Cycling comfortably with the special Easy Rider seat


Cycling comfortably with the special Easy Rider seat

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Cycling comfortably with the special Easy Rider seat

The Van Raam Easy Rider is an adult tricycle with a seat. This tricycle has instead of a bike saddle, a seat with a comfortable backrest. Read all about the special seat of the Easy Rider here.

Seat of the Van Raam Easy Rider tricycle

On the unique Van Raam Easy Rider tricycle you sit very comfortable. The seat of the Easy Rider gives you more support than a regularbike saddle. The spacious seating is sloping at the front, making it easier for your legs to move. In addition, the seat has raised edges on the side, so you sit better and more comfortable on the seat and it gives lateral support. The Easy Rider has a low entry, making it easy to take a seat. Getting off is also easy, because the seat is at an ideal height.

The seating has a recess, which provides relief for the tailbone. The tailbone is exposed, so there is local pressure relief.

The Easy Rider is suitable for a maximum user weight of 140 kilograms, the seat of the Easy Rider is basically suitable for anyone up to that weight.

Seat of the Van Raam Easy Rider tricycle

Backrest of the Easy Rider

The special seat of the Easy Rider also has a backrest, so your back is always supported. The backrest of the Easy Rider has mesh in the seat, which provides a better division and thus fewer pressure points. In addition, this material provides ventilation and cooling of the back.

The backrest can be adjusted to the desired position. By changing the angle of the backrest, you can change the pressure distribution to your liking.

For extra comfort, it is also possible to order armrests for the Easy Rider. From a central point behind the backrest, the armrests come on both sides of the backrest. These can be folded in and out.

Backrest Easy Rider tricycle Van Raam

External charging port in the backrest

An Easy Rider tricycle with pedal support has a standard external charging port integrated in the backrest to charge your battery. Thanks to this external charging port, the battery can be charged via an easily accessible charging port without removing the battery from the bicycle.

Of course, in extremely cold or warm temperatures, it is still possible to remove the entire battery from the bike and take it inside to charge it.

External charging port in backrest Van Raam Easy Rider tricycle

Adjustment of the complete seat

The complete seat of the Easy Rider is easy to adjust with a quick release lever / quick release handle. Adjust the sitting position so that in that situation the leg is straight, but still relaxed. You determine the most comfortable position yourself in practice. The position of the backrest is individually adjustable with a simple Allen key.

The luggage platform on the Easy Rider automatically slides with the seat when you adjust the seat. The big advantage is that you can shorten the tricycle and store it more easily.

Read more about adjusting the seat in the article 'How to adjust the seat on the Easy Rider tricycle'.

Easy Rider tricycle easy to adjust with quick release lever

Video: The seat of the Easy Rider

In the videos below, the seat of the Easy Rider is shown and you can see how you can easily adjust the seat.

Want to read more about the Easy Rider?

The Easy Rider is the third generation of Van Raam's tricycle with a seat. Because of the unique frame there is a low entry in and the center of gravity is lower. A big advantage of the Easy Rider is that it's very easy to cycle, even if you've never cycled on a tricycle before. The Easy Rider is very manoeuvrable and has a small turning circle. Read more on the product page of the Easy Rider.

More about the Easy Rider

Cycling comfortably with the special Easy Rider seat

Try out an Easy Rider yourself?

During a free test ride (appointment only) at Van Raam (in Varsseveld, the Netherlands) it is possible to try the Easy Rider with comfortable seat. During this consultation you will be helped by a technical advisor who will provide you with the right information. It is possible to test the tricycle on the bicycle test track. You will receive an obligation free quote with which you can order the Easy Rider at a Van Raam dealer. Are you unable to come to Van Raam in Varsseveld? Then it is also possible to make a test ride at some Van Raam dealers. Please contact your local dealer and ask for the possibilities.

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