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Customer experience Easy Rider tricycle - Willy Wienholts

Customer experience Easy Rider tricycle Willy Wienholts
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Willy Wienholts (50) has a poor trunk balance, poor balance and due to a sports injury her lower leg was amputated. After not riding a bike for years, she is now riding her adapted Easy Rider tricycle with great pleasure.

Easy Rider tricycle
Matt blue / silver
Pedal assist, Stick holder, Floating pedal
16 March 2016 purchased
Rijwielhandel Harm Takke
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  • Easy Rider tricycle Willy Wienholts

Short introduction

Hello, I'm Willy Wienholts and I'm 50 years old. Together with my family I live on a dirt road near the forest. My hobbies are mentoring (volunteering), arts and crafts, singing in a choir, good food and going out with friends; I love to have fun. I have also written three books about my life with chronic diseases and everything related to them, but most of all I hope to show people that my life has meaning even though I have to move out of my wheelchair. I also give presentations in which I tell more about my experiences.

Reason for buying a custom-made Van Raam bicycle

I have a bad hull balance and my balance is not so good either. I also got dystrophy and dystonia as a result of a sports injury, so I finally had to undergo a transtibial amputation in 2015. I have never had an adapted bike before, but through a friend and her son I ended up with Van Raam. We made an appointment with Van Raam, tried out bikes and took a tour of the factory, which was great fun. During the test ride I was completely euphoric! It felt so good to feel the wind through my hair and again in my face, really cool that I could finally move again.

Take a test ride

An extensive test drive with a Van Raam bike is very important. If you have experience of riding a two-wheeler, you should bear in mind that a tricycle rides very differently. Would you like a free test ride with one or more bicycles? Then click on the button to make an appointment in the plans. Plan your free test ride. Or find a dealer in your area to make an appointment.

Test ride

A friend action

My girlfriends started a campaign in which they collected money to buy me an adapted bicycle. They have sat helplessly by my bed so many times and now, for once, they could do something for me, they said. I find it so sweet and heartwarming that so many people have worked on it. I am grateful to them every day!

Delivery by the dealer

I have had the Easy Rider tricycle since March 2016. The delivery was done by the dealer Harm Takke from Dinxperlo. The contact and the overall service around the bike went well and I did not have to wait long for the bike. When the bike was there, we celebrated it together, it was fun.

Practice, practice, practice

It took some time to get used to it. I lacked muscle power because I hadn't cycled for years. I couldn't get out of the street, or my muscles were already tired. Daily training made it possible for me to take part in cycling tours together with my husband, friends and neighbours.

Sport was always very important to me and I couldn't do it anymore because of my limitations, but now I can do sport again and enjoy everything around me at the same time.

Willy Wienholts

Options on the Easy Rider tricycle

As for the special options, I have a stick holder, a case and a stationary crank because I am missing a leg, so I only have one pedal. There is a special system on the pedal, so I am attached to it with a kind of mountain bike click shoes. I also had a bottle holder made for me.

Enjoying freedom

I like the bike very much. Especially in the morning I have a big stiffness in my body, that's why I often go for a firm ride every morning after a hot shower. I enjoy the freedom and being outside. When it is cold, I usually try to cope with it, then I just put on my ski pants. Doing sports has always been very important for me and I couldn't do it anymore because of my limitations, but now I can do sports again and enjoy everything around me at the same time.

The positive thing about the bike is the gas pedal in case I can't keep up anymore. And I can still ride a bike even though I only have one leg. The bike runs nicely through the pedal support and I can take a lot with me. It is also practical that I can see when the battery is almost empty. I am really super happy with my bike!

Willy Wienholts – Dinxperlo
Type: Easy Rider Tricycle

Pros & cons
  • Being able to enjoy everything around me again
  • Being able to cycle with one leg
  • I can carry a lot with me on the way
  • Handy indication for when the battery is almost empty
  • Battery life
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