Wheels Cycling Center new Van Raam dealer Scotland


New special needs bikes dealer in Scotland

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Wheels Cycling Center new Van Raam dealer Scotland

Our bikes are sold through a dealer or local bicycle shop, you cannot buy a bicycle directly from Van Raam. The dealer orders the bike from us and also provides delivery, service and warranty. Van Raam bicycles are produced in the Netherlands, but the bikes are available in almost all of Europe. Recently we have a new dealer in Scotland, Wheels Cycling Center from Callander.

Wheels Cycling Centre

In Callander, county Perthshire, you can find Wheels Cycling Centre. A family run business that was established over 25 years ago. At Wheels Cycling Centre you can hire bicycles and they provide extra support, such as repairs and bike maintenance and maps. They have grown to be a big bicycle hire company in the UK. Wheels Cycling Centreoffers a diversity of bikes for every cyclist. Ashfield Special Needs, our importer/dealer in the United Kingdom, introduced Wheels Cycling Centre to the special needs bicycles from Van Raam.

Mobile Cycling Project: Blazing Saddles

Wheels Cycling Centre is chosen, as one of a few others, to provide all ability adapted bicycles for young people. FABB Scotland is an organization that provides young people and disabled children with sport, arts, culture, leisure and adventurous activities.Blazing Saddles is an All Ability Mobile Cycling Project administered by FABB. With this project the young people can hire special needs bikes. Complete families are able to cycle again and experience the outdoor.

Erskine care for veterans

Erskine: provider of care for veterans

Erskine is Scotland’s foremost provider of care for veterans and their spouses. Erskine offers nursing and care in modern facilities. There are four homes throughout Scotland for veterans from the United Kingdom.

The care is personal for every veteran. To keep the veterans healthy and social, communal activities, entertainment and day- and evening trips are organized. The bicycles from Van Raam are convenient to get some exercise and stay healthy.

Wheels Cycling Center new Van Raam dealer Scotland

Special needs bicycles for veterans Erskine

Wheels cycling Centre has delivered four special needs bicycles to Erskine. Two side-by-side bikes named Fun2Go and two wheelchair transport bikes called VeloPlus. The Fun2Go is a double rider cycle. The driver and the co-driver can sit beside each other. Only the driver steers, the co-driver can pedal along but can’t steer. Because you’re sitting side by side, you can have a social talk and communicate with each other. The VeloPlus is a wheelchair transporter. You can transport someone in their own wheelchair. The passenger can be placed onto the plateau of the bicycle without too much effort. The Fun2Go and the VeloPlus can be equipped with electrical pedal support.

Wheels Cycling Centre visits Van Raam

Mark Shimidzu, head of Wheels Cycling Centre, visited Van Raam in March. Mark has become acquainted with Van Raam special needs bicycles by following athree-day training, including mechanics, engine electronics and gaining a better understanding of the bike features versus alternatives in the market.

Of course we showed Mark the Van Raam factory and he tried out our special needs bicycles. Mark and Martijn Kruisweg, sales director at Van Raam, performed a test bicycle tour through the city of Arnhem. These testing conditions resembled the Scottish (hilly) environment.

It was a fun experience to enjoy the Dutch city from the bike. Because it was quite cold on the bike, Mark and Martijn enjoyed a hot chocolate to warm their hands in the historic in the center of Arnhem.

We hope Mark had a great time visiting the Netherlands and Van Raam.

Wheels Cycling Center visiting the Netherlands
Mark Shimidzu warming his hands with a hot chocolate, in the historic city of Arnhem
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