When to choose a tricycle instead of a bike with two wheels - Van Raam tricycles


When to choose a tricycle instead of a bike with two wheels?

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When to choose a tricycle instead of a bike with two wheels - Van Raam tricycles

With a tricycle, you can cycle when cycling on a bike with two wheels is not (or no longer) possible. A tricycle comes in different shapes and sizes. In this article, you will find out when to choose a tricycle instead of a two-wheel bike and learn more about the different types of tricycles for adults.

When do you opt for a tricycle?

If cycling on a traditional bicycle with two wheels is not possible (anymore), but you still want to (continue to) cycle, you can consider a tricycle. With a tricycle, you have more steadiness and can keep your balance better. This is because of the three wheels, instead of the two wheels on a traditional bike.

These three wheels also make it easier for you to keep your balance and therefore you are much less likely to fall. This gives a sense of safety and security. Fear of falling and uncertainty is often a major reason why people stop cycling on a traditional two-wheel bike. At Van Raam, we like to make a difference for people who are no longer able or willing to cycle on a traditional two-wheel bike. Thanks to our custom-made tricycles, there is almost always the possibility of cycling again.

When to choose a tricycle instead of a bike with two wheels - Van Raam tricycles
Easy Rider tricycle

Different types

Van Raam has different types of tricycles, such as traditional tricycles, but also a mobility scooter. These tricycles are for both adults and children. Take a look at the Van Raam range of tricycles for adults below:

Advantages of a Van Raam tricycle

The transition from a traditional bike with two wheels to a tricycle can be difficult and takes some getting used to. Nevertheless, a Van Raam tricycle has the following advantages over a traditional two-wheeler:

  • Parking brake makes it possible to get on and off safely

  • Stopping without getting off

  • Stability thanks to the three wheels

  • No need to keep your own balance

  • Tricycle can be expanded with various options according to taste and wish

Try out a tricycle during a free test ride

Is cycling on a traditional bike with two wheels not possible (anymore) and are you considering a tricycle? At Van Raam in Varsseveld it is possible to make a free test ride. During an appointment, you will be assisted by one of our technical advisers and get to know the different tricycles. There is a bike test track outside and there are also several options and accessories to customise the tricycle.

At some Van Raam dealers, it is also possible to make a test ride. Please contact a dealer in your area for more information.

Find a dealer

When to choose a tricycle instead of a bike with two wheels - Making a test ride

Choosing pedal assistance?

At Van Raam it is possible to add pedal assistance to all tricycles for adults. The electric pedal assistance system was specially developed by and for Van Raam and is characterised by the high quality and safe batteries, easy operation and powerful electric motors.

Read more about pedal assistance

Customer experiences

Read and see in the customer experiences below why these persons chose a tricycle instead of a bicycle with two wheels.

Customer experience Easy Rider electric tricycle - Johan Boegman
8 / 10
Customer experience Easy Rider tricycle - John Boegman
John Boegman is 67 years old and likes to go out on his bike. Due to a traffic accident in 2020, he can not bend his right leg very far anymore and his two-wheeler was no longer an option. After 1.5 years of using a mobility scooter, he now has an Easy Rider electric tricycle. Read and watch the story of John here.
Read this customer experience
Customer experience Maxi tricycle – Linda Oremus
9 / 10
Customer experience Maxi tricycle – Linda Oremus
Due to major surgery on her back, Linda could no longer cycle on a traditional bike. Thanks to her Maxi tricycle, she got the joy of cycling back. Read Linda Oremus' story here.
Read this customer experience
recumbent trike easy sport van raam photo sandra pouwels
9 / 10
Customer experience Easy Sport recumbent trike - Johan Smith
Johan Smith (45) lives with his wife and 5 children in Mariënberg. He works as a service technician and is the breadwinner of the family, until Johan has an accident in 2011 and has to go through extensive rehabilitation. At that time Johan's wife is 8 months pregnant and the life of the whole family turns upside down.
Read this customer experience
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When you aren’t able or don't dare to cycle on a standard bike with two wheels due to balance problems or the fear of falling, there are several options to ensure that you keep your mobility and get enough physical activity. For example, there is the possibility to place side wheels for adults on your two-wheel bike or you can check the possibilities of adaptive bikes (of course we would like to help you). In this article we explain briefly what the differences are between a tricycle and adult side wheels.

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Tricycle for adults

Many people who can no longer cycle on a regular bicycle are looking for a good and safe alternative. The thought that first comes to mind is a traditional tricycle for adults.Many people visit the Van Raam showroom by appointment to experience if such a tricycle is suitable for them. Often they eventually decide to choose a different custom made bicycle than they initially had in mind. We therefore like to discuss the characteristics of the different types of tricycles.

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If you have experience with cycling on a normal bicycle, you should take into account that a tricycle cycles totally different. Small children or adults who have never ridden a tricycle before simply ride it. Adults have to get used to a completely different cycling behaviour. On the Van Raam website, we have listed the specific characteristics of each three-wheeler model. We advise you to find out for yourself which model you like best. If you want to try out a bike or if you have already bought a tricycle, we advise you to follow the instructions below.     

benefits tricycle for adults Van Raam

Benefits tricycle for adults

If it's not possible to ride a standard two-wheeled bike due to stability problems or other limitations, a three-wheeled bike is a good solution. Due to illness or aging, you may come to the stage where cycling with a standard bicycle is not (or no longer) possible or is no longer safe. The risk of falling is too big and getting on and off the bike is no longer possible, so participating in traffic is no longer safe for you and your fellow road users.

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