7 benefits of Van Raam Easy Rider tricycle


7 benefits of Van Raam's Easy Rider tricycle

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7 benefits of Van Raam Easy Rider tricycle

The Easy Rider is a sitting tricycle for adults. Discover in this article the 7 benefits of the Easy Rider and learn more about this Van Raam tricycle.

Video: 7 reasons why you should buy an Easy Rider tricycle

In this video, we'll show you 7 reasons why you'd want to buy an Easy Rider tricycle!

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Van Raam Easy Rider tricycle

The Easy Rider is a third generation sitting tricycle with optimal driving characteristics. With the Easy Rider you can easily cycle away, even if you have never cycled on a tricycle. Read more about the benefits of the Easy Rider in this article.

1. Tricycle with low step trough

The Easy Rider tricycle has a unique frame which makes the center of gravity lower and the bike has a low step trough. This makes getting on and off easier. Also, the Easy Rider is safe and stable by the low center of gravity.

2. Modern design

The modern and aerodynamic design with hydroformed frame gives the EasyRider its sporty appearance.  Almost the entire cable runs through the frame, which provides a sleek design, but also gives the cables extra protection. In addition, the Easy Rider has a chain hose instead of a chain case, this contributes to the modern design and is also easier to maintain.  

benefits of the van raam easy rider tricycle low entry

3. Easy to set up tricycle

Both the handlebars and the seat of the Easy Rider are easy to adjust to your needs. You can adjust the distance of the seat to the pedals/steering wheel and also the backrest can be changed. The handlebars can be adjusted to three points:

  1. The angle of the stem

  2. The angle of the handlebar

  3. The height of the handlebars

By adjusting these points properly you optimize your riding comfort. Read in the article with video 'How to find the best posture on the Easy Rider tricycle', how to adjust the Easy Rider to your needs. 

benefits of the van raam easy rider tricycle easy to set up

4. Different frame sizes possible

The Easy Rider is available in frame sizes Medium (standard) and Large (large). This makes the tricycle suitable for both small and large adults. Which frame size fits you best, depends on your inner leg length. The Easy Rider M is suitable for persons with an inner leg length between 65-88 cm, L for 85-108 cm. Both frames are suitable for persons weighing up to 140 kg. However, it is also possible to choose a reinforced frame, this frame is suitable for persons weighing up to 180 kilos.

Tip: Read the article with video 'Difference Easy Rider tricycle frame sizes M and L video' for more information about both frame sizes.

benefits of the van raam easy rider tricycle different frame sizes possible

5. Perfect driving comfort

On the Easy Rider tricycle you make a forward pedaling movement while cycling. In combination with the suspension in the frame this provides a perfect riding comfort. In addition, the seat of the Easy Rider is equipped with tailbone relief. and raised edges on the side for better sitting comfort and lateral support. The backrest provides great support in the back and ensures a comfortable seating position. The mesh in the backrest provides good distribution and fewer pressure points. The seat, backrest, suspension and forward pedal movement bring many benefits. It ensures less strain on your back, shoulders, neck and wrists.

Unique riding characteristics of the Easy Rider tricycle

benefits of the van raam easy rider tricycle perfect riding comfort thanks to the seat

6. Tricycle with pedal assistance

With optional pedal assistance (Smart E-Bike) cycling on the Easy Rider becomes even easier. The Silent Electro System is specially developed by Van Raam for adapted bicycles. See below for some advantages of the pedal assistance system:

Read more about the benefits of the Siltent Electro System in the article '6 benefits of pedal assistance on an adapted bicycle'.

benefits of the van raam easy rider tricycle pedal assist

7. Customized Easy Rider tricycle with individual options

In the online configurator you can customize your Easy Rider tricycle. Van Raam has several additional options to customize bikes. Think of footrests, crank shorteners and special handlebars, but also of baskets and mirrors. All selected options are immediately visible in the configurator in the overview. You also see immediately what the chosen composition would cost. Read more about the configurator in the article 'Put together your Van Raam bike with the bike configurator'.

The Van Raam bike configurator

benefits of the van raam easy rider tricycle individual options

Make a test ride

Not sure if the Easy Rider tricycle is suitable for you? Make an appointment at Van Raam in Varsseveld and try out the Easy Rider. You will also receive expert advice from one of our technical advisors. It is also possible to test ride at some dealers. Contact your local dealer for more information.

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