First version Tavara low step through bike by Van Raam


Balance low step through bike over the years

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First version Tavara low step through bike by Van Raam

The Balance low step through bike is derived from the Tavara Balance bike. The first bike was created by architect Piet Tauber in 1985. Read in this article about the development that the Balance has undergone over the years.

1985: Piet Tauber wins award for safe bicycle

At the Fiets RAI in 1985, Piet Tauber won the Bicycle Safety competition, organized by the Ministry of Transport and Water Management, with a low step through bicycle. The inspiration for the design of this bicycle was a cycling accident that Tauber had in 1984. He realized that being on a high saddle with a bar between your legs makes you vulnerable in the event of a sudden incident. Therefore, he designed a bicycle on which you can always remain seated, even when stationary. Additionally, it needed to be easy to get on and off.

1992: Tavara Balance in production at Van Raam

Piet Tauber gets in touch with Van Raam through an advertisement in the Dutch trade magazine Tweewieler. Owner Piet Boezel of Van Raam and employees Henk Kluver, Bennie Jansink, and Wim Hoefman work together to produce the Tavara (Tauber Van Raam) bicycle.

First version Tavara low step through bike by Van Raam
First version Tavara.
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  • Tavara Van Raam with suspension
  • Van Raam Tavara with petrol engine
  • Van Raam Tavara inscription Tauber

2006: Introduction of the Balance low step through bike

In 2006, the Tavara underwent a redesign. The design of the bike no longer resonated with the target audience and the contemporary style. Several improvements were made to the Tavara. The step through height was further lowered, the bike received a bicycle saddle (instead of a Puch saddle), and its appearance was modernized. Additionally, a new frame was developed for the bike. The revamped bike was renamed the Balance. The name refers to the ease with which users maintain balance while cycling.

First Van Raam Balance from 2006
First Balance from 2006, designed by Anne Gerssen (graduate of TU).

2022: Introduction of the Balance 2 low step through bike

In 2022, the low step-through bike received another update. Once again, the bike's step-through height was further lowered. Additionally, the bike received a modern and fresher design, with multiple black accents on the bike. Starting from 2022, the chain guard is injection-molded instead of vacuum-formed, resulting in less discoloration and longer durability. Explore all the improvements of the 2nd generation low step through bike in the article 'Differences between 1st and 2nd generation low entry bike Balance'.

Low entry bike with 2 feet on the ground Balance Van Raam
2nd generation Balance low step through bike

8 benefits of the Balance

  • Ease of riding away from a stable standing position
  • Safe mounting and dismounting
  • Ergonomic seating position
  • Extra comfortable cycling due to wide balloon tires
  • Possibility of pedal assistance
  • Always having both feet on the ground without dismounting
  • Very low step through bike
  • Increased power through forward pedaling motion
Unique riding characteristics low step through bike Balance forward pedalling movement

Video Balance low step through bike

Watch the video below in which technical sales advisor Peter demonstrates the benefits of the Balance.

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