Bike for people with limited mobility

Van Raam is manufacturer of unique special needs bikes and has several bikes in its range that are bikes for people with limited mobility who can no longer cycle on a regular bike. Read more about these special bikes here, read user experiences and view photos.

Van Raam E-Bike with app for people with limited mobility
The E-Bike App is is possible with an electric Van Raam bicycle

E-Bike for people with limited mobility

The specializations of Van Raam are tricycles, mobility scooters, tandems, duo bikes, wheelchair bikes, transport bikes, walking aid and low entry bikes. At Van Raam we produce every special needs bike unique, this can be done with specific options, such as a foot fixation, eccentric crank, stick holder, walker holder, mirror or a special saddle or handlebar. A Van Raam bicycle can also be powder coated in almost any possible RAL colour.
Most bicycles at Van Raam are also available electrically. Van Raam has its own pedal support system, called the Silent System. This system was developed for and by Van Raam and has several special features, for example:

  • Starting aid / launch control

  • Reverse cycling

  • Almost noiseless motor

  • Modern, efficient and safe

  • Simple use

  • Possibility of free E-Bike app​

More about pedal support

Cycling independently with limited mobility

As a person with limited mobility, cycling can become more and more of a challenge. If you would still like to cycle independently, the options below might be interesting for you. Read more about Van Raam bikes for invalid in the article 'Van Raam tricycle for invalid'.

Tricycle for small adults Van Raam

Midi tricycle

The tricycle Midi is suitable for youth and smaller adults. Because of the three wheels you have more stability.

View Midi
Tricycle for adults Maxi Van Raam

Maxi tricycle

A traditional tricycle for adults. The tricycle provides stability and safety.

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Tricycle with low step through Maxi Comfort Van Raam

Tricycle Maxi Comfort

Because of the low step through it is easy to get on and you can always get on the ground with both feet. The three wheels provide balance. 

View Maxi Comfort
Tricycle with seat Easy Rider Van Raam

Tricycle Easy Rider

Because of the unique frame there is a low entry and a stable lower seating position. Because of the seat with back support, you sit in a stable position and there is less need to search for your balance.

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Easy Rider Compact tricycle cycling independently with limited mobility Van Raam

Tricycle Easy Rider Compact

This tricycle has a low step-in, making it easy to take a seat on the bike. The bike is stable and very maneuverable due to its compact size.

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Recument trike Easy Sport Van Raam

Recumbent trike Easy Sport

This recumbent tricycle has an ergonomic seat with adjustable seat height and angle. This bike is a good option for people who have difficulty lifting their arms.

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Walking aid City

Walking aid City

The City Walking Aid is suitable for people who have difficulty walking or have problems standing for long periods of time. A wheelchair is not yet necessary and a walker is not your preference.

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Balance low step through bike

Low step through bike Balance

The Balance comfort bike has a low step through and you can always put both feet on the ground without getting off the saddle.

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Mobility scooter bike Easy Go Van Raam

Scooter bike Easy Go

The Easy Go mobility scooter is a bicycle,  E-Bike and a mobility scooter in one. So you can switch between cycling and using the mobility scooter.

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Cycling together with a person with limited mobility

With Van Raam's bicycles it is also possible to cycle together as a person with limited mobility. At Van Raam this is possible with wheelchair bikes, tandems, side-by-side tandems or transport bikes. On these bikes it is possible to cycle as a disabled person with the tandems and duo bikes. If a person with reduced mobility is unable or unwilling to cycle, wheelchair and transport bicycles are a good solution.

Van Raam three-wheel tandem Kivo Plus for people with limited mobility
The Kivo Plus is a three-wheel tandem for a child and parent/guide


Van Raam's tandems are multi-person bicycles and are used to enjoy cycling together. Because of the low entry or lack of entry and the different options the tandems are often used with people who can no longer cycle independently. There are regular tandems available where you sit one after the other. The Twinny is a tandem with two wheels for two adults and the Twinny Plus is the same version only with three wheels, because of these extra two rear wheels you have more stability. The Kivo is a child + parent tandem and the Kivo Plus is the same tandem bike, only with two wheels at the back. The Fun2Go is a tricycle tandem where you sit next to each other, this variant is also called a side-by-side tandem.

With the Van Raam tandems, there is always one person that will control the bike. The tandems can also be ordered with electric pedal support.

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Fun2Go side-by-side tandem with FunTrain trailer cycling together with a person with limited mobility Van Raam
The Fun2Go side-by-side tandem with FunTrain trailer

Side-by-side tandems

Van Raam's Fun2Go side-by-side tandem is a tandem bike where you sit next to each other instead of behind each other. The driver can keep a close eye on the co-driver and it's easy to chat while cycling. The Fun2Go has three wheels and because there is no entry, you can easily take place on the bike. This bike is steered and braked by one person, the co-driver can only pedal. The bike can be adjusted as desired with many options, such as pedal assistance, a swivel seat, a footplate for the co-driver, an eccentric crank or foot trays.

The FunTrain is a side-by-side tandem trailer. By attaching the FunTrain behind a Fun2Go, one driver can cycle with three co-drivers.

View side-by-side tandems
Van Raam wheelchair bike suitable for people with limited mobility
The VeloPlus and the Opair wheelchair bikes

Wheelchair bikes

Wheelchair bikes are used to transport a person in a wheelchair by bicycle. Van Raam has two types of wheelchair bicycles, the VeloPlus and the OPair. The VeloPlus is a wheelchair transport bike, in which a person can remain seated in his/her own wheelchair and the wheelchair can be ridden on a tilting plate on the bicycle. The optional winch system can be used for this purpose. The OPair is a wheelchair bike with an adjustable seat in which a wheelchair user can be transported.

With various options, the bike can be completely adjusted, it is even possible to mount your own seat/seat shell on the bike. With the optional, divisible frame, the front part of the bike can be used as a wheelchair. With the optional electric motor you also have support while cycling.

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Van Raam Chat rickshaw bike for people with limited mobility
The Chat rickshaw bike is a transport bike

Transport bikes

Van Raam's transport bikes are suitable for children or adults who can no longer or do not want to participate in traffic independently. People choose a transport bike to cycle together with people who are no longer able to do so themselves. With the Chat rickshaw bike a guide can cycle with one or two persons. These people sit in a specially designed seat and can enjoy a comfortable bike ride. With the transport bikes OPair and VeloPlus wheelchair users can cycle, read more about these two bikes in the paragraph above.

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Experiences of cyclists with limited mobility

At Van Raam we value the experiences of our customers. On customer experiences page you can find all the experiences of customers. Despite the fact that they can't cycle on a regular bike with two wheels anymore, it's nice to hear that these people can still be mobile and independent with their special needs Van Raam bike.

On our website you can also share your own experience with a Van Raam bike.

Midi tricycle

"My name is Rosita Rampertaap, I’m 34 years old and I live in Brummen. For years I have a tricycle made by Van Raam. I have the Midi model, since I'm not that big. I have this because of my handicap."

Rosita Rampertaap - Brummen

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Easy Rider tricycle

"My wife and I always cycled a lot. Unfortunately, there came an end to these many bike rides when my wife was diagnosed with Ataxia type 6. Thanks to the Easy Rider we can enjoy cycling together again"

Koos and Lina Nieuwenhuizen - Sprang-Capelle

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OPair wheelchair bike

"We have an OPair wheelchair bicycle in combination with an special buggy seat (Stingray, R82). Thank you for this combination! This allows us to cycle again!"

Marielle Klomp - Nieuwleusen

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VeloPlus wheelchair bike

"We had our delivery recently and we have a cool sister too who has learnt to take her sister for a ride! Here is Erin taking her big sister Lois for a ride!"

Claire Huntingdon - Wakefield

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Twinny Plus tandem

"I have Parkinson's disease and I can no longer cycle independently. Walking is also becoming increasingly difficult. Now I can go everywhere with my husband. That is so nice."

Magdalena Olaerts - Zutendaal, Belgium

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Fun2Go side by side bike

"At the residential care facility De Hogestraat in Aalten live people with intellectual disabilities. At this facility, the caregivers use the Fun2Go almost daily."

Healthcare organisation Estinea - Aalten

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City Walking aid

"My name is Ronald and I use the City walking aid almost every day. A tumor has caused fractures in my ankle and walking became very painful for me. The walking aid is the solution."

Ronald Hummelink - Eibergen

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Easy Go scooter bike

"I am Astrid van der Plank (44) and I own the Easy Go scooter bike since July 2018. I use a scooter bike because I have Spinocerebellar Ataxia type 28."

Astrid van der Plank - De Meern

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Chat Rickshaw Bike

"We would like to thank Van Raam for using the Chat. The residents really enjoyed the bike! Everyone was having a nice chat and felt like the queen! "

Residential care centre and nursing home Debbeshoek Azora - Ulft

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