Easy Rider tricycle with back seat

Van Raam is manufacturer of special needs bikes, like duo bikes, wheelchair bikes and tricycles. At Van Raam we have various tricycles for children and adults. For example, the Easy Rider, a very comfortable, stable tricycle with a seat with a back seat and a low seating position. Read more about this unique tricycle with back seat here.

Easy Rider tricycle with back seat

Tricycle with back seat

The Easy Rider adult tricycle from Van Raam has a unique and steady frame. There is a low entry and a stable lower seating position. The comfortable back seat guarantees a comfortable bike ride and is adjustable. The advantage of this seat is that it gives a lot of support to the back, has a comfortable seating position and you can adjust the amount of support, which is very nice when cycling with back problems. Because of the special cycling position, you have less strain on your back, neck, shoulders and wrists. Read more unique riding characteristics in the article: 'Unique riding characteristics of the Easy Rider tricycle'.

The straps at the back of the backrest can be adjusted by using Velcro to provide proper support. In addition, the angle of the back seat can be adjusted independently of the seat. Read more about adjusting the back seat in the article: 'How to adjust the seat on the Easy Rider tricycle'.

Easy Rider tricycle with back seat

Your centre of gravity is lower on this bike, making you feel safe and secure. The forward pedal movement and the suspended frame give you perfect cycling comfort. It is no coincidence that the Easy Rider tricycle has been voted test winner by the Norwegian government.

When riding the Easy Rider you can enjoy a special cycling experience. This tricycle is ideal for people with balance problems, but who still want to ride a sporty bike.

More about the Easy Rider

Video of the Easy Rider tricycle

See more of the Easy Rider trike with back seat in the product video below.

Pedal support on electric trike Easy Rider with back seat

Electric tricycle

The Easy Rider tricycle is also available as an e-bike. An electric tricycle is equipped with an electric motor, also called pedal support. Read more about this in the article 'Mobility with an electric tricycle for adults'.

Van Raam has had its own electric pedal support system, the Silent system, since 2011. The motors, batteries, controller, Smart display and software have been developed by and for Van Raam, especially for the special needs bicycles. Some characteristics of the Silent System are:

  • 3 support modes.

  • Cycling forwards and backwards with active pedal support.

  • Starting aid / launch control.

  • Modern and efficient electronics.

  • Easy to operate.

  • Almost noiseless but powerful motors.

  • High quality and safe batteries.

  • The possibility to use the E-Bike App. This is a smartphone app with which the bike settings can be changed, an SOS message can be sent and current bike data can be viewed.

Configure your own Easy Rider tricycle with back seat and accessories

Accessories Easy Rider trike with back seat

Besides a motor, there are also other accessories available for the Easy Rider, such as a special handlebar, a stick holder, mirror, special seat or a foot fixation. With these accessories you can customize your special needs bike to your own taste and wishes.

These accessories also help you with cycling and support you with your disability. Van Raam's mission is therefore: Van Raam offers people with a disability sustainable and contemporary mobility. Let's all cycle!

Would you like to put together your own bike according to your wishes and see how much your Easy Rider trike with back seat and accessories costs? Assembling this tricycle yourself is very easy with the online Van Raam bike configurator, with which you can configure your own bike. Read more in the article: 'Assemble the perfect Easy Rider tricycle yourself'.

See all accessories in the article: 'Accessories for the Van Raam Easy Rider tricycle'.

Accessories for the Easy Rider
Gunda Krauss with Easy Rider tricycle with back seat
Gunda Krauss with her Easy Rider trike with seat

Bike tour with the tricycle

Gunda Krauss has been riding an Easy Rider tricycle for a long time. After Gunda had two hip surgeries, she could no longer ride a 'standard' two-wheel bike. When she heard of the existence of the Easy Rider tricycle, Gunda thought: 'I'm going to live my dream!' Gunda planned to make a lot of bike rides.

In the Chiemgau region near our dealer Tour-me there are endless possibilities to cycle. For sporty cyclists, young and old, there is the right route for everyone. Elderly and disabled people, who do not feel safe on a bicycle with two wheels, can also ride a tricycle. Gunda has had a more powerful Silent HT motor from Van Raam installed on the tricycle with back seat, because she cycles about 6,000 kilometres a year. Gunda wanted to make it clear that cycling is not only for young, energetic people, but also for seniors and elderly with a disability.

Read more about Gunda in her customer experience.

Customer experience Gunda Krauss

More customer experiences of the Easy Rider tricycle with back seat

Easy Rider tricycle

"Earlier this year, Gunda Krauss was able to try out the renewed Easy Rider tricycle as a prototype and provide feedback. Read more about her experience here."

Gunda Krauss - Munich

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Easy Rider tricycle

"Van Raam asked a number of ardent Easy Rider cyclists if they wanted to test the third generation Easy Rider for feedback. Diederik was one of these test riders. Read his findings here."

Diederik Wierenga - Norg

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Easy Rider tricycle

"My name is Chris Koekoek and I have been diagnosed with spinocerebellar ataxia type 3 (SCA3). With the Easy Rider tricycle I have my freedom and movement back."

Chris Koekoek - Limburg

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Easy Rider tricycle

"I have a bad trunk balance, bad balance and due to an injury my lower leg is amputated. After not cycling for years, I now ride my Easy Rider with a lot of pleasure."

Willy Wienholts - Dinxperlo

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Easy Rider tricycle

"Since 2013 I have been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and since the end of 2016 I have been a very happy owner of a Van Raam Easy Rider, delivered via the WMO (Social Support Act)."

Jolanda Segers-Geurts - Oss

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Easy Rider tricycle

"I have been using an Easy Rider tricycle with seat since November 2017. Because of my illness Multiple Sclerosis (MS). I can unfortunately no longer ride on a regular two-wheel bike."

Thea Westra - Stiens

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