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There are more and more Van Raam bikes in North America. These adapted bicycles are shipped to North America a few times a year. In North America we have three Van Raam dealers, in Canada there is one Van Raam dealer. In this article we tell more about the Van Raam bikes in North America.

Van Raam visits North America

In April 2018, two employeesof Van Raam went to the Boston area for a week. Here they visited our USA dealer bike-On. They were also guests at Healthcare institutions in Portsmouth and they visited bicycle specialists in Boston, Warwick and Providence.

They also visited Wentworth Senior Living. A senior living community is designed to extend choice, independence and a sense of belonging to seniors. It is a flexible, personal community that adapts to each resident’s lifestyle, preferences and needs. Our dealer Bike-On brought the Van Raam wheelchairbikes VeloPlus and OPair and the side-by-side tandem Fun2Go to Wentworth Senior Living. Our bikes where tested by the caretakers of Wentworth Senior Living.

In 2019 we plan to visit North America again.

Want to know more about this visit? You can read more in the article: 'Van Raam visits the USA'. View the article by clicking on the button below.

Van Raam visits the USA

testing van raam adapted bikes at senior living

Shipping adaptive bikes to North America

Van Raam has already shipped various containers to America in the last few years. These containers were full of the adaptivebicycles. View the articles below to get an impression of how this went.

>> Special needs bikes Van Raam on their way to America
>> Van Raam special needs bikes to America
>> Container with adaptive bikes on the way to America
>> Container with Van Raam bikes to America
>> Container with wheelchair bikes tandems and tricycles to America

container with adaptive bikes to north america
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  • packing special needs bikes van raam
  • packing of the van raam sea container
  • packing a sea container with van raam special needs bikes
  • sea container with special needs bikes to america

Bikes for disabled people in North America

Most models of Van Raam bicycles are available in North America. At one of the Van Raam dealers you can find out which bicycles are currently available. The following types of Van Raam bicycles can be found in North America:

  • tricycles cycling for disabled people in north america van raam


    A tricycle is a good alternative for people who cannot ride on a regular bicycle and look for a proper and safe alternative. A Van Raam tricycle is specially designed for people, who want to have extra support and stability while cycling. At Van Raam we have tricyles for adults and children.

    View models
  • wheelchair bikes cycling for disabled people in north america van raam

    Wheelchair bikes

    Van Raam's wheelchair bicycles can be used to transport someone who has a wheelchair by bike as well. Van Raam has two models of the wheelchair bicycles: the VeloPlus wheelchair transport bicycle and the OPair wheelchair bicycle.

    View models
  • tandems cycling for disabled people in north america van raam


    Van Raam's tandems and three-wheel tandems are used to be able to enjoy cycling together. The low (or lack of) entry and various customisations makes it an easy bike to use with people who are no longer able to ride bikes independently.

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  • side by side tandems cycling for disabled people in north america van raam

    Double rider cycle and double rider cycle trailer

    Van Raam's Fun2Go double rider cycle is a special tandem bike with three wheels and you sit next to each other. It is also possible to ride with multiple people thanks to Van Raam's FunTrain double rider cycle trailer.

    View models
  • low step through bike cycling for disabled people in north america van raam

    Low step through bikes

    At Van Raam, we offer a bicycle (Balance) as well as a tricycle (Maxi Comfort) with a low entry for safe entry en extra comfort.

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  • walking aid cycling for disabled people in north america van raam

    Walking aid

    The van Raam City walking aid is suitable for people who have trouble walking or prolonged standing. Your body weight is worn by the seat of the City walking support, and thus relieving the leg joints.

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  • scooter bikes cycling for disabled people in north america van raam

    Scooter bike

    The Easy Go is a compact electric scooter bike is designed for people with stability problems or variable energy level. It's a mobility scooter and (E-)bike in one.

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  • transport bikes cycling for disabled people in north america van raam

    Transport bikes

    Our transport bikes are for children or adults who cannot or do not want to take part in traffic on their own or for recreational use. The Chat rickshaw bike is a bike to transport two people.

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Van Raam bicycle users in North America

Because there area lot of Van Raam bicycles in and coming to North-America, we get more and more photos and experiences from Van Raam bicycle users.

User experience Easy Rider tricycle – Ted Philips

We received this beautiful picture of Ted Philips with his new tricycle Easy Rider. Ted Phillips loves his new Van Raam Easy Rider. Ted's recovering from a stroke, and making marked gains with his therapy on his rides. He towed his trike to Rocky Neck State Park in Connecticut with his Carry-On trailer.

View user experience

user experience tricycle easy rider ted philips
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  • double rider cycle van raam in north america
  • easy rider tricycle by van raam in north america
  • funtrain double rider cycle in north america
  • opair wheelchair bike by van raam in north america
  • van raam easy rider tricycle in north america
  • van raam funtrain double rider cycle trailer in north america
  • van raam opair wheelchair bike in north america
  • veloplus wheelchair bike by van raam in north america

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