Video most sold options for a Van Raam bike

A Van Raam bike can be fully customized and adapted with various options and accessories. Take a look at our video with the most sold options for Van Raam bikes. 

Video: Van Raam most sold options

Options for adapted Van Raam bicycles

See hereafter in which order which options have been shown in our video:

  • The protection screen for the Fun2Go side-byside tandem (at minute 0:05). In order to keep a distance of 1.5 meters in times of Corona Van Raam offers this option; a physical barrier between rider and passenger to ride together again without (possibly) infecting the other person. 
  • The unique Van Raam pedal support (at minute 0:07), the Silent System. The motors, batteries, controller, smart display and software were developed by and for Van Raam, specifically for the rehabilitation market.
  • The footrests (at minute 0:14) is applicable for many bicycles. This provides you with more stability and safety while cycling.
  • The lower leg fixation (at minute 0:28) can also be fitted to many tricycles. The lower leg fixation prevents the lower leg from falling to the left or right.

Video most sold options for a Van Raam bike rotatable seat turn signal stationary crank mirror

  • The rotating seat for side-by-side tandems and the armrests (at minute 0:41) which are used for different bicycles to increase the comfort of riding enormously as well as getting off and on.
  • The stationary pedal crank (at minute 0:48) helps you to be mobile, if you can only pedal with one leg and it is no longer possible to pedal with the other, then this is a solution to continue cycling.
  • It is possible to mount direction indicators (at minute 0:53) on all Van Raam bicycles. They are mounted on the front and rear and can be operated from the handlebars.
  • One or two mirrors (at minute 0:56) on the handlebars provide extra safety while riding the bike.

Options for adapted Van Raam bicycles

  • Take your walker, or crutches in a stick holder (atminute 1:00) with you on your Van Raam bike.
  • Van Raam has different belts (at minute 1:20) that can be used on different bikes. These include the 4 and 5 point belts.
  • If you have a knee or hip restriction or a leg length difference, an eccentric crank (at minute 1:43) and/or the shortened crank (at minute 1:46) can help you perform the optimal pedaling motion.
Check out all these options for a Van Raam bike on the options page.

 Most sold options for the Fun2Go

Most sold options for the Fun2Go

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Create your own Van Raam bike

Create your own bike

With Van Raam's online configurator you can easily assemble your adapted bike. In simple steps you choose your bike and the desired options and accessories. After the last step, enter your email address and you can view the complete configuration. You will also receive it completely by email. You can take the configuration to a test ride or to a Van Raam dealer. Read more about the configuration in the article: 'Put together your Van Raam bike with the bike configurator'.

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