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Description Midi tricycle

The Midi is a trendy tricycle designed for younger users or shorter people. It is a smooth-running three-wheeler with a solid finish and beautiful design. The Midi is available with various options, such as a stationary crank, foot fixation and an electric engine for power assist. Read everything about electric pedal support (Pedelec) for this bike.

If you choose an optional electric pedal assist, it will be delivered as a smart e-bike. It allows you to view information about your battery. For example, you can use the app to change your cycling settings. Read more about the Van Raam smart e-bike on our Van Raam app page.

For all the options availiable for this bike, see our configurator or the pricelist of the Midi.

For more information see also FAQ.

If you want to try this bike or any other bike of us, you can make an appointment with us. We do not sell directly to individuals, sales and delivery is done by our dealers.

Standard equipment

  • Differential

  • Environmentally friendly paint

  • Parking brake

  • Steer limiter

  • Lock

  • Lighting

  • Five year warranty on frame


  • Manoeuvrable or easy to handle

  • Agile and smooth running

  • Attractive design

  • Differential 

  • Many options possible

  • Fits through a normal door

  • Agile and smooth running
  • Differential
  • Fits through a normal door

  • Modern design and trendy colours
  • Multiple options possible
  • Pedal support is possible (smart e-bike)

Customer Experiences
9.1 / 10
Customer experience Midi tricycle - Astrid Janssen
9 / 10
Customer experience Midi tricycle - Astrid Janssen
I have a new Midi tricycle and I enjoy riding it a lot. This is the one and and it makes me suuuuuuuper happy.
Read this customer experience
Customer experience Midi tricycle electric - Marja de Koning
10 / 10
Customer experience Midi tricycle electric - Marja de Koning
Marja used to have a serious car accident. Because of this her foot had to be reattached to her leg and she could no longer cycle. Recently she was interviewed by Welzorg, how is she doing now? Read and watch the interview (video) here.
Read this customer experience


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Item code


Average range (default battery)

61 km

Min-max range (default battery)

50 - 71 km

Maximum standard speed with pedal assistance

25 km/h

Inside leg length

66 - 80 cm

Standard frame height

41 cm

Boarding height

25 cm

Weight without electrical system*

27 kg

Weight with electrical system*

38 kg

Cycle length

168 cm

Cycle width

75 cm

Wheel size front


Wheel size back


Standard color

(RAL 5000) Violet blue matt

2nd color (extra charge)

(RAL 7047) Telegray 4 matt

3rd color (extra charge)

(RAL 5008) Gray blue

RAL color of choice


Maximum user weight driver

90 kg

Maximum luggage carrier weight

20 kg

Possible separable frame


*This bicycle's weight can vary based on its different options.

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