How can I insure my Van Raam special needs bike?

When you have purchased a (electric) Van Raam special needs bike, you are likely to handle your bike with great care. It is possible to take out insurance for your bike. Read more here about insuring your Van Raam bike.

Why insure an (electric) Van Raam special needs bike?

Bike insurance is generally very interesting if you own a new bike. New bikes often have a high value, which makes them attractive to thieves.

An special needs bike is often more expensive than a regular bike, and many people also choose to add an electric system to the bike. This provides pedal assistance while cycling. An electric special needs bike is even more valuable, so it is wise to consider taking out bike insurance for both theft and damage when making your purchase.

Insure Van Raam special needs bike

Which insurance for my special needs (electric) bike?

Bikes can generally be insured in most countries. The availability and conditions may vary depending on the country or insurance company. Therefore, it is wise to contact a local insurance company or the dealer where you purchased your bike to get information about the possibilities.

Purchasing a Van Raam bike

Are you still exploring special needs bikes? We are happy to assist you with the first steps. In our article ‘How to order a Van Raam special needs bike?', we explain in 5 steps how the purchasing process of a Van Raam bike works and how you can take a free test ride at Van Raam.

Purchasing a bike

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