OPair1 with 1st Spartamet auxiliary engine (1996)


Van Raam wheelchair bike OPair over the years

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OPair1 with 1st Spartamet auxiliary engine (1996)

Van Raam has two wheelchair bicycles in its assortment. These are the VeloPlus wheelchair transport bike and the OPair wheelchair bike. These two bicycles are used to transport a person sitting in a wheelchair. The OPair has had a complete transformation since the first version. Read more about the OPair wheelchair bike over the years here.

OPair: a safe, stable wheelchair bike

The OPair is a wheelchair bike that allows you to transport a wheelchair user. There is a seat on the front of the bike in which the wheelchair user can take place. The seat can be adjusted to the passenger's body measurements.The rider has a good overview of the wheelchair user and the road. With the optional divisible model, the front part with the seat can be disconnected from the bicycle part; the front part then functions as a wheelchair.

The first version of the OPair wheelchair bike was made almost 30 years ago. In all these years, we have been continuously improving and innovating the OPair. After launching a few new models in between, we completely modified the OPair wheelchair bike in 2017 and it now has an improved cycling comfort with a new, modern design and renewed wheel suspension. The improved comfortable passenger seat has been made more accessible.

1991: introduction OPair1

In 1991, almost 30 years ago, the OPair1 was introduced. This was Van Raam's first wheelchair bike. Van Raam was still located in Aalten at that time and specialised in adapted bicycles since 1986.

A unique feature of the OPair was the built-in seat, which could be used as a wheelchair after cycling with the optional divisible frame. After 30 years, this feature is still present on the current OPair wheelchair bike.

From 1996 it was possible to order the OPair with a Spartamet auxiliary motor, which made pedal assistance during cycling possible. The spelling of the OPair (O-Pair) was also different in the beginning, this can be seen in the brochure from the beginning of the nineties.

2004: OPair2

From 2004 a new design of the OPair was introduced to the market. With this version it was possible to adjust the seat in many different ways, so that the passenger could sit comfortably and pleasantly in the bicycle. After 13 years it was time to completely redesign the OPair2 with a new look and even better riding characteristics. This resulted in the OPair3, launched in 2017. You can see more about the OPair2 in the product video of the OPair2.

Old flyer with Van Raam wheelchair bike OPair1
Van Raam OPair1 flyer from the beginning of the nineties.

2017: the current OPair

From 2017 we have the completely renewed OPair wheelchair at Van Raam. Together with end users, new technical insights and the most modern materials, Van Raam has developed a totally renewed wheelchair bike: the OPair3.

The advantages of this OPair, compared to the previous models:

Read more about this renewed wheelchair bike in 'Discover the new OPair wheelchair bike'.

Wheelchair bike OPair3 (2017)

  • Introduction OPair1 wheelchair bike (1991)

    OPair1 (1991)

  • OPair1 with 1st Spartamet auxiliary engine (1996)

    OPair1 with auxiliary engine (1996)

  • Wheelchair bike OPair2 (2004)

    OPair2 (2004)

  • Wheelchair bike OPair3 (2017)

    Wheelchair bike OPair3 (2017)

More information, technical specifications and the OPair price list can be found on the OPair wheelchair bike product page.

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Wheelchair transport bike VeloPlus over the years

In addition to the OPair wheelchair bike, Van Raam also has the VeloPlus wheelchair transport bike. Are you curious how this wheelchair bike has developed? Then read 'Van Raam wheelchair bike VeloPlus over the years'.

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