Van Raam e-bike app for smart e-bike

On this page you will read everything about the smart e-bike and we will tell you how you can benefit from all the advantages of the Van Raam e-bike app. The Van Raam e-bike (bicycle) app is a free smartphone app that you can use in combination with a Van Raam e-bike. This app can be used as a luxury bike computer and also contains many other functionalities such as an SOS function. 

What are the features of the Van Raam e-bike app?

  • App can be used as a luxury bicycle computer (speed, battery status, distance).

  • Change bike settings.

  • Send SOS messages with GPS location to a number of your choice.

  • View information about the bike.

e-bike app van raam app on smartphone

How do you use your smart e-bike app?

The Van Raam e-bike app can be used to connect to the display via Bluetooth connection. Once the display is ready to connect to the smartphone, the on/off button briefly turns blue.

Download the Van Raam e-bike app for free from the Google Play Store (for Android) or the Apple App Store (IOS).

How does the Van Raam e-bike app work?

In the video below Maikel Fraikin, project manager ICT at Van Raam, explains step by step how the Van Raam e-bike app works.

Questions about the Van Raam e-bike app

If you have any questions about the Van Raam e-bike app or your smart e-bike please visit the page: frequently asked questions Van Raam e-bike app

Frequently asked questions

Pedal support

If you want to know more about the Van Raam pedal support system, please visit the pedal support page.

Pedal support

Van Raam pedal assist Silent Smart display

Connect your adapted bike with the Van Raam e-bike app

In this article "Connect your adapted bike to the Van Raam e-bike app" and video you will learn how as a Van Raam bike owner and also as a dealer, this can be relevant for service services, can connect an electric Van Raam bike to the e-bike app. 

Connect to e-bike app

connect with the van raam e-bike app

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