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Cycling with back pain

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Cycling with back pain van raam special needs bikes

It is one of the most common ailments worldwide: back pain. In many cases it is difficult to determine the exact cause of back pain. In this article we'll tell you more about back pain and how special needs bikes can make cycling with back pain easier.

Back pain in the world

Back pain is an ailment present worldwide. It is common for both people who do physically heavy work, people that do physically monotonous work, but also for people who have mostly sedentary work. From a large study in 188 different countries, looking at the most common disease or ailment worldwide, back pain has emerged as one of the most common problems that have an impact on the quality of life. (Source: Gezond Idee – Maastricht UMC+)

In both the Netherlands and Germany for example, 80% of the inhabitants have (had) back pain. The Dutch Cyclists’ Union (the Fietsersbond) writes that only 10% have a direct cause for the back pain such as an inflammation or a hernia. For the other 90% the exact cause is unclear. (Source: Fietsersbond and Radtouren Magazine)

Lower back pain

A common form of back pain worldwide is lower back pain. It is estimated that 1 in 10 people worldwide suffer from this form of back pain. This is the biggest reason for restriction of activity and absence at work. (Source: The Good Body and World Health Organization)

Causes of lower back pain can be, for example: heavy physical work, lots of sitting and too little movement or a wrong (sitting) posture. But the cause can also be chronic, such as abrasion, a hernia or inflammation of the joints. Have you been suffering from (lower) back pain for a long time, do you experience severe pain or don’t you trust it? Then go to your doctor. (Source: Gezondheidsnet)

Van Raam tandem bike Twinny Plus with back support
Van Raam tandem Twinny Plus with backrest support

Cycling with back pain

Exercise remains one of the most important ways to avoid back problems. A British study has shown that cycling makes people healthier and allows them to live longer. If you have the possibility to cycle to work, you’ll quickly reach the daily amount of exercise you need. In addition that cycling is not only good for your back, it is also good for your heart, lungs and weight. Read more in the article ’10 reasons why cycling is healthy’. (Source: HLN)

Do you have lower back pain? In many cases, this will go away on its own. Instead of sitting still, a limited amount of movement is good for the back with these complaints and can stimulate recovery. Besides walking or swimming, cycling is also recommended as a good way of movement. (Source: Gezondheidsnet)

Please note: whether it is possible for someone with (lower) back pain to cycle differs per person. Always take advise from a qualified person!

Why cycling is healthy

It is important that the bike is fully adjusted to your needs, such as the saddle or seat, the handlebars and the pedals. This makes it possible to prevent back problems. The user manual of the Van Raam bicycles contains all the information you need to adjust your bike properly. Do you experience pain in your back, seat, hands, neck or shoulders while cycling? This may be caused by an incorrectly adjusted bicycle. In that case, contact your dealer.

Cycling with back support

Van Raam is manufacturer of special needs bicycles. All bicycles can be equipped with many different options. For example, it is possible to place a stick holder on the bike, place foot fixations on the pedals, or to choose the unique Van Raam pedal support.

Many of the bicycles in the product range are also suitable for cycling in case of back pain or to relieve from back pain while cycling. For many bicycles, it is possible to adjust the seat or add back support to the saddle so that the cyclist has optimal comfort and good support while cycling.

For cycling with back pain, Van Raam offers three types of back support to cycle with back complaints or to make the complaints bearable:

Van Raam Easy Rider tricycle backrest support
Van Raam bike comfort seat with adjustable back rest
Van Raam bike saddle with back support extra option

Van Raam bikes with back support

Check out the bikes below where it is possible to add back support as an extra option to the saddle or to choose the comfort seat with individually adjustable back support:

Tricycles Easy Rider, Easy Rider Small and Easy Sport

The Easy Rider is a tricycle with a low step through and stable low seating position. Because of the cycling position you have less strain on your back, neck, shoulders and wrists. The Easy Rider Small and Easy Rider Compact are smalller and more compact versions of the Easy Rider and are suitable for smaller adults or children. The Easy Sport recumbent tricycle is a sporty bike with a low seat and a good ergonomic sitting position. The handlebars are located on the side of the bike so that there is less strain on the back, neck, shoulders and wrists. The Easy Sport Small is the smaller version of the Easy Sport and is suitable for smaller adults and children. The bicycles are equipped with the comfort seat with back support. The support for the back of the seat can be adjusted individually on all these bicycles. These bikes are especially suitable for lower back pain.

Cycling with back pain tricycles Van Raam
Fun2Go side-by-side tandem with back support Van Raam

Side-by-side tandems Fun2Go and FunTrain

The Fun2Go duo bike is a tandem with three wheels where the users sit next to each other. The Funtrain is a trailer with two seats that can be attached to the Fun2Go. One of the key advantagesof the Van Raam Fun2Go side-by-side tandem is its ergonomic and comfortable seat. This seat provides excellent support to the back and promotes good posture. 

Easy Go scooter bike

The Easy Go is a scooter bike that can be used as a tricycle bike, as a tricycle bike with pedal assistance and as a mobility scooter. It is easy to switch between the three positions and because of the pedal assistance. It is also possible to cycle backwards so you can easily turn. Similar to the Fun2Go, it is possible to choose the comfort seat with individually adjustable back support as an extra option with the Easy Go for extra support in case of back problems. This bike is especially suitable for low back problems.

Cycling with back pain Van Raam easy go scooter bike
Cycling with back pain Van Raam tricycles

Tricycles Midi, Maxi and Maxi Comfort

The Midi is a traditional tricycle which is suitable for young people or smaller adults. It is a light and manoeuvrable bike and has a traditional bicycle saddle. The Maxi is a tricycle bike which is slightly larger than the Midi, this bike is suitable for adults. The Maxi Comfort is a tricycle bike for adults with an extra low and spacious entry and a different sitting position: instead of above the bottom bracket, you sit slightly behind it, so you sit lower. However, your feet can always get on the ground easily and make a good pedalling movement. This position gives you an ergonomic sitting position that puts less strain on your back, shoulders, neck and wrists. The Midi, Maxi and Maxi Comfort all have a standard bicycle saddle. As an extra option it is possible to equip this saddle with a backrest for extra support while cycling.

Tricycles Husky and Mini

The tricycles Husky and Mini are tricycles suitable for children. Both bikes are very light and manoeuvrable and are equipped with a standard saddle. As an extra option it is possible to choose the back support on the bike for extra support while cycling.

Cycling with back pain Van Raam tricycles for children
Cycling with back pain Van Raam tandems

The Van Raam tandems

In addition to the side-by-side-tandem, Van Raam also has tandems in its range in which the users sit behind each other. The Kivo is a tandem in which a child can sit at the front and an adult can sit at the back. This tandem is also available as the Kivo Plus. This is a three-wheel tandem with two wheels at the back for extra stability. There are also two tandems which are suitable for two adults. These are the Twinny and the Twinny Plus. The Twinny Plus is a tricycle tandem. The bikes all have a bicycle saddle, but it is possible to add a back support as an extra option.

Balance low step through bike

The Balance comfort bike is suitable in case of high back pain. Because of the ergonomic sitting position there is practically no strain on your wrists, shoulders, and neck while cycling. The saddle of the Balance is placed slightly behind the bottom bracket so that you are not sitting straight above it while cycling and you can make a forwards cycling movement. Another advantage of this is that you can always reach the ground with both feet easily.

Cycling with back pain Van Raam balance comfort bike
Advice when buying a Van Raam bike

Making a test ride

Everyone's back pain is different. Do you suffer a lot from this, and have you had this for a long time or a chronic form of it? Consult your doctor or specialist to see if it is possible to cycle. If this is possible, it is important to know which bike is suitable for your situation. In the showroom and on the test track at Van Raam and at many Van Raam dealers, it is possible to make a free test ride under the supervision of a technical specialist so you can try different bikes. This allows you to discover which bike in the product range is suitable for you.

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