Knee pain while cycling causes treatment and prevention Van Raam


Knee pain while cycling? Causes, treatment and prevention

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Knee pain while cycling causes treatment and prevention Van Raam

Suffering from knee pain during or after cycling? This is a common complaint. In this article you will read about possible causes and treatment for knee pain while cycling. We also provide tips on how to prevent knee pain from biking.

Cycling and knee pain - possible causes and treatment

You're out riding your bike and your knee hurts. Recognizable? Then it's good to find out exactly where this pain is coming from. Below you can read more about the possible causes and treatmentfor knee pain when cycling.

1. Wrong bike

It may be that the bike you are riding is not suitable for you. For example, when you cannot ride comfortably on your bike, or when you have the wrong frame size for your bike. At Van Raam, manufacturer of unique special needs bikes, we have technical advisors who will take your wishes into consideration and investigate which bike is suitable for you. You can also try out different bikes. So you get professional advice for the right bike.

Advice by technical advisor

Knee pain while cycling causes treatment and prevention Van Raam

2. Incorrectly adjusted bike

A common problem withcycling and knee pain is that your bike is adjusted incorrectly, for example, a saddle that is too low or is not set back far enough. This often leads to an incorrect pedaling technique. So always make sure your saddle and handlebars are at the right height. When your bike is adjusted correctly, your knee will move in the right angle. Not sure how to do this on your Van Raam bike? Your Van Raam dealer can help you with the proper adjustment of your bike.

3. Incorrect cycling position

Is your bike properly adjusted, but do you still have pain in or around your kneecap? Then it is possible that your cycling position is wrong. A good cycling position is essential to prevent causes of knee pain whilecycling. You can remedy an incorrect cycling position with extra options, which support your body when cycling. For example, do you find it difficult to sit up straight when cycling? Then a backrest support might be a suitable option. Or do your feet sometimes slip away while cycling? Then foot fixation or balance pedals can help you while cycling.

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Cycling knee pain balance pedals Van Raam
Balance pedals on a Van Raam bike

4. Overworked knee

Knee pain after cycling? Sometimes you cycle longer or harder than your body can handle. Your body then gets too little rest. Do you feel symptoms like a stabbing pain that gets worse as you put more strain on the knee? Then the connective tissue within your muscles and tendons may be overloaded and inflamed. In this case, it is wise to take rest and possibly contact a physiotherapist or occupational therapist.


Do you have little strength with pedalling when cycling? Then electric assistance is an option. With electric assistance you don't have to apply much force when cycling, which is also less stressful for your knees.

Electric assistance

5. Temperature differences

Another cause can be a difference in temperature. For example, when it gets colder outside. Cold can cause knee problems. It is therefore important to keep your muscles and joints warm when cycling. You can do this by wearing thermal clothing.

Tips for cycling in winter

Knee pain from biking cold weather Van Raam

6. A condition

At Van Raam we receive many customers with a condition that causes knee pain whilecycling. Think for example of customers with arthritis, length differences in the legs or bad knees. Our technical advisors can help you find a possible solution so you can still enjoy cycling.

7. Other cause

Do the above causes not apply to you? Then there is probably something else going on. If you have a lot of pain, consult your doctor and take rest.

How to prevent knee pain from biking

We have discussed possible causes and solutions of cycling with knee pain. But the most ideal would be to avoid the pain. Below we give some tips to prevent knee pain when cycling.

  • Get used to new equipment: Just got a new saddle? Or maybe a completely new bike? Then you'll have to deal with change. It's important to let your body get used to it so you can prevent knee pain from biking.
  • A warm-up: Cycling is a form of sport. And just as you warm up your body for a run or an hour in the gym; you can do the same with cycling. A short warm-up to get the blood flowing and wake up the muscles is a good start. Are you warmed up? Then always start slowly.
  • Build up cycling gradually: Have you not cycled for a while? For example; because of bad weather or because cycling on a traditional bike was no longer possible? Then it is important to build up cycling slowly and gradually. Your body needs to get used to being in motion again in this way. Start with a short distance and slowly build it up.

Van Raam helps customers with knee pain

Read below some customer experiences where Van Raam has been able to help people with their knee pain.

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