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Van Raam tricycle for adults

Many people who can no longer cycle on a regular bicycle are looking for a good and safe alternative. The thought that first comes to mind is a traditional tricycle for adults.Many people visit the Van Raam showroom by appointment to experience if such a tricycle is suitable for them. Often they eventually decide to choose a different custom made bicycle than they initially had in mind. We therefore like to discuss the characteristics of the different types of tricycles.

Different tricycles

The "traditional tricycle" is a bicycle with two rear wheels and one front wheel where the cyclist sits above the bracket. You pedal straight down and the bicycle has a relatively high seating position. Because the frame of a tricycle, unlike a regular bike, does not lean into the curve, it takes some time to getting used to such a type of tricycle. Children or adults who have never cycled before find it easy to cycle on a tricycle. Experienced cyclists have the feeling that they fall over when taking the first turn. Because the tricycle has three wheels you can’t fall. Because of the relatively high seating position your center of gravity is high and the bike feels more unstable.   With a front wheel, this type of bike is reasonably maneuverable, especially since all Van Raam bicycles are equipped with a differential. 

Van Raam has many different sizes of this type tricycle, suitable for small children to large adults. Van Raam’s Midi and Maxi are examples of this type of special needs bikes.

Tricycles for adults Van Raam

Tricycle with two front wheels and one rear wheel.

For people who want a “traditional tricycle” but have trouble estimating the width there is a tricycle with two front wheels and one rear wheel. This allows the rider of the bike to assess whether he can cycle there. The characteristics and points of interest of the traditional tricycle also apply to this variant. Two front wheels have a major disadvantage, the steering is heavy, and you're not so maneuverable with regard to the large turning circle. We therefore see that only people who keep having problems with estimating the width choose for this type of bicycle. 

The Viktor is an example of this type of bike.

Tricycle with 2 wheels in front Van Raam

Low step through tricycle for adults

Van Raam has a variation on the traditional tricycle. This tricycle has a low entry and a different seating position. Instead of sitting on top of the bracket, the seating is positioned somewhat behind the bracket. Your seating position is lower, which always enables you to put both feet on the ground but still make an optimal knee movement. With this type of tricycle you do not need to step up on the bicycle but you can step up by pulling the tricycle underneath you. Because the gravitational center is lowered this tricycle feels more comfortable. Because of the other sitting position, your back, shoulders, neck and wrists are less burdened.

This variant is available in a normal frame, and a lower, extra high frame. This bicycle is easier to cycle on than a traditional tricycle.  

The Maxi Comfort is an example of this type of bike.

Low step through tricycle Van Raam

Comfortable tricycle with a lower seating position and seat

For people who want to cycle more easily and find that cycling on a traditional tricycle is difficult, there is a stable, comfortable tricycle with a  seat and forward pedaling position. Your center of gravity is much lower and you have a completely different seating position. Therefore this bike feels safe and familiar. Almost everyone who isn’t accustomed to cycling on a tricycle can cycle on this bike. The special seating provides back support and it has a spacious seat. The completely different cycling position puts much less strain on the back, neck, shoulders and wrists. Because you're almost sitting between the rear wheels you also have little problems in estimating the width.

Recumbent tricycle Van Raam

Our experience is that about 90% of people who try all variants eventually choose this type of bike.   frequently heard comment about this model is that it is long. This is more a feeling than an optical objective observation. The bicycle is 18 cm longer than a normal tricycle and less than 20 cm longer than a standard two-wheel bike. Because of the other frame construction this seems optically different. This tricycle is available in an adult and junior version and there is also a sportive version with steering under. Most users find it enjoyable to have the steering wheel in front of them, this feels more natural than having the steering wheel or control under you.  

The Easy RiderEasy Rider CompactEasy Sport and Easy Sport Small are examples of this type of tricycle. Read more about the Easy Sport in our article: 'Sport tricycle for adults'.

Compact tricycle  with scooter function.

For people who have a varying level of energy, who are no longer able to cycle on a two wheel bike, who want to cycle themselves with or without pedal assistance but if necessary want to cycle without any effort the Easy Go is good option. The Easy Go is a highly manoeuvrable compact electric tricycle that can be used in various ways. Whether you ride independently or you pedal along with the electric bikes or driving with a throttle, you can operate with the thumb to the motor just like a scooter. This can be with different levels of support and different speeds.

Easy Go Van Raam

Tricycle with pedal support

All Van Raam tricycles can be equipped with electric power assist. Optionally, this can also be done afterwards.

Accessories tricycles

All tricycles from Van Raam can be equipped with special accessories that make cycling on a tricycle as easy as possible. These accessories can be footrests for foot fixation, a one-handed operated brake or lock, a stick holder, flashing light, a gear lever, back support, special saddles and many other modifications.    

If these adjustments are not sufficient then Van Raam adjusts the bicycle to the specific wishes of the customer.  

This presentation will give you some more information about the characteristics per type tricycle. We always recommend you to experience for yourself what type of bicycle fits you best.

Therefore, try as many relevant variations as possible.

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