Frequently asked questions cycling with herniated disc Correct leg and arm position on the bike Van Raam


Frequently asked questions about cycling with herniated disc

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Frequently asked questions cycling with herniated disc Correct leg and arm position on the bike Van Raam

You have or had a herniated disc? This is upsetting you then, surely have some questions about what else you may or may not do. It is of course not nice, but there are still possibilities like cycling. Learn in this article all about the frequently asked questions and answers about cycling with a herniated disc

Is cycling with hernia good?

Yes, cycling is good for you. The special thing about cycling is that this type of back training strains and strengthens small muscle groups in the area of the spine. These can hardly be reached and stimulated during normal gymnastics. Stabilizing the back muscles is a pleasant side effect that can be achieved by cycling regularly, at least one to two hours a week, without additional special back training.

It is very important that you listen to your body and do not do anything that does not feel good, then you should consult your orthopaedist or family doctor. In this way, the combination of cycling and back training can compensate for the lack of exercise that our modern lifestyle often brings with it.

is Cycling with hernia good Van Raam

Is cycling good for the back?

Riding a bike, that is for sure is healthy if you take a good posture , cycling helps against back pain. Especially the lower back area and the smaller muscle groups in the spine are trained. Would you like to know more about why cycling is healthy? Then read our 10 reasons why cycling is so healthy.

When can go cycling after a hernia surgery?

Cycling can be practiced from about the sixth week after a disc operation. With regard to this sport, level cycling with saddle and steering wheel suspension in an upright position is best. Since a sport is practiced without impact on the musculoskeletal system; cycling over rough and tumbleis not recommended. To avoid unevenness, indoor cycling on an exercise bike is also recommended. (Source: Apomio)

Cycling good for the back Van Raam

Van Raam bikes like the Easy Rider offer good and back-friendly bike seats that can also be adjusted to fit your back. This is one of the unique features of the Easy Rider tricycle. Read more in the article "How to adjust the seat on the Easy Rider tricycle".

Again, it is important that no pain should occur during the movements or that existing pain should not be aggravated.

"Proper posture when riding a bicycle is important for a healthy spine."

What do I have to consider when cycling with a herniated disc?

It is important to observe a few points before and during cycling.

1. Take a test ride

Before buying an adapted bike, you should definitely take a test ride. One of our technical advisors can help you choose the right bike for you and you can also try out the bike on the Van Raam test track during a test ride. You will be advised by a technical advisor and can practice with ground sills, a gravel path, hills and curves. So make an appointment for a test ride now. Or call a dealer close to you and asks if you can make a test ride there.

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2. Adjust the bicycle correctly

 In order for the back to be optimally trained when cycling, the bike must be adjusted correctly. Both the seat height and the handlebars should then be adjusted so that the upper body comes into a slightly bent position. The hip must be tilted forward. You can read how to adjust this in the user manual of each bike, which you can also find on the product page of our bikes. (Source: Bicycle & Healthy)

Do you need help or have questions about the correct adjustment of your bike? Then contact Van Raam or your dealer, we are happy to help you! 

Bicycle adjustment Van Raam

3. Have the correct posture

The correct posture is extremely important for a healthy spine when cycling. The training effect is greatest in the area of the lumbar spine. If the pelvis is tilted forward when cycling, the back muscles are pretensioned. This brings the spine into its natural S-shape.

The movement when pedalling moves the intervertebral discs and trains the deep muscles between the vertebrae. The muscles between the vertebrae are difficult to train specifically. (Source: Fahrrad & Gesund )

Correct Posture Van Raam

4. Correct leg and arm position on the bike

When cycling, the legs should not be fully depressed in the lower pedal position, but slightly bent. In the upper pedal position the knee should not be pulled more than 90 degrees. This is especially important to protect the knee joints.

The 90-degree angle is also the ideal measure for the relationship between arms and back, as it ensures optimum muscle loading and protects the wrists from excessive pressure. The elbows should not be pushed through when cycling, but should also be slightly angled. The handlebars are optimally adjusted when the arms are slightly angled and the wrists are not bent.

Correct leg and arm position Van Raam

"Listen to your body."

Van Raam bikes

Van Raam bikes have unique features that support cycling in case of a slipped disc. As a manufacturer of special bicycles that are suitable for people with disabilities but also for people who are no longer able to ride a bike, Van Raam has various bicycles in its range that can help you on your way to mobility.

With both feet on the ground with the Balance

The Balance and the Maxi Comfort are Van Raam bikes with a low entry. They also have a specially designed frame that allows you to ride comfortably and reach the ground with both feet without getting off. The Balance is available with different frame heights and, like all other Van Raam bikes, the Balance and Maxi Comfort low entry bikes can be equipped with a number of options, such as pedal support.
Read more about all Van Raam two-wheelers in the article: "Cycling on a unique Van Raam bike with two-wheels
Take a look at all the different types of bikes that can help you with herniated discs and cycling.

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