About Van Raam

About Van Raam

Van Raam – manufacturer of special needs bicycles

At Van Raam we believe that when people stay mobile and independent longer, they are happier. That is why we offer people with a disability, and people that cannot cycle on a traditional bicycle with two wheels, a sustainable form of modern-day mobility. With a Van Raam bike you experience independence and freedom.

Van Raam is a manufacturer of special needs bicycles and is specialized in the production of tricycles, the mobility scooter bike, low step-through bicycles or comfort bikes, the walking aid, side-by-side tandem bikes, tandem bikes, wheelchair bikes and transport bikes. We want to contribute to the integration of people with a disability into society. That is the reason Van Raam exists. We are proud of what we are achieving with each other, and of the sustainable impact we have on our customers. Currently, we are doing this with around 245 colleagues. Let’s all cycle!

Van Raam bicycle factory special needs bikes in Varsseveld

The special needs bikes of Van Raam

Van Raam’s special needs bikes gives people mobility. We offer a wide range of customised bicycles for people with disabilities and for people who can no longer ride a traditional bicycle or no longer have the confidence to cycle:

Van Raam special needs bikes Fun2Go duo bike and Easy Rider tricycle

The unique riding characteristics of every Van Raam bicycle provide a special cycling experience. With innovative and modern production techniques, and by adding options/accessories and frame adjustments, we can make a customised bike for just about anyone. The unique Van Raam pedal support is available for most of these adapted bikes.

Van Raam sells bikes all over the world, with a focus on most European countries and North America. Nothing is produced in stock; each bicycle is unique and made to order. The sale of Van Raam adapted bikes goes via the Van Raam dealers. At Van Raam in Varsseveld (the Netherlands), it is possible to make a test ride. Read more about this on the test ride-page.

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Van Raam corporate video and documentary

Watch the corporate video of Van Raam below. Fly into our building, and take a look inside the factory. Follow the steel tube in the video and watch how it transforms into a special needs bicycle.

You can also watch the documentary about Van Raam and discover more than just the story of Van Raam.

Van Raam corporate presentation

In addition to the bike factory video and de documentary, Van Raam also has an extensive presentation in which you can view all bicycles, see the history and discover who Van Raam exactly is. You can have a look at this presentation below or in in the article 'Presentation Van Raams special needs bikes'.

Van Raam presentation on Slideshare

Van Raam offers sustainable and contemporary mobility to people with a disability.

The Van Raam factory in Varsseveld

Our Dutch quality bicycles are developed by our own development department at Van Raam in Varsseveld. Production takes place almost entirely in-house. This takes place in one of the cleanest and most intelligent factories in the Netherlands. On a production area of 18.000 m2, the bicycles are made in a modern product line. Many employees come from the direct surroundings and have been working for Van Raam for years.

In our modern company, we have an innovative business policy and we use innovative and modern techniques. Read more about this on the innovation page of Van Raam.

Assembly Easy Rider tricycle Van Raam in Varsseveld

As a manufacturer of special needs bicycles, quality and sustainability are a paramount importance to Van Raam. Therefore, we follow a circular and sustainable policy at Van Raam. A video is made by the province of Gelderland (the Netherlands), you can see which sustainability measures we have incorporated into our new bicycle factory (in Dutch).

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In addition, Van Raam in Varsseveld is seen as an example company for Smart Industry, Smart Working and the cooperation with companies in the area and the connections Van Raam makes with education from all kinds of levels.

As well as a number of Innovation awards, Van Raam has won many prizes in all these areas. Van Raam’s culture is characterized as open, hospitable and informal.

Van Raam believes that if people are mobile and independent for longer, they are happier.

Van Raam made for you

At Van Raam every bicycle, from a straight tube to a complete end product, is produced in-house. Therefore, almost every phase of the production can be monitored and adjusted where needed. This is also necessary, given the wide variety of personal applications and wishes of Van Raam cyclists.

Customisation is one of the core activities of Van Raam. Special bikes are developed for both adults and children, with great attention to comfort, durability, and design. The slogan ‘Let’s all cycle’ is therefore put into practice daily.

Characteristic for this family business is the combination of high knowledge, quality workmanship along with accurately responding to contemporary developments. Van Raam uses modern equipment but is also not afraid to use ‘old-fashioned’ craftsmanship.

How we make our bikes

Wondering what the Van Raam factory looks like and how our custom bikes are manufactured? View our page 'How we make bikes'.

How we make bikes

Van Raam production Fun2Go duo bike

The Van Raam team

At Van Raam, we work with about 245 employees spread over approximately 15 departments. In addition, there are a number of freelancers and flexible employees.

We are proud of the fact that the oldest employee of the Netherlands, Henk Kluver has worked at Van Raam special needs bikes for more than 70 years. He retired at the age of 95.

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van raam employees bicycle factory for special needs bikes in varsseveld

The Van Raam directors

The family business is managed by Marjolein Boezel, Jan-Willem Boezel and Ronald Ruesink. Get to know the management in the video ‘5 questions for the Van Raam management’ below.

Van Raam bicycle factory in Varsseveld management
Left to right: Marjolein Boezel, Ronald Ruesink, Jan-Willem Boezel

Van Raam Mission Statement

As a manufacturer, Van Raam produces all its adapted bicycles in-house. We use the best quality products. With well-trained staff, continuous innovation a modern production line and market research, we produce bicycles that fit the needs of our end users.

Our cooperation with TU Delft (Technical University Delft) and our participation in Innovar, for example, lead to modern designs and technically advanced bicycles. It is with reason that Van Raam was recently named the 14th most innovative company in the Netherlands by the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Agriculture, and Innovation. Our total approach guarantees high quality and service.


Van Raam’s mission states: Van Raam offers sustainable and contemporary mobility to people with a disability. 


Our vision is: Van Raam makes a difference for people who cannot ride a standard two-wheel bike. Through a customized bike, people get outside, go out, connect with each other. For people who cannot cycle independently, van Raam has several multi-person bikes, which allows this group to experience the ultimate cycling pleasure with a companion. Let's all cycle!

Van Raam history

We have a history of over 110 years and have been manufacturing bicycles for almost 100 years. Since 1986, the focus has been on producing adapted bicycles. We have a history as a frame builder and are a specialist and world market leader in customized bicycles.

The name Van Raam has a rich history. Back in 1900, the company started off as a blacksmith’s forge located in Amsterdam. The production of the now famous bicycles had to wait for a while. On 6 July 1933, the first bicycles were made. In the 70’s the company moved to Aalten, where the company started the production of bicycle frames. In 1984, Piet Boezel took over the company and under his leadership van Raam specialized in producing and designing special needs bicycles and bicycle frames. Marjolein and Jan-Willem are daughter and son of Piet Boezel, Ronald is the brother-in-law of Marjolein and Jan-Willem.

Building Van Raam Amsterdam

In 2019, Van Raam moved to a new building with modern factory, offices large showroom and bicycle test track in Varsseveld. You can read more about the new building on the special construction page. In 2019 a Van Raam showroom/experience center also opened in Germany.

Read more about the history of Van Raam in the article ‘Van Raam manufacturer of adapted bikes throughout the years’.

Van Raam and associates

Van Raam is a member of the branch associates ”Firavaned”, “Metaalunie” and ‘Smart Industry’ in the East of the Netherlands, is an acknowledged training/learning company and works together with University of Technology in Delft (the Netherlands). Van Raam is co-initiator of Innovar, a cooperation where companies (together with students) continuously innovate. Van Raam also works according to the CE and TÜV standards.

Van Raam’s products are delivered worldwide through selected dealers of Van Raam. It is possible to make a free test ride on the adapted bicycles at Van Raam in Varsseveld. Van Raam ensures quality and products, therefore users can literally and figuratively get years of enjoyment our of our bikes.

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