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Customer experience Easy Rider tricycle – Diederik Wierenga

Customer experience Easy Rider tricycle – Diederik Wierenga
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Diederik (46) was hit by a brain infarction in 2009, which reduced his strength on the right side and damaged his balance. Van Raam asked a number of ardent Easy Rider cyclists if they wanted to test the third generation Easy Rider for feedback. Diederik was one of these test riders. Read his findings about the Easy Rider tricycle in this customer experience.

Easy Rider tricycle
(RAL 7026) Granite grey
Pedal assist
1,263 km cycled
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Test rider for the Easy Rider

“During my rehabilitation I became acquainted with the Easy Rider 2 of Van Raam. I liked it so much that I made an application for the Easy Rider myself and since 2010 I have my own Easy Rider. I use the bike a lot and Van Raam asked me if I wanted to become a test rider for the third generation Easy Rider. That's what I wanted! Tuesday 21 April 2020 the prototype was delivered to my home. I immediately went for a ride and noticed that a number of things had changed on the new bike model. I had to get used to it, but I really like it."

My first ride

“I immediately noticed that the tricycle is easily adjustable. I think it's important that I can adopt a pleasant sitting posture. A good sitting posture is very important to be able to cycle comfortably. I also paid attention to the operation of the brakes, shifting gears and the range of the battery. The bike gives good support and the Easy Rider didn't start rattling so that was very positive."

Test period and first findings

"I've had the opportunity to test the Easy Rider tricycle for more than two months. In total I cycled 1263 km on different surfaces: asphalt, concrete paths, gravel paths, dirt paths, shovel paths, brick roads, actually everywhere I would go on my bike.

The third generation Easy Rider has wider tires and a somewhat higher seat. I like this better. Especially when you're cyclingnext to someone who has a regular bike. Then you're more at the same height. The pedal support and the bike lights are the same, easy to operate and you can enjoy cycling for a long time. The charger for the battery is faster than the one I have, so the battery is completely full again in a short time. However, I did miss a luggage tray for the bike. That would be really nice to carry stuff with me. The bike basket that comes with the test bike isn't very suitable for that. The Easy Rider is my means of transport: sporty, recreational, but also for shopping."

Easy Rider test tricycle Diederik

The Easy Rider is a tricycle on which almost anyone can cycle. The new version is even better suited when cycling on a regular two-wheeler is no longer possible.

Diederik Wierenga

Advantages over the Easy Rider 2

"For me, the advantages are a higher seat, the very pleasant backrest, wider tires, easier adjustment of the tricycle and the beautiful design. People already like my current Easy Rider, but they find the new Easy Rider even cooler. Especially the youth. I think the third generation Easy Rider is more accepted as a 'normal' bike".

A worthy successor to the current Easy Rider

"If there is a good luggage platform on the Easy Rider, I'll give the bike a 10! The bike is of course still under development. I would like to buy the new Easy Rider myself and highly recommend it to others who want to ride a tricycle. The Easy Rider is so easy to ride and also getting on and off the bike is easy. I would have liked to keep the test bike myself. It is and remains the Easy Rider, but in a new look. The soul of the bike hasn't changed.

Anyone who needs a tricycle should not be restricted in anything and should be able to do anything with their bike. Being able to save yourself, not being dependent on others, that's what the Easy Rider tricycle is meant for. I understand that it makes the financial picture a lot higher, but what's in return is priceless! Since I've had the Easy Rider my stamina has increased. I feel more comfortable and I manage to run again. Cycling like with the Easy Rider tricycle is a very good way to rehabilitate; move while sitting and you get to different places".

Read Diederik's customer experience about his own Easy Rider here.

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Reactions of test cyclists about the Easy Rider
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Diederiks reaction about the Easy Rider on Instagram

Addition December 2020:“I love the new, flat luggage platform that was added to the Easy Rider later on! On this luggage platform you can easily place different baskets or crates. This completes the Easy Rider tricycle.”

"A beautiful and tough bike to ride for miles and miles."
Diederik Wierenga – Norg (the Netherlands)
Model: Easy Rider tricycle

Pros & cons
  • Adjustable seating position
  • Good operation of brakes and pedal assist
  • Wider tyres
  • Higher seat
  • Beautiful design
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