video detach easy rider tricycle seat and transport


Video detach Easy Rider tricycle seat and transport

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video detach easy rider tricycle seat and transport

To transport the Easy Rider tricycle bike easily? Read in this article and video how to detach the Easy Rider seat and transport it with the bike carrier.

Video: Detach Easy Rider seat and take it with you on bike carrier

Detach the Easy Rider seat and transporting it with a bike carrier

A bike carrier must not be loaded heavier than 50 kg in most cases. To stay under the 50 kg on the bike carrier, the Easy Rider was designed with a removable seat, so the weight is less. It is important to check how many kilos you can load on a bike carrier and that you do not exceed this weight.

To prepare place the bike centrally in front of the bike rack once it is attached to the car, so you can easily push it up right away.

Then proceed as follows:

  1. Apply the parking brake, if necessary remove objects from the basket and other parts that could fall off the bike.

  2. In the case of the electric version, you must first disconnect the charging cable (which leads to the external charging point) from the battery and then detach the battery.

  3. To detach the Easy Rider chair from the bike you must first unscrew the screw under the seat with an allen key (size 4).


Please keep the screw in good place, you will need it again when you put the seat back on

4. Open the quick release lever on the seat and pull the Easy Rider seat backwards to detach it from the seating rail.

5. You can now store the Easy Rider tricycle seat and battery in the car and confirm and secure the Easy Rider on the bike carrier.

Video detach Easy Rider Tricycle Seat on Bicycle Carrier

More about the Easy Rider seat?

Learn more about the features and characteristics about the seat of the Easy Rider tricycle for adults in our article "Cycling comfortably with the special Easy Rider seat".

Special Easy Rider seat

van raam easy rider seat

Bike carrier for adapted bikes

At Van Raam it is unfortunately not possible to directly buy a trailer for your Van Raam bicycle. There are several suppliers that specialize in supplying customized trailers, roof racks or storage for your customized bike.

Under "Third party accessories" you can see which suppliers exist, so you can take your custom bike on the road with for example the car.

Read more about the Easy Rider adult tricycle

The Easy Rider, the third generation of Van Raam's seated tricycles, has a unique frame where the center of gravity is lower. The Easy Rider is very easy to ride, even if you have never ridden a tricycle before. On the product page of the Easy Rider you will find all the information, such as technical specifications and you can view pictures and videos.

Easy Rider


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