Rental Van Raam special needs bikes

There is a regular demand for the rental of Van Raam bikes. Van Raam does not offer bike rentals anymore, but there are many dealers/organizations/locations where you can rent a Van Raam bike.

External rental locations Van Raam bikes

You can also try, rent or lease Van Raam bikes at a number of bike rental companies, museums or other organizations. Check our dealer page and select 'Rental Location partner Van Raam bikes' to see all the addresses we know where Van Raam bikes are rented. Always contact the company/organization first to inquire which bikes are available and if they have not already been rented. Click on the button below to view the dealer page:

Dealer page

Buying a bike after all?

Excited about buying a bike after trying, renting or leasing a Van Raam special needs bike? Check out our 'Purchasing' page for more information about test ridesconfiguring your own bike, tips for purchasing a Van Raam bike, order/purchase a Van Raam bike through a Van Raam dealer and tips for the maintenance of your bike.


Searching for a special needs Van Raam bike
Rent duo bike Van Raam

Customer experiences

Curious about experiences of Van Raam bike owners? Van Raam receives great customer stories every day. Check out our 'Customer experiences' page and read more about the experiences of proud Van Raam bike owners. You can also share our own cycling moment after renting, leasing or buying a Van Raam bike!

Customer experiences

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