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Van Raam Easy Rider test winner by norwegian government

The Norwegian government's independent commission has tested Van Raam's Easy Rider tricycle in connection with the tender procedure for a multi-year tender. Among other things in the points, price, absolute quality and the possibilities to adapt the bike to individual circumstances, the available accessories on the bike and the user-friendliness were tested. The design of the bikes also played a role. In this article you can read why the Easy Rider test winner.

Double test winner: Easy Rider tricycle

In the category, tricycle, the Easy Rider from Van Raam, the Cortes by Huka, the Whistle Scoobo by PFAU tec and the Trigo Up by Hase were tested. The Easy Rider tricycle once again took the first place with the rear wheel motor and at the same time also took second place with the front wheel motor in the "Tricycle with seat, gearbox and auxiliary motor for school-age children, adolescents and adults" assessment of the quality of the Easy Rider was twice as high as with the Whistle Scoobo from PFAU tec.

Van Raam Easy Rider test winner by norwegian government

Quality pays off 

It was particularly striking for the jury of the Tender Commission that the Easy Rider has very good adjustment options. The handlebar, the steering position, the seat and the backrest can be adjusted separately. The individually adjustable backrest is made of Velcro, which makes it easy to adjust the seating comfort to the individual user. This offers many possibilities to adjust the bike to the individual user, which is very positive for the end user. Furthermore, the seat height and the low entry height are ideal, that makes it easy for users with restricted freedom of movement and for people who cannot easily get on and off. The parking brake also ensures that the bike remains stable and the driver e.g. in case of balance problems can easily get on and off.

Van Raam electric pedal support: test winner

The Easy Rider has an individual pedal support with the best and most diverse application options of all competitors in this category. For example, many options were not possible with other bicycles, andcouldn't ride backwards as with the reverse function of the Van Raam pedal support, the motor from other providers also produced too much noise. It was striking that the motor switched on quickly when pedalling and the Van Raam system offered good support. In 2019, this again led to Van Raams pedalling support winning the ExtraEnergy Test.

More about the ExtraEnergy Test

van raam electric pedal support and e-bike app

This again proves that quality and experience are ultimately crucial.

All around the best tricycle

The Easy Rider tricycle is stable and solid both during transport and in use. Furthermore, the jury found that the Easy Rider tricycle generally met all the requirements of the commission very well, the unique riding characteristics of the Easy Rider tricycle speak for themselves.

Would you like to learn more about Van Raam e-bikes? You can do this in our article, 'An adapted e tricycle from Van Raam'. In spite of the lower price bids from other providers in this tender, the Easy Rider was awarded the best tricycle in the overall evaluation. This in turn proves that quality and experience are ultimately crucial. Another positive point is the good turning radius, which makes the bike easy to manoeuvre in different environments.

All around the best armchair tricycle Van Raam Easy Rider

Read more about the Easy Rider on the product page, take a look at our 360 degree photos of the Easy Rider here.

View Easy Rider

Advantages of the Easy Rider tricycle

Compared to other tricycles, the Easy Rider has other advantages besides its modern and fresh appearance, you can see the advantages at a glance below.

  • Comfortable sitting with backrest
  • Perfect driving comfort
  • Forward pedaling motion for more comfort
  • Very stable for a safe feeling
  • Short turning radius
  • Seat height and seat angle adjustable

Options and accessories for the Easy Rider

With the adapted bicycles and the possible accessories, Van Raam tries to let everyone cycle (again) and make people mobile. In order to completely customize your Easy Rider, you can do this with various accessories according to your wishes. Learn more in the article ‘Accessories for the Van Raam Easy Rider tricycle’.

Easy Rider options

The Easy Rider Junior is also a test winner

Read more about the smaller version of the Easy Rider, the Easy Rider Junior. Because this was also chosen as the test winner by the Norwegian tender commission. Read what makes the Easy Rider Junior so special by clicking the button! Please note: the name Easy Rider Junior has been changed to Easy Rider Small since 2023.

Easy Rider Junior test winner

Van Raam Easy Rider Junior test winner by norwegian government

Test ride Easy Rider tricycle

We are proud that this group of experts in theindependent commission chose Van Raam's Easy Rider. You should of course experience this yourself. For this reason, we cordially invite you to test our Easy Rider tricycle to convince yourself that this is really the best of its kind. Plan a test ride at Van Raam in Varrsseveld (the Netherlands), in Treuchlingen (Germany)  or visit one of our dealers!

Test ride Easy Rider

Test ride Easy Rider tricycle

User experiences of the test winner Easy Rider

In the following, read user experiences from users with the Easy Rider test winner tricycle.

User experience Easy Rider tricycle - Chris Koekoek
9 / 10
Customer experience Easy Rider tricycle - Chris Koekoek
My name is Chris Koekoek and I was diagnosed with spinocerebellar ataxia type 3 (SCA3) in 2018. SCA is a disease of the nerves in which the nerves don’t pass on their signals properly to the muscles. With the Easy Rider tricycle I feel like I have my freedom and mobility back.
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User experience tricycle Easy Rider - Gunda Krauss
10 / 10
User experience tricycle Easy Rider - Gunda Krauss
The life of the German Gunda Krauss has changed completely thanks to the electric tricycle Easy Rider. After Gunda had a hip replacement, she could no longer cycle on a ‘regular’ bike with two wheels. Her world become smaller by the day and at one point she even lost her zest for life. Her dream was to make a long bike ride once. It was a dream of Gunda to make a bike tour and this dream came true when she heard about the Easy Rider tricycle. This electric tricycle has changed the life of Gunda completely. Gunda had thought about giving up, but she is very happy that she kept going on. "Someone convinced me that you should not stop if you have a goal in mind. He was right, I know now, because there is always a way," says Gunda Krauss.
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User experience tricycle for adults Easy Rider - Diederik Wierenga
9 / 10
User experience tricycle for adults Easy Rider - Diederik Wierenga
I have owned an Easy Rider tricycle since January 2010 and still enjoy riding it. To me this is the ideal bicycle for every occasion: buying groceries, going to work.
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Customer experience Easy Rider tricycle Willy Wienholts
9 / 10
Customer experience Easy Rider tricycle - Willy Wienholts
Willy Wienholts (50) has a poor trunk balance, poor balance and due to a sports injury her lower leg was amputated. After not riding a bike for years, she is now riding her adapted Easy Rider tricycle with great pleasure.
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customer experience tricycle easy rider leo kostwinder
8 / 10
User experience tricycle Easy Rider - Leo Kostwinder
My name is Leo Kostwinder (64) and I live in Zwolle, the Netherlands. I have been a diabetes patient for over 30 years and in early 2016 I was diagnosed with progressive polyneuropathy *. Since then I am no longer allowed to drive or cycle. This news was difficult at the time, because as a hobby I regularly cycled tours with my racing bike. In addition, I went fishing occasionally. Because of my condition, I stopped working in April 2018.
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User experience tricycle Easy Rider - Jolanda Segers-Geurts
10 / 10
User experience tricycle Easy Rider - Jolanda Segers-Geurts
Since 2013 I have been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and since the end of 2016 I have been a very happy owner of a Van Raam Easy Rider, delivered via the WMO (Social Support Act).
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