Double rider cycle (1999)


Van Raam duo bike Fun2Go over the years

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Double rider cycle (1999)

At Van Raam we have had adapted tandem bike in its assortment for years. Its a bike where you can ride not behind the other, but side by side. This bike is the Fun2Go duo bike. Find out how this adapted bicycle has changed over the years and how it was created.

Fun2Go tradition and innovation in one

At Van Raam we are constantly working on improvements, renewals and innovations to our bicycles. The Fun2Go is a bicycle on which you can ride side by side on one bicycle instead of one behind the other. One person steers, both can pedal. Both persons have a good view and can talk to each other because of the side-by-side seating positions.
The first version of the Fun2Go has its origin in the nineties, although it was not called Fun2Go, but bicycle two seater. In all these years a lot has happened with the bicycle.
The first bike that was called Fun2Go was launched in 2006. Until today parts have been changed mainly on a detail basis. In 2018 some very unique features were added. Read on and follow us in the history of Fun2Go.

1999: Bicycle two seater

In 1999 Den Es, a retirement home, asked Van Raam to build a bicycle for the home where people could ride side by side, this should also have a lower entrance, not like a normal bicycle. The chain case was hand made by Jan-Willem Tornij, who still works as a mechanical engineer in the research and development department

Double rider cycle (1999)

2002: The Double Rider

During a student graduate project this bike was developed. It was very sporty and had a joystick as a steering. We had this bike in the assortment of Van Raam until 2006.
We had received feedback from end users who really liked this bike, but also felt that it was too modern for the times and that it was ahead of its time.So we took a look back to 1999 at the bicycle two seater, it would now help us to create a new bike. 

Double Rider (2002)

2006: Introduction of the first Fun2Go

In 2006 the first Fun2Go was launched on the market. Here, all the demands and requests that the market had were processed. There is a real steering in front of the body, furthermore the riding characteristics have been improved and especially the bike has no entry, as well as other bikes at that time. The first Fun2Go already had pedal support. For the second version of the Fun2Go in 2007 almost no changes were made.

2006 2007 introduction Fun2Go

2011: The duo bike with Silent Motor

In 2011 we switched from the Heinzmann Motor to the Silent Motor on the Van Raam bikes. This is Van Raam's own electric pedal support. The motors, the batteries, the controllers, the smart display and the software were developed by and for Van Raam.Since that year the system has been used for all bikes with pedal support, including the Fun2Go.

It is easy to use, there are also three electric pedal support stands a jump start and a virtually silent very powerful electric motor. Furthermore, you can drive forwards and backwards. Learn more about our pedal support on our website.

side by side tandem Fun2Go electric (Silent-VR1F)

2014: The FunTrain is introduced

The FunTrain, is a duo bicycle trailer, which is placed behind a Fun2Go.
It offers space for two more people, so one companion can safely ride a bike with three people.
In connection with the introduction of the FunTrain, a trailer hitch was also introduced for the Fun2Go to attach the trailer. With this safety coupling, the rider of the duo bike in the fron has full control over the FunTrain and Fun2Go. He controls the entire wheel train. When the driver brakes, the rear trailer/FunTrain also brakes automatically.

2014 introduction of the FunTrain Duo bicycle trailer

2018: The Fun2Go with back wheel motor

After seven years our bike has undergone the biggest change so far. Not only is the engine drive now mounted on the back wheel, but also a combination of a gear hub and disengagement hub has been introduced. This is a very unique feature of the Van Raam Fun2Go.    

On the passenger side there is now the possibility for the passenger to ride along independently from the driver or to keep his feet still on the pedals. For the passenger this is always the same gear. With the optional gear hub for the passenger, the driver and passenger can also choose the gear in which they drive.

van raam duo bike fun2go 2018

The optional shiftable freewheel hub is often used to determine whether a passenger can ride, ride along or not. There are three different positions for the gear huband shift hub.

  • Position 1 is a function where the passenger is required to pedal along.

  • In position 2 the co-driver is free to move the pedals freely.

  • In position 3 the passenger has his own gear hub so that driver and passenger can both drive independently in their chosen gear.

Read more in the article: ''Combination of a gear hub and disengagement hub Fun2Go''.In addition, the upper part of the chain case in front of this hub is 3D printed. Read more about the innovations at Van Raam.

Fun2Go side by side tandem 8 speed and disengagement hub

For more information, technical specifications and price list of the Fun2Go duo bike, please visit the product page of the Fun2Go duo bike.

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