tips to prevent saddle sore


4 tips for preventing saddle sores

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tips to prevent saddle sore

Cycling is fun. If you are confronted with saddle sores, the pleasure of cycling soon evaporates. Read more about saddle sores in this article and discover 4 tips to prevent saddle sores.

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What is saddle sore?

Saddle sore is a collective term for various injuries on and around the posterior due to cycling. For example, the following complaints fall under saddle sore:

  • Sore buttocks (or sore seat bones)

  • Scrapes (on the inner legs)

  • Tingling or numbness of the genitals

Saddle pain can have several causes. We give in the article 4 tips with which you can prevent saddle sore.

tips to prevent saddle sore

Tip 1. Build up your cycling

Start with shorter distances when you start cycling. Your bottom and skin have to get used to sitting on a saddle for a long time. In addition, it is good for your whole body to build up cycling slowly. This will help prevent saddle sores in your tailbone and sit bones.

tips to prevent saddle sore gradually build up cycling

Tip 2. Choose the right saddle

Not every saddle is suitable for every cyclist. In a good saddle, the sit bones press on the widest part of the saddle. Because people have different bodies, there are also differences in the wishes for a saddle.

Van Raam has several saddles and seats in its assortment, so there is a good saddle for everyone. Van Raam has the following saddles in its assortment:

  • Black classic saddle

  • Ergogel saddle

  • Banana saddle

  • Flat puch saddle

  • Comfort seat

  • Recumbent bicycle tub with seat pillow

  • Seat XL

Check the 'Special saddle' page to see which saddles are possible on which adapted bicycles.

tips to prevent saddle sore choose the right saddle
Banana saddle

Tip 3. Wear well-fitting clothing

To prevent chafing, it is important to wear well-fitting clothing. Avoid buttons and seams on the bottom. This can cause painful chafing and pressure points. Do you often have problems with ill-fitting clothing while cycling? Try a special cycling pants with chamois.

tips to prevent saddle sores wear well-fitting clothing

Tip 4. Adjust the bike properly

Besides the importance of choosing a good saddle, it is perhaps even more important to adjust the bike properly. An incorrect cycling position can also cause saddle sores. Make sure your weight is positioned on the wide part of the saddle. When your bike is not adjusted properly and you bent over too much, it can put pressure on your genitals. You can prevent this by adjusting your bike so that you sit more upright.

Are you the owner of a Van Raam bicycle and do you question whether your bicycle is adjusted properly? Then contact your Van Raam dealer. They can assess whether the bike is properly adjusted to suit you.

what to do about saddle sores adjust your bike properly

Van Raam adapted bicycles

Van Raam is a family business that has over 110 years of experience. Since the eighties, we specialise in designing and producing unique adapted bikes. Each bike is custom made for the customer. Customers can choose from a variety of options to ensure the bike meets all their needs.

We manufacture:

  • Tricycles

  • Tandems

  • Side-by-side tandems

  • Wheelchair bikes

  • Low step trough bikes

  • Scooter bike

  • Walking aid

  • Rickshaw bike

Read more about the different bikes on the product pages. Here you will find a lot of information including photos, videos and bicycle specifications.

Assortment Van Raam

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