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At Van Raam, we offer bicycles as well as tricycles with a low entry.

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Bicycles with a low entry: Balance

Van Raam's Balance low entry bike is a bicycle with a low entry. In addition, this bike has a uniquely developed frame which allows you to comfortably ride and touch the ground with both feet without needing to get off of the bike. The Balance is available in various frame heights and, just as with all the other Van Raam bikes, the Balance low entry bike is customisable with various options such as electric pedal support.

Up until a few years ago, these types of bikes were known as Tavara Balance, and they go back to 1985.

Read more about all the Van Raam bikes with two wheels in the article: 'Cycling with a unique Van Raam bike with two wheels'.

Tricycle with low entry : Maxi Comfort

The Maxi Comfort is a modern low entry tricycle for adults and is a version of the traditional Maxi tricycle.

The low entry and the seating position behind the crank shaft allow you to pedal a bit more forward and it lowers your centre of gravity. This ensures a more comfortable ride. As with the Balance, you can easily get on the bike, the bike has an ergonomic seating position and it is available in various frame heights. The Maxi Comfort, like all other Van Raam tricycles for adults, can be equipped with an electric motor.

low step through bike balance van raam

Low step through bike Balance

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low step through tricycle maxi comfort van raam

Low step through tricycle Maxi Comfort

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