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Van Raam special needs bicycles

Van Raam is a manufacturer of special needs bicycles for people with a disability. The specialities of Van Raam are tricycles, scooter bikes, tandems, side-by-side tandems, wheelchair bikes, transport bikes, walking aids and bikes with low access or comfort bikes. The unique Van Raam pedal support is possible on most of these special needs bicycles. Van Raam bicycles travel the world, with a focus on almost all European countries and North America.

Van Raam has been producing bicycles for almost 110 years, and for more than 35 years with a focus on special needs bikes. Nothing is produced in stock, each bike is manufactured individually. With around 230 employees, Van Raam produces Dutch quality bikes, mainly for adults and children with disabilities and who are looking for more safety and stability when riding a bike.

The bicycles are manufactured in Varsseveld in one of the cleanest and most intelligent factories in the Netherlands. In our modern company we have an innovative company policy and use innovative and modern techniques. Read more about this on the innovation page of Van Raam. Quality and sustainability are of fundamental importance to Van Raam, which is why we follow the circular and sustainability policy at Van Raam. In addition, Van Raam is considered a role model company for the Smart Industry, Smart Working and working with companies in the region, as well as the connections that Van Raam makes with training from LBO to university level. In addition to the number of innovation awards, there have been numerous awards in all these areas. Van Raam's culture is characterised by openness, hospitality and informality.

As a manufacturer of adapted bicycles, our aim is to offer as many people as possible sustainable and contemporary mobility. We do this for people with disabilities, but also for people who can no longer ride a traditional bicycle or no longer dare to cycle. We believe that people with disabilities will be happier if they can be mobile and independent for longer. We therefore, want to contribute to the integration of people with disabilities into society, "Let's all cycle".

Corporate video Van Raam

Do you like to know how we make our special needs bikes? In the corporate video below you literally fly into our new bike factory where we show you how we produce our special needs bikes. Follow the tube of steel in the video and watch how it transforms into a piece of contemporary mobility. 

At Van Raam we strive every day to produce our special needs bikes in such a sustainable way. In the video below (on the right), made by the Province of Gelderland, you can see which sustainability measures we have incorprated in our new bike factory.

'Who's Who' at Van Raam

At Van Raam we work with about 230 permanent employees over 11 departments. In addition there are some freelancers and flexible employees. We are proud of the fact that the oldest employee of the Netherlands, Henk Kluver has worked at Van Raam special nees bikes for more than 70 years. He retired at the age of 95.             

Take a look at our team
Van Raam Amsterdam


Van Raam has a rich history. Back in 1900, the company started off as a blacksmith’s forge located in Amsterdam. In the 70’s the company moved to Aalten, where the company started the production of bicycle frames. In 1984, Piet Boezel took over the company and under his leadership van Raam specialized in producing and designing special needs bicycles and bicycle frames.

With a production area of over 13.500 square meters, all bicycles are built according to a modern product line in Varsseveld. A lot of our employees live in the vicinity of Varsseveld and have been working for the company for many years. The former oldest employee of the Netherlands, Henk Kluver, has worked for more than 70 years within the company and retired at the age of 95. The family business is now run by the daughter (Marjolein Boezel), son (Jan-Willem Boezel) and son in law (Ronald Ruesink) of Piet Boezel. In 2019 Van Raam moved to a new building in Varsseveld. The new building is 13,500 m2, twice as big as the old building. More information about the new building can be found on the special construction-page. In 2019 we opened an extra showroom / experience center in the South of Germany.

Read more about the history of Van Raam in the article 'Van Raam manufacturer of adapted bikes throughout the years'.

Van Raam’s company movie (old premises)

From January 2019 we make our special needs bikes in a new bike factory, specially designed and built for Van Raam, at Guldenweg 23 in Varsseveld. Before we moved to our new factory, we worked at the Aaltenseweg 56 in Varsseveld. Curious about what this factory looked like? The watch the video below of the old corporate film by Van Raam.

Van Raam Mission Statement

Van Raam manufactures its own bicycles, hereby using the best quality products. With well trained staff, through continuous innovation, a modern product line and market investigation we produce bicycles that fit the needs of our customers.  A clear example of this is (among others) our collaboration with Technical University Delft which leads to modern and beautifully designed bicycles. Our holistic approach guarantees high quality and service.

It is no coincidence that Van Raam’s mission reads as follows: Van Raam offers sustainable and contemporary mobility to people with a disability.
Our vision is: If people with a disability can be mobile and independent for a longer time, they are happier. Van Raam wants to contribute to the integration of people with disabilities in society. Let's all cycle!

Van Raam wheel with spokes

How we make our bikes

Wondering what the Van Raam factory looks like and how our custom bikes are put together? View our page 'How Van Raam bikes are produced'. Click on the button below to go to the page.

How we make our bikes

Van Raam custom made

Each bicycle, from a straight tube to a complete end product, is produced by Van Raam itself. Therefore almost every stage of the production is monitored and adjusted if necessary. This is necessary, given the wide variety of personal applications and user preferences. Custom made services are one of the core activities of Van Raam. For both, adults and children,  special bikes are being developed whereby much attention is paid to comfort, durability and design. Our slogan ‘Let's all cycle’ is put into practice every day. Characteristic for this family business is the combination of high knowledge, quality workmanship along with accurately responding to contemporary developments. Van Raam uses modern equipment, but is also not afraid to use ‘old-fashioned’ craftsmanship.


Van Raam and associates


Van Raam is a member of the branch associates ” Firavaned” and “Metaalunie” as well as a recognized training company. Van Raam works together with Innovar, Technical University Delft and works according to CE and TUV values. All Van Raam products are to be delivered in the Netherlands and abroad through selected van Raam dealers. Van Raam ensures quality end products and therefore we can guarantee our customers years of cycling pleasure. 

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