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Benefits tricycle for adults

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benefits tricycle for adults Van Raam

If it's not possible to ride a standard two-wheeled bike due to stability problems or other limitations, a three-wheeled bike is a good solution. Due to illness or aging, you may come to the stage where cycling with a standard bicycle is not (or no longer) possible or is no longer safe. The risk of falling is too big and getting on and off the bike is no longer possible, so participating in traffic is no longer safe for you and your fellow road users.

Benefits tricycle for adults

A perfect alternative is the tricycle. A tricycle is a bike with two wheels on the front or back of the bike. Van Raam produces tricycles for all ages and in many variants, such as traditional tricycles, seat tricycles, recumbent tricycles, toothed tricycles and mobility scooter bikes. Meet the Van Raam tricycles for one person.

Tricycles for one person

benefits tricycle for adults Van Raam

What are the benefits of a tricycle?

  • A tricycle offers more stability than an average two-wheel bike.

  • You can't (almost) get out of balance on a tricycle, even if you cycle slowly.  

  • A tricycle doesn't fall over when it is stationary.       

  • With a tricycle you can easily get on and off the bike.     

  • You don't have to keep your balance because a tricycle is already in balance.

  • It's not necessary to get off when you are (almost) stationary, so you can cross over safely without getting off the bike.       

  • With a tricycle you can stay mobile independently for a longer period of time, do independent shopping or make a bike ride and enjoy the weather and freedom.

What are the extra advantages of a Van Raam tricycle?

  • With the parking brake you put the bike on the brake so you can easily get on without the bike rolling away.      

  • A low entry level is possible on the traditional Van Raam tricycles.   

  • The Easy Rider tricycle for adults is clearly different from other tricycles. Due to the unique frame there is a low entry and a stable lower seating position. Because your center of gravity is low, you sit on a seat with a backrest and you have a steering wheel in front of you, you feel safe and secure. The special cycling position puts less strain on the back, neck, shoulders and wrists. Almost everyone can cycle away without getting used to it on this tricycle.

  • You can sit comfortably on the seat tricycle Easy Rider with luxury seat and backrest.

  • Possibility to mount a stick holder, walker holder preparation or shopping basket.

  • Electric pedal assistance (auxiliary motor) is possible (a later installation of an electric motor is also possible with the Van Raam tricycle). The starting aid helps you to get started in the first few meters, which is very useful when crossing the road. With Van Raam's pedal assistance you can also cycle forwards and backwards.     

  • For all Van Raam tricycles you can choose the desired color.

  • All Van Raam tricycles can be equipped with many special options and accessories that make cycling on a tricycle as easy as possible. (coaster brake, gears, footrests, one-handed lock, blinker, gear shift lever, special saddles and many other adjustments). Look at the pricelist (which can be found under each bike in the price/documentation tab) or options page for all possibilities.

  • If the standard options/accessories are not sufficient, the tricycle will be made entirely customer-specific in our factory in Varsseveld.

  • If you have a changing energy level/disease you can choose the Easy Go mobility scooter from Van Raam, a mobility scooter and tricycle in one.

  • At Van Raam we also manufacture tricycles for more people, such as the duo bike Fun2Go, wheelchair bikes OPair and VeloPlus and three-wheel tandems Twinny Plus and Kivo Plus.

Other advantages

In addition to the advantages of a tricycle compared to a two-wheeler, there are also advantages of cycling in general:

  • Unlike a mobility scooter, you keep moving while cycling on a tricycle.

  • Cycling is good for energy,joints, increases your fitness and reduces stress.       

  • Cycling is better for the environment and a relatively inexpensive way to move from A to B. It's a good way to get around.

Try a tricycle

Cycling on a tricycle will take some time to get used to, especially in the beginning. The cycling behaviour of each type of tricycle is also different. Therefore, always trydifferent models and choose the tricycle that suits you best! After an appointment by phone you are welcome at Van Raam in our showroom in Varsseveld or at a dealer in your area to try different tricycles.

Buy a tricycle

You can order a Van Raam bike at one of our many dealers. Look at our dealer page where the dealers are located. About to buy a tricycle? Then first read through our tips for buying a tricycle.

Tips for buying a tricycle

Buy a tricycle showroom Varsseveld Van Raam

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