10 most sold options of the Van Raam Easy Rider tricycle


10 most sold options of the Van Raam Easy Rider tricycle

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10 most sold options of the Van Raam Easy Rider tricycle

Are you interested in an Easy Rider tricycle or do you want to add options or accessories to your bike? Learn more about the 10 most sold options of the Van Raam Easy Rider adult tricycle here.

Video: The 10 most popular options for the Easy Rider

Check out the top 10 most sold options for the Easy Rider adult tricycle in the video below.

Top 10 options for your Easy Rider tricycle

The Easy Rider adult tricycle comes standard with a suspended frame, tailbone relief, a sustainable luggage rack with quick release straps, parking brake, steering lock, lock, lights and a differential gear.

To fully customise your adult tricycle to your needs and desires, there are a number of other possible extra options from which you can choose. Learn more about the top 10 best-selling options below and get inspired.

Top 10 options for your Easy Rider tricycle

1. Van Raam pedal support - Smart E-Bike

The adult tricycle can be upgraded with the award-winning Van Raam electric pedal support. Van Raam has had its own electric system, the Silent system, since 2011. The motors, batteries, controls, smart display and software have been specially developed by and for Van Raam for the special bikes. From 15 July 2020, all Van Raam bicycles equipped with pedal assistance will be delivered as Smart e-bikes. Read more about the features of the Smart E-Bike on our app page. For more information about pedal assist, see the pedal support page.

More about the Smart E-Bike

10 most sold options of the Van Raam Easy Rider tricycle pedal support Smart E Bike

2. Different frame sizes

Do you have a longer body size? Or are you wondering if you are too small? No problem at all, because the Easy Rider comes in two sizes.

  • Medium (standard)

  • Large

This means that the tricycle for adults is suitable for both small and large adults. Which size is suitable depends on the inside leg length. Read more about the specifications on the Easy Rider product page.

10 most sold options of the Van Raam Easy Rider tricycle Different frame sizes
Left: Easy Rider L; right: Easy Rider M

3. Different colours to choose from

Each Van Raam bicycle model has its own standard colour. The Easy Rider has several possible colours.
The free standard colour is (RAL 7026) granite grey. Furthermore, Van Raam has chosen two optional additional colours that can be selected optionally for a small extra charge:

  • (RAL 7040) Window grey

  • (RAL 2000) Yellow orange matt

Do you prefer your favourite colour for your bike? Sure! At Van Raam you can have a bicycle powder-coated in a (available) desired RAL colour. This way it is possible to personalise your bicycle. Read more in the article: 'A Van Raam bicycle in a colour of your choice'.

The different colours of the Van Raam Easy Rider adult tricycle
Left: (RAL 7026) Granite grey; right top: (RAL 2000) Yellow orange matt; right bottom: (RAL 7040) Window grey

4. One or two mirrors

For extra safety and circumspection when cycling, it is possible to attach one or two mirrors to the bicycle. With a mirror, you can see well behind you without having to turn around.

5. Stick holder on the bicycle

Do you use a walking stick, crutches or another walking aid? You can easily take them with you with the stick holder. The stick holder offers space for 2 sticks / 2 walking aids.

10 most sold options of the Van Raam Easy Rider tricycle mirror and Stick holder

Tip: Turn signals for the bicycle

Did you know that there are not only turn signals for cars but also for bicycles? You can optionally equip your Easy Rider with a direction indicator system. This gives you more safety and visibility, as you can keep both hands on the handlebars and other road users know clearly where you want to go.

6. SmartGuard tyres

With the optional SmartGuard tyres for your Easy Rider adult tricycle, it is almost impossible (when used correctly) to get a flat tyre! 

7. Shopping basket

The Easy Rider comes standard with a sustainable luggage platform with a slim design and quick release skewers. On this luggage platform you can optionally choose a basket, for example to carry your shopping and bags.

10 most sold options of the Van Raam Easy Rider tricycle SmartGuard tyres and Shopping basket

8. Adjustable footrests

With the Easy Rider it is also possible to optionally fit one or two footrests on the pedals. This gives you more stability and safety when cycling and ensures that your foot stays on the pedal. Van Raam has 2 different sizes of footrests for you to choose from. With a simple toothed strap you can easily loosen and fasten this foot shell. Read more about the footrests in the article: 'Footrests for special bikes from Van Raam'.

10 most sold options of the Van Raam Easy Rider tricycle Adjustable footrests

9. Individual armrests

It is possible to have armrests on the comfortable Easy Rider seat. These armrests are foldable and can easily be folded down individually on each side. This gives you more comfort and extra support.

10 most sold options of the Van Raam Easy Rider tricycle Individual armrests

10. Different suspensions

The Easy Rider is an adult 3-wheeled bicycle and has a suspended frame for optimum comfort.Three types of frame suspension are available for individual comfort and as shock absorbers for the Easy Rider 3 adult tricycle: 

  • The standard suspension (750 lbs/inch: between 80 and 110 kg body weight).

  • A lighter version (550 lbs/inch: up to 80 kg body weight)

  • A heavy / stiff version (1000 lbs/inch: more than 110 pounds body weight)

Learn more about the suspensions in our article "Which suspension can I choose for my Easy Rider 3-wheeler".

10 most sold options of the Van Raam Easy Rider tricycle Different suspensions

Configure your own Easy Rider adult tricycle

With Van Raam's online bicycle configurator it is possible to assemble your own Easy Rider adult tricycle. Choose your Easy Rider with all the options and accessories you would like to have on your tricycle. After the last step you will see the complete configuration. You will also receive the complete configuration by e-mail. You can take this to a test ride or to a Van Raam dealer.

Configure Easy Rider tricycle

Free test ride with tricycle for adults

Would you like to try out one or more of these options? Come to Van Raam for a free test ride. During the appointment at the Van Raam showroom in Varsseveld or in Treuchtlingen, you will be assisted by a technical advisor. Afterwards, you will receive a free quotation that you can use to order the Easy Rider from a Van Raam dealer. It is also possible to take a test drive at some dealers locations. Please contact a dealer in your area.

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