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User experience rickshaw bike Chat - Debbeshoek Azora

User experience rickshaw bike Chat - Debbeshoek Azora
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In September 2019, residential care centre and nursing home Debbeshoek Azora in Ulft experienced the Chat rickshaw bike for a week. The reason why this handy transport bike was delivered to the residential care centre was due to a photo shoot of the Chat that had taken place a few months earlier. During this photo shoot, two older ladies who had been friends for years became true models for a day and were allowed to go out with a professional photographer and a team of Van Raam. Cintha Peters, group supervisor DOS, day care and team welfare, wrote down the experiences of the residents on behalf of Debbeshoek.

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Royal feeling in Chat rickshaw bike

"First of all we would like to thank Van Raam for using the chat. The residents enjoyed their bikes very much! They had a good conversation, which was possible because they were sitting next to each other. Some of them felt like the king and the queen and were busy waving to the passers-by.

Comfortable suspension and easy access

The volunteers told me that the suspension of the bike is very nice so that riding over speed thresholds is easy. We understood that the chat standard is equipped with pedal support, but even without pedal support the chat is very easy to use!

The Chat was so cozy, that even the residents suggested a music box in the seating area to assemble.

Debbeshoek Azora

We saw the residents really shine on the chat, very nice to see. Everyone could get in easily thanks to the adjustable foot plate, even the riders could get on the bike easily. The bike was so much fun that it was even suggested to install a jukebox in the seating area so that the passengers could sing along and listen to music on the way.

Passengers are protected in Chat

On the days when we were allowed to use the chat it was unfortunately not too nice weather, fortunately the passengers are partly dry thanks to the cover. Unfortunately this was not the case with the driver. It would be nice if it could be dry while cycling.

Getting used to size oftransport bike Chat 

Since the chat is wider than a normal two-wheeler, some volunteers had to get used to the width of the bike at the beginning. It is also difficult for the rider to see the footplate of the bike, but fortunately the passengers are alert enough to warn the rider if the rider gets too close to a curb or pole.
Some volunteers have said that it is difficult to turn the chat, which of course takes getting used to, as it is a different type of bike that is normally used for cycling. The Van Raam staff had indicated that you can also reverse with the chat if you have the pedal support turned on, which makes turning easier!

Waving to passers in the rickshaw bike Chat

Finally, it is very nice to see the reactions of passers-by when they see the Chat pass by. People watch and wave a lot at the clients and of course they love that. A ride on the Chat is really worth it!

Take a look at some pictures made during the cycling days at Debbeshoek above. On the right hand side picture is a couple who could really cycle together. Debbeshoek already has a Fun2Go duo bike in her possession, but only a volunteer with a client cycles on it. With the Chat the couple could sit next to each other in the front, while their brother-in-law could ride them around like a real king and queen.

Check out the article "Cargo bike Chat lets old people cycle together" to see the end result of the photo shoot.

Debbeshoek Azora Ulft
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Pros & cons
  • Comfortable suspension
  • Easy entry
  • Getting used to size of transport bike
  • Driver does not sit dry
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