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Description Twinny Tandem

It is easy to get on and off the Twinny tandem. This is owed to the spacious low step through. It is designed with more space between the saddle of the front rider and the handle of the co-rider, thus avoiding the two riders sitting too close to each other. You can decide on your own how to cycle together, so you may pedal independently of each other using the double freewheel.

You can use the optional switchable freewheel to determine whether and how the passenger pedals. With the freewheel hub, the driver can decide they way of cycling of the co-driver. With the steering on the front-side, the freewheel hub has two positions:

  1. This is a function with a continuous movement of the pedal and the co-driver must pedal along.

  2. The pedals of the co-driver move independently of the pedals of the main driver. The pedals run freely and the co-driver cannot cycle.

Many options are available for this cycle, including a detachable variant. You may even opt for a steering handle to be assembled at the rear. As every bike is produced uniquely, you can get the frame height adjusted in front and at the back as per your requirement. An electric engine can be used for a comfortable power assist to make cycling on this tandem much easier.

Smart e-bike

If you choose an optional electric pedal assist, it will be delivered as a smart e-bike. You can then use the Van Raam app, for example, to change the bike settings. Read more about the Van Raam smart e-bike on our Van Raam app page.

Van Raam tandems

Are you looking for an adult tandem with three wheels? Then the Twinny Plus might be for you. The Kivo is a child-parent tandem with two wheels, in addition we also have the Kivo Plus child-parent tandem with three wheels. The Fun2Go side-by-side tandem is a three-wheel tandem where the persons sit next to each other.

More information

For all the options available for this bike, see our configurator or the pricelist of the Twinnny.

For more information see also FAQ.

If you want to try this bike or any other bike of us, you can make an appointment with us. We do not sell directly to individuals, sales and delivery is done by our dealers.

Standard equipment

  • 8 gears

  • Aluminum rims

  • Environmentally

  • Safety lock

  • Quick release saddle

  • Lighting

  • Five year guarantee on frame


  • Extra space between the two persons

  • Choice steering handle in front or at the back

  • Frameheight is adjustable

  • Divisible frame

  • Both persons have a low step through

  • Pedal support is available

  • Extra space between the two persons
  • Frameheight is adjustable
  • Both persons have a low step through
  • Choice steering handle in front or at the back
  • Standard 8 gears
  • Divisible frame
  • Pedal support is possible (smart e-bike)
Customer experiences
9.1 / 10
Customer experience electric tandem Twinny Anne Verhoeven
8.5 / 10
Customer experience electric tandem Twinny - Anne Verhoeven
Anne is 22 years old and has been visually impaired since the age of 9. Previously she cycled on a tandem without electric assistance, but recently she has purchased a Twinny electric tandem. Read more about Anne's experiences here.
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Customer experience Twinny e bike tandem Hans Bos
10 / 10
Customer experience Twinny e bike tandem - Hans Bos
Hans and Elly like to go out cycling together. Until 1.5 years ago, Elly suffers from severe neuropathy and can no longer cycle independently. Now they have the Twinny e bike tandem and they can cycle together again.
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The Twinny tandem through the years

Twinny through the years

Van Raam has a history of over 110 years. Since 1986, the focus at Van Raam has been on the production of special needs bicycles. The bicycles in Van Raam’s range are continuously developed and improved. This also applies to the Twinny tandem. View photos of the Twinny here and see how it has changed over the years.


Van Raam special needs bikes pedal assist Silent Smart Display
Van Raam Kivo Plus three-wheel tandem with steering backsite
Backrest support Kivo Plus three-wheel tandem Van Raam
Van Raam special needs bike with mirror


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Item code


Average range (default battery)

68 km

Min-max range (default battery)

37 - 124 km

Maximum standard speed with pedal assistance

25 km/h

Inside leg length

77 - 89 cm

Standard frame height

52 cm

Boarding height

37 cm F, 44 cm R

Weight without electrical system*

35 kg

Weight with electrical system *

44.5 kg

Cycle length

259 cm

Cycle width

66 cm

Wheel size front


Wheel size back


Standard color

(RAL 7038) Agate grey

2nd color (extra charge)

(RAL 9005) Jet black matt

3rd color (extra charge)

(RAL 5008) Gray blue

RAL color of choice


Maximum driver weight

120 kg

Maximum passenger weight

120 kg

Maximum luggage carrier weight

20 kg

Possible separable frame


*This bicycle's weight can vary based on its different options.

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