Seat bike by Van Raam 1995


Van Raam Easy Rider tricycle over the years

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Seat bike by Van Raam 1995

The Easy Rider is the best-selling sit tricycle by Van Raam. The precursor of the Easy Rider was developed in 1995. Read more about the transformation of the Easy Rider over the years in this article.

History of the Easy Rider

The Easy Rider is a sit tricycle with a low entry and a low center of gravity for adults. The Easy Rider has changed a lot over the years.

1995: Seat bike

The Seat bike (1995) is the he precursor of the Easy Rider. Van Raam was still located in Aalten at that time. The first Seat bike is produced at request of a customer. Thereafter the tricycle was produced in a simplified way until 2002.

Seat bike by Van Raam 1995
easy rider 1 2002 en

2002: Easy Rider 1

The Easy Rider is the updated version of the Seat bike. This tricycle was produced without a motor. The second version of this model was also produced with a petrol engine.

2003: Easy Rider 2

In 2003 the Easy Rider 2 was produced for the first time in the bicycle factory. This tricycle is designed by Joline Karelse, and was part of her thesis. She was a student at the TU in Delft. Van Raam likes to work with students in order to improve their bicycles. Karelse improved the Easy Rider enormously and gave the sit tricycle a contemporary look. She placed a universaljoint between the handlebar and front fork and made an ergonomic seat. The renewed Easy Rider was introduced at the Medica fair.

easy rider 2 2003 en
easy rider 2 update 2017 en

2017: Update Easy Rider 2

The Easy Rider 2 is a success and stays almost twenty years in production. The sit tricycle gets an small update in 2017 in which the front lamp was moved, the chain case is renewed and new stickers.

2021: Third generation Easy Rider sit tricycle

The Easy Rider 3 was launched in January 2021. The tricycle is suited for adults who wants to cycle with a stable and secure feeling. The improved design gives the Easy Rider a sportive appearance because of the hydroformed frame parts. The Easy Rider provided with electric pedal support is equipped with a HT motor in the rear swingarm with the power directly on the rear axis. Read more about the design and technical differences between the Easy Rider 2 and 3.

third generation easy rider sit tricycle 2021

10 benefits of the Easy Rider

  • 2 frame sizes: Medium (standard) and Large
  • Suitable for up to 140 kg
  • Very stable
  • Low Entry
  • Agile because of a small turning circle
  • Suspended frame for optimal comfort
  • Pedal support possible (Smart E-Bike)
  • Easier to cycle on than traditional tricycles
  • Comfortable seat with tailbone relief and adjustable back support
  • Less pressure on the back neck shoulders and wrists due to special cycling position

Learn more about the Easy Rider?

Learn more about the Easy Rider? Take a look at the Easy Rider product page.

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