assemble the perfect Easy Rider tricycle yourself


Assemble the perfect Easy Rider tricycle yourself

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assemble the perfect Easy Rider tricycle yourself

Did you know that at Van Raam we produce all special needs bikes individually to your order, so you can have your own bike made exactly as you want it? In this article you’ll see the features of the Easy Rider in a video, and we’ll show you the many chosen options for this adult tricycle.

Production of a Van Raam bicycle; the many possibilities

At Van Raam, every bicycle is made in the Van Raam factory from a straight pipe to a complete finished product. And to ensure that everyone gets the perfect bike, we can customize all bikes with many options and accessories. Because not one person is the same and everyone has their own wishes.

For example, the most popular tricycle for adults, the Easy Rider tricycle, can be assembled entirely according to your own wishes.

assemble the perfect Easy Rider tricycle yourself
The Easy Rider tricycle with the Silent System electrical pedal support.

Easy Rider tricycle

The Easy Rider tricycle has been designed with a lot of attention to ride comfort. Due to the completely different seating position than a ‘traditional tricycle for adults’, this bike is much easier to handle and the comfortable seat provides very good back support. Because of the modern appearance and the beautiful design, many Easy Rider cyclists are justifiably proud of this sturdy bike.

Features and many chosen options of the Easy Rider

To give an example of the many options and accessories, you can see an Easy Rider tricycle with many different options in the video below. The standard features, such as adjustable steering stem, parking brake, automatic battery lighting, steering limiter and adjustable seat with adjustable strap backrest are also introduced.

Some of the following options on the Easy Rider in addition to the standard features are: one-handed operation, 8-speed, throttle grip, mirror, detachable frame + support leg for the detachable frame, Silent electric motor HT with battery, mechanical disc brakes, stick holder and shopping basket. All these options (and much more) can also be found on the price list. This list can be found on the product page about the Easy Rider, below ‘price/documentation’. You can read more about options and accessories in the article 'Accessories for the Van Raam Easy Rider tricycle'.

Video Easy Rider tricycle for adults

In the product video of the Easy Rider below, you can see all features of this bike. 

Assemble the Easy Rider tricycle yourself

Would you like to assemble your own bike and see the price of your perfect Easy Rider tricycle? With the Van Raam bike configurator, you can configure your own tricycle easily. Read more about this in the article ‘The van Raam bike configurator’,


Additional functionality for bicycles with pedal support

Did you know that there is also a free Van Raam E-Bike app? If you have an electric Van Raam bike, with the official Van Raam electrical system delivered from May 2016, you can connect the bike to your smartphone.

This app, which can be downloaded from the appstores, can be used as a luxury bike computer for Van Raam bikes with pedal support and also contains many other extra features, such as an SOS function and adjusting the pedal assistance yourself while cycling.

Read more about the Van Raam E-Bike app on the special Van Raam E-Bike App page.

More information about the app

tricycle Van Raam with e-bike app
Cycling on the Easy Rider tricycle with the Van Raam E-Bike App.

Video Easy Rider tricycle and E-Bike App

The Easy Rider tricycle is a seat tricycle for adults and has great and natural handling. If a bicycle has the unique Van Raam pedal support, it is possible to use the Van Raam E-Bike App. In the article 'Video Easy Rider tricycle for adults and E-Bike app' you can read and see in the video how this works.

Video Easy Rider and E-bike app

video on adult tricycle Easy Rider with e-bike app
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