Avoid falling off the bike and choose a tricycle


Avoid falling off the bike and choose a tricycle

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Avoid falling off the bike and choose a tricycle

A fall causes a lot of suffering and often leads to a deterioration in the quality of life of an elderly person. In addition to physical discomfort, fear of falling often seems to be an important reason for not getting on a bicycle. This is very unfortunate if the bicycle turns out to be the only means of transport for this person. Out of fear, certain situations, excursions and social activities are avoided, leading to social isolation. As we at Van Raam believe that the longer you are mobile, the happier you are, in this article we would like to inform you about the possibilities of our modified bikes. Avoid falls with your bike and choose a tricycle.

Avoid falling by bicycle by choosing a tricycle

Different tricycles - Avoid falling off the bike

Fall prevention for older people is one of the most frequently read topics for example at BeterOud. BeterOud is a consortium in which older people, professionals and organisations work together to ensure that older people live the longest possible lives as independently and valuably as possible. Van Raam participates in these efforts. With our adapted bicycles we want to give a chance to people with disabilities and people who are afraid to limit their mobility. Our goal is to get people back on their bikes with a certain feeling.

Advantages of a tricycle

For people who are afraid of falling when cycling, a tricycle can help. The extra wheel on the bike always keeps the tricycle upright . This allows you, the tricycle rider, to keep both feet on the pedals when stopping, so that you do not have to get off the bike. For people who have difficulty keeping their balance or getting off the bike, this is certainly an advantage. If you buy a Van Raam bike with Van Raam pedal support, it is even possible to ride backwards. All you have to do is get off at your final destination.
In addition, Van Raam manufactures tricycles with low entry. Since the centre of mass of the bike is lower, the likelihood of you falling over with this tricycle is minimal.

Low entry bicycles Van Raam

In addition to tricycles, Van Raam also produces tricycles with a low step-in. With the two-wheeled bicycle with low entry, the Balance, both feet can be placed on the ground at the same time. The big advantage of this function is that you do not have to stand on one leg at a traffic light and balance. The low entry level also makes it easier to get in and out. Finally, you can use the forward movement of the pedal to bring more force to the bike.

Bike or trike with a low entry

Van Raam low step through bicycle Balance
It is easy to be with both feet on the ground with the balance
Side wheels for adults Van Raam

Getting used to cycling on a tricycle

We understand that changing from a two-wheeler to a tricycle can be difficult because you have to admit that you can't do things the way you are used to. That's why we want to give you as clear information as possible about buying a tricycle. So read the article "What is the difference between a tricycle and a bike with side wheels?" and also look at the possibilities of a two-wheeler with two separate side wheels.

Are you insecure when driving with an adapted bicycle?

If you feel that a tricycle is a safe option for you and you have less or no fear of falling, but still find riding a tricycle very exciting, there are courses that can give you more confidence on the road. Even if you've already bought a tricycle but don't even dare to ride it on the road, these courses are for you.

For example, the Dutch ‘Fietsersbond’ offers several projects in which one wants to stimulate the use of the tricycle. Van Raam is also committed to this initiative and can be found regularly on the "Driewielfiets Ontdekdagen" (Dutch). During these days, people can take cycling lessons and try out tricycles. This is made possible by a ‘Fietsschool' (bike school).

Tricycle for adults Maxi
Overview bike test track Van Raam
Van Raam Tests track

Test adapted bikes on a special test track

Would you like to ride a bike again, but are afraid of falling if you ride a normal two-wheeler? Visit our showroom in Varsseveld or our advice centre in Germany and test our special bikes on the specially equipped Van Raam test track (In Varsseveld). To visit us, you must make an appointment in advance. Is it difficult to come all the way to Varsseveld? Take a look at our dealer overview and find out which Van Raam dealer is closest to you. The dealer does not have a Van Raam test track, but can give you advice on a suitable special bike.

In addition to tricycles, Van Raam also produces wheelchair bikes, tandems, transport bikes, electric mobile tricycles, walking aid, low entry bikes and duo bikes.

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