Cycling with a disability

If cycling becomes difficult due to your disability, you have the option to look at a special needs bike. Van Raam has adapted bikes that are suitable for different disabilities. A special needs bike makes cycling (together) with a disability often possible again. Click here to view these special needs bikes.

Special needs bikes for people with a disability Van Raam

Van Raam special needs bike suitable for people with a disability

Van Raam's vision is: 'Van Raam makes a difference for people who cannot ride a standard two-wheel bike. Through a customized bike, people get outside, go out, connect with each other. For people who cannot cycle independently, van Raam has several multi-person bikes, which allows this group to experience the ultimate cycling pleasure with a companion. Let's all cycle!' We want everyone to be able to cycle (again), even if a disability can impede cycling. Not only is cycling healthy, it also gives you the opportunity to be outside and gives you a feeling of freedom. With an special needs bicycle (almost) everyone gets the opportunity to cycle again.

A special needs bicycle is different from a traditional two-wheeler. With a adapted bike you can think of a tricycle, a wheelchair bike or a mobility scooter bike. An adapted Van Raam bike is especially made for people with a disability. A disability can be anything, that's why there are many different types of special needs bikes. Van Raam has a lot of different models of bikes, so there is often a bike to suit your needs. The adapted bikes can be extended with different options, such as pedal assistance or accessories. You can also read all about the Van Raam therapy bikes in our article 'A therapeutic bike from Van Raam'.

Van Raam bikes

Van Raam has special needs bicycles in different categories.


People who are no longer able to cycle on a regular two-wheeler can find a good and safe alternative with a tricycle. A tricycle provides stability and thus creates a feeling of safety while cycling. Van Raam's tricycles include traditional tricycles, sit tricycles and tricycles with two wheels at the front. Read more about Van Raam bikes for invalid in the article 'Van Raam tricycle for invalid'.

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Wheelchair bikes

Van Raam's wheelchair bikes are used to transport a person in a wheelchair by bicycle. Van Raam has two models of wheelchair bikes: the VeloPlus wheelchair transport bike and the OPair wheelchair bike.

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Van Raam's tandems are used to enjoy cycling together. Because of the low entry or the lack of an entry and the different options, the tandems are often used with people who can no longer cycle independently. At Van Raam we have tandems with two wheels and three-wheel tandems.

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Side-by-side tandems

Van Raam's side-by-side tandem is the Fun2Go. This double rider cycle is a tricycle tandem where you do not sit behind each other, but next to each other. One person is the main driver and can steer and brake, the co-driver can pedal along. It is also possible to cycle with the side-by-side tandem trailer FunTrain with more people.

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Low step through bikes

Van Raam's low step through bikes are comfortable bikes with a special frame. With the uniquely developed frame you have an ergonomic sitting position and you can reach the ground with two feet without stepping off.

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Walking aid

The City Walking Aid is suitable for people who have difficulty walking or have problems standing for long periods of time. A wheelchair is not yet necessary and a walker is not preferred. Your body weight is carried by the saddle of the walking aid, this relieves your hips, knees and ankles.

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Scooter bike

The Easy Go scooter bike is a unique product, it is a bicycle, an electric bicycle and a mobility scooter. Either you cycle completely independently or you pedal along with the electric pedal support or you ride with with support via a throttle, which you can operate with your thumb. This is possible with different levels of support and different speeds.

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Transport bikes

The Van Raam transport bikes are for children or adults who cannot or do not want to participate in traffic independently. With the transport bike people come outdoors again, who normally can't enjoy cycling in the fresh air. Our cargo bikes give everyone a special feeling of freedom. You can feel the wind in your hair again and go out with friends and family.

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Bicycles for children with a disability

Besides special needs bikes for adults, we also make special needs bikes for children with a disability. There are bicycles with which children with a disability can cycle themselves and special bicycles with which they can cycle together. There are also bicycles with which children with a disability can be transported.

Adapted bikes for children
Electrical pedal support or other options for a Van Raam adapted bike

Electric pedal support or other options for an adapted bike

An adapted Van Raam bicycle comes in a standard version. To adapt a special needs bike to the disability, it is possible to add options to the bike. Via the online configurator it is possible to put together your own bike and add these options to your bike of choice. You will receive this configuration in your mail and you can take it with you to your dealer or test ride.

Most Van Raam bikes are available as an e-bike. An electric bicycle, also called an e-bike, provides pedal support while cycling. This helps a person who cannot cycle that far without support. Van Raam has developed its own pedal support system, in which the wishes of people with a disability have been taken into account. This award-winning, unique system is characterized by its simple operation, the possibility to cycle backwards and the possibility to program the assistance individually, adapted to your disability. The Van Raam pedal assistance can be used in combination with the Van Raam E-Bike app.

Various options can be mounted on a special needs There are several possibilities to take a medical device with you on a adapted bike, such as a walker holder preparation or stick holder. A special saddle or handlebar is also an option. For some disabilities, options such as a foot fixation, a backrest, belts or a eccentric crank are an option. Various models of adapted bicycles can also be reinforced or extended.

Read more about the options and accessories on the 'options' page.

Options for adapted bike
Showroom to cycling with disabilities Van Raam

Free advice and test ride

Buying a special needs bike can be a big step for a person with a disability. With us it is possible to get tailored advice without any obligation in our showroom in Varsseveld. In our showroom we have all the bikes and with a technical advisor you will look for the bike that suits you best. Making a test ride on our test track is also one of the possibilities. The appointment is free of charge and without obligation and you can schedule it yourself via our online planner. Unable to visit our showroom?  At some dealers it's also possbile to make a test ride. Take a look at the dealer page on our website and find a Van Raam dealer near you!

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