Van Raam tricycle Easy Sport with the handlebar below


A special handlebar for your special needs bike

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Van Raam tricycle Easy Sport with the handlebar below

All kinds of options and accessories are available for your special needs bike. These options will make sure your bike is completely adapted to your wishes and needs. One such option is a special handlebar for your special needs bike. Read more about the different adapted handlebars at Van Raam here.

The right handlebar to suit your disability

Van Raam has a different range of special handlebars for each special needs bike. For the exact possibilities you can take a look at the pricelist of the concerning bike. The price lists can be found in the article 'Price lists Van Raam bikes online' or on the product page of each bike.

  • Standard handlebar

Every Van Raam bike has a standard handlebar, this handlebar is adapted to the bike. The children's bikes obviously have smaller handlebars than the adults' bikes. If desired, you can choose to replace them with a different, special handlebar or to have the controls on one side.

Uninterrupted handlebar on a Van Raam tricycle
Uninterrupted handlebar on a Van Raam tricycle
  • Uninterrupted handlebar

The uninterrupted handlebar is available in different sizes. This handlebar is designed for people who have difficulty holding a standard handlebar. An uninterrupted handlebar is available in the sizes 40cm x 15cm and 50cm x 25cm.

  • Uninterrupted handlebar with push brake

The uninterrupted handlebar with push brake system is available in size 40 x 15 cm. The uninterrupted handlebar with push brake system is designed for people who have difficulty holding a standard handlebar and braking with a regular handbrake. The six year old Duncan has a continuous handlebar with push brake system. See and read his experience with the Mini tricycle and its special handlebars in his user experience.

  • Left or right side controls

If you have difficulty controlling the parts of your handlebar with one of your hands, it is possible to have the controls mounted on the left or right side. With preferred controlling on the left or right side, the controls of the hydraulic brake, gears and bell go to that side. The front brake is mounted on the other side, because it is mandatory to have two brakes. With the full control on the left or right side, a back-pedal brake has to be ordered.

Bike with shoulder control

All Van Raam bicycles can be expanded with many options and accessories. Sometimes just adding options is not enough and a 'special' Van Raam bike is made. Like the bicycle of Chelsea Zijlstra with shoulder control. Chelsea has progressive spinal muscular atrophy (PSMA) and was looking for a bike where she does not have to steer with her arms.

Van Raam developed the Easy Rider tricycle with shoulder control for people who don't have arms or can't use them. Steering can be done with your torso / shoulders and the gear can be changed with your feet.

Read more about this bike and Chelsea's story in the article 'Special tricycle with shoulder control'

More about shoulder control

Van Raam tricycle with special shoulder control
Chelsea with her Easy Rider tricycle with shoulder control

Multi-person bikes with one person steering

Van Raam's tandems are bicycles on which several people can cycle at the same time. For safety's sake these bicycles are always driven by one person, even the same driver brakes. The co-drivers can only pedal; the handlebars are locked and there are no handbrakes on the handlebars. This way of steering ensures that even people who cannot participate in traffic independently, can still cycle.

  • Fun2Go and FunTrain

The Fun2Go is a tricycle tandem where you sit next to each other. One person steers the bike and the co-driver can pedal. With this bike you can communicate well with each other because of the sitting position. The Fun2Go is very manoeuvrable and can turn around its own axis.
The FunTrain is a duo bike trailer. This trailer can be mounted behind the Fun2Go duo bike tandem. The Fun2Go with FunTrain is steered by one person, it is therefore possible for an attendant to cycle with three co-drivers.

  • Twinny and Twinny Plus

The Twinny and the Twinny Plus are tandems for adults. The Twinny is a two-wheeled tandem that is suitable for people without balance problems. With this tandem there is a choice of front or rear steering. Enough space has been created between the saddle of the front person and the handlebars of the rear, so you don't sit too close to each other.
The Twinny Plus is the same bike as the Twinny, only the Twinny Plus has two wheels at the back. It is a three-wheel tandem with a wide and low entry. With the Twinny Plus you can also choose between front or rear steering.

  • Kivo and Kivo Plus

The Kivo is a child and parent tandem for an adult who sits behind and a child who sits in front, so the child has a good view of the area. The adult is always the operator of the bike. The Kivo has eight gears and a freewheel switch as standard. With this switchable freewheel you can determine whether and how the co-driver cycles.
The Kivo Plus is the same bike as the Kivo, only the Kivo Plus has three wheels. This three-wheel tandem for a parent and a child has a low step-in and is easy to use. The Kivo Plus also has eight gears and a freewheel switch as standard.

Tricycle Easy Sport with the handlebar below

The sporty tricycle Easy Sport is a recumbent tricycle with an ergonomic seat. The cycling position with the handlebars below puts much less strain on the back, neck, shoulders and wrists. With this tricycle you can cycle both sporty and recreational.

This bike is optionally expandable with an electric motor. With Van Raam's unique pedal support you can also cycle with the Van Raam E-Bike App and you have a starting aid and the possibility to cycle backwards. Read more about this on the pedal support page.

Because of the three wheels, the Easy Sport is extra stable, safe and comfortable and has a length adjustment, adjustable seat height and adjustable seat angle so that the bike can be adjusted perfectly.

Want to know more about the Easy Sport? Then take a look at the product page or read more about the Easy Sport in our article: 'Sport tricycle for adults'.

View Easy Sport

Easy Sport tricycle with the handlebar below Van Raam

Other options for your Van Raam bike

In addition to an special handlebar, it is also possible to have other options placed on your Van Raam bicycle, such as a stick holder, walker holder preparation, direction indicator, mirror, backrest support, foot fixation, lower leg fixation or a special saddle. The most sold options can be viewed via the options page.

Options for a Van Raam bike

Van Raam configuration tool

Put together your own bike

Wondering which handlebars or which options are all possible for each bike? It is possible to put together your own Van Raam bike in the online configurator. Read more about configuring your own bike in the article 'Put together your Van Raam bike with the bike configurator'.

Put together your bike

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