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The floating pedal, or stationary crank, can help if you have a blocked knee or hip on one side, which prevents you from bending it. An adjustment is made to the frame so that you can cycle with one leg and make the pedaling movement. On the side of the leg with which you cannot make the pedaling movement, a stationary crank will be placed. On this side, your leg stays still, while you can cycle with your other leg.

Order your floating pedal at a Van Raam dealer

Do you also want a floating pedal for your Van Raam bike so you can cycle with one leg? Order this option at your Van Raam dealer.

  • You only need to pedal with one leg.
  • With spring construction so you can make a normal pedaling motion.
  • The other leg can rest on the stationary crank.
Customer experiences
9 / 10
Customer experience Easy Rider tricycle Willy Wienholts
9 / 10
Customer experience Easy Rider tricycle - Willy Wienholts
Willy Wienholts (50) has a poor trunk balance, poor balance and due to a sports injury her lower leg was amputated. After not riding a bike for years, she is now riding her adapted Easy Rider tricycle with great pleasure.
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€ 263 (excl. VAT and shipping)

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€ 380 (excl. VAT and shipping)

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