The app can be used as a luxury cycling computer while cycling with pedal assistance. It displays data such as speed, total distance, battery capacity and pedaling power. In addition, it has an SOS function and it is possible to use the app to adjust the pedal support settings 1, 2 and 3 of the electric motor according to the degree of support as it is suitable for you.

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Smart e-bike app

van raam e-bike app silent system pedal support

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