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Special tricycles for children

For children that cannot ride a regular bicycle or standard tricycle, we make special tricycles for children. Often, children with a physical disability need special customisations to their tricycle in order to be able to ride it.

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Tricycles for children

With the many options offered by Van Raam and with possible customisation, we make every tricycle fitting unique and suitable for every child. The following children's tricycles are also available as electric tricycles, so with pedal support:

  1. Easy Rider Compact

  2. Easy Rider Compact Small

  3. Easy Sport Small

  4. Midi tricycle

  5. Mini tricycle

Van Raam children tricycles

The difference between our children's tricycles?

Van Raam has a wide variety of children's tricycles and also different sizes and for all ages.

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Van Raam children's tricycles in pictures

Van Raam has many videos of all the customised bikes. Below you can see which special children's tricycles van Raam produces. Watch more videos or want to always be up to date on the latest developments? Follow Van Raam on Youtube.