Price lists Van Raam bicycles online


Price lists Van Raam bicycles 2024 online

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Price lists Van Raam bicycles online

The price lists of all Van Raam special needs bicycles for 2024 are online and can be downloaded from our website.

Downloading price list Van Raam bicycles

All Van Raam special needs bicycles have their own category on our website. Go to ‘our bikes’ and choose your favorite bike.

At the productpage of the bicycle, you canscroll down to the tab ‘Price/Documentation'.

Do you want an overview of the price lists of the Van Raam bikes?

Van Raam price list 2024

Structure price list

On top of the price list you always will find the price fora basic model cycle. Next you will find additional charges with all the options available to configure the bike to your own specifications.

The expected delivery time of the bike will be shown in weeks. For the exact delivery times, take a look at 

The definition of the option will be explained in the description of the price list. When something isn’t clear or you have questions. Feel free to contact us! We will gladly give you personal advice to configure the bike to your need!

STD (standard) in the last column of the price list means the option will be delivered as a standard option on the bike.

For a better overview we have separated the additional charges:

  • Drive/gear

  • Frame/framecomponents

  • Pedal assistance/battery

  • Frame color

  • Crank sets

  • Holders/adapters

  • Baskets/bags/carriers

  • Pedal/foot fixation

  • Handlebar and accessories

  • Safety/protection

  • Lightning/traffic indicator

  • Wheels/tires

  • Saddle/seat accessories

All Van Raam bikes are custom made

Because each Van Raam bicycle is unique, with different options and colors, our custom made bikes are always produced on request. Some options allow for a longer delivery time.

Testride or buying a van Raam bike?

Would you like a testride on a Van Raam special needs bike? Please contact us for an appointment and one of our advisors will gladly give you personal advise. You can also make an appointment by telephone: +31 (0)315 - 25 73 70.

Would you like to buy a Van Raam bike? Van Raam is a producer of custom bikes. We do not sell directly to individuals. Sales and delivery of all Van Raam bikes takes place through dealers. You can find the nearest dealer online.

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