Watch the 3D tricycle Easy Rider in your space


Watch the 3D tricycle Easy Rider in your space

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Watch the 3D tricycle Easy Rider in your space

With the latest innovation at Van Raam, Augmented Reality (AR), you get the opportunity to see the Easy Rider adult tricycle in 3D in your room. Read what small steps you need to take to experience the Easy Rider in your own space.

View in your room: the Easy Rider in 3D

View the augmented reality (AR) 3D model of our Easy Rider tricycle in your space below. 

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How can I see the Easy Rider in my space?

There are two ways to see the Easy Rider in your space. One way is to view it directly from your smartphone, the other way is to start from your computer. Below is a step by step guide that will show you how to view the Easy Ride in your room.

View the Easy Rider with your smartphone

Click the "View in your space" button, and follow the instructions on your smartphone.

Step 2:
Point the camera where there is space.

Step 3:
The bike will automatically be displayed in that space.

Step 4:
You can walk around the bike by moving the camera or walking around. You can also zoom in and out of the bike by holding the camera closer or farther away from the bike.

*Note: You may need to download an AR app to see the Easy Rider, depending on your smartphone. However, this will be displayed to you.

3D driewielfiets Easy Rider in je ruimte op smartphone

View the Easy Rider on the cell phone via the computer

The bike cannot be viewed on the computer itself. To do this, take your smartphone and follow the steps below.

When you are in the Augmented Reality environment, click on the button that says "View in your space".

Step 2:
Scan the QR Code that come up on the screen with your smartphone to view the Easy Rider tricycle in 3D. 

Then you can view the bike in your space. 

Step 3:
From here on, it's the same as in the section " Use your smartphone to view the Easy Rider". Follow the steps from the section above.

Easy Rider tricycle for adults

The Easy Rider tricycle is a tricycle with a seating for adults. A great advantage of the Easy Rider is that it is very easy to ride, even if you have never ridden a tricycle before. The Easy Rider has a comfortable seat with adjustable backrest, tailbone relief and raised edges on the sides for better seating comfort and lateral support. The modern aerodynamic design of the Easy Rider seat tricycle has a sporty look thanks in part to its hydroformed frame.

See more photos, videos, specifications and all other information about the Easy Rider on the product page.

Easy Rider

van raam easy rider tricycle medium

See and try Easy Rider in real life

Come to our showroom in Varsseveld and take a test ride on our test track! Is this not in your area? At some dealers a test drive is also possible, please contact your local dealer.

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