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Special tricycle with shoulder control

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tricycle with shoulder control

As a manufacturer of special needs bikes, we have many different tricycles in our product range. All Van Raam bikes can be expanded with a variety of options and accessories. However, sometimes adding options is not enough and a ‘special’ Van Raam bike will be made.

One of these ‘specials’, the Easy Rider tricycle with shoulder control, is currently being tested by Chelsea Zijlstra. Chelsea has progressive spinal muscular atrophy (PSMA), a muscle disease that falls under the group of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS).

Test ride with special tricycle at Van Raam

At November 21, 2017, Chelsea came, together with Nita van Vliet and Miel In T Zand from the TopSport for Life Foundation, to Van Raam to look at the possibilities for cycling without using the hands.

Our colleague, Jurgen Vreeman, has already prepared the special Easy Rider bike with shoulder control in the showroom. We developed this electric tricycle for people who don’t have arms or who can’t use them. Steering can be done with your torso / shoulders and the gear can be changed with your feet.

Cycling without using your arms or hands, it is possible!

In the videos below you see Jurgen on the Easy Rider with shoulder control and you see how Chelsea makes the first test ride with Van Raam on the tricycle with shoulder control.

Chelsea about the bike

Chelsea was pleasantly surprised that, despite the fact that she cannot use her arms, she can cycle again!

Do you want to try one or more Van Raam bikes just like Chelsea? Make an appointment in our showroom, receive information and make a test ride.

Test ride

Chelsea can cycle independently again

“Yesterday I got the bike from Van Raam to test it for 2 weeks, I rode a lap yesterday and I dared to go straight for a big round today, also thanks to ZEKUR €2,- donation for topsport for life by bike, with the Fundrunner NL App.
What does it feel good to be able to drive completely independently again! On the way, I also get nice (indirect) reactions. I like to share the nicest (and funniest) with you: Three children in the schoolyard see me arrive, once calls: “cooollll!”, the second: “But how does she do that?”, the third: “With your feet or so…. !”. There are discussions like: “oh oh” or “I think so”, shared with confusion. I continued with fun, so I do not now how they ended the discussion. Soon, I go out cycling with some people and then I will take some pictures again.”
With ALS / PLS / PSMA moving is a (different) task. Read more about Chelsea on the 'Facebook page ALS move differently' (Dutch) and track what your style of sport and exercise is and how you live with PSMA.

tricycle with shoulder control
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