Bicycle parts and options for Van Raam special needs bikes


Accessories and options for Van Raam special needs bikes

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Bicycle parts and options for Van Raam special needs bikes

Do you own a Van Raam bike or are you still exploring? In both cases it is good to know that Van Raam has many options and accessories available for your special needs bike. For example, did you know that with our Van Raam bikes you can have a direction indicator placed on your bike or a wheelchair holder? Your dealer can also contact us to order parts for your bike. Read more about the different options and accessories for Van Raam's special needs bikes in this article.

Options for special needs bikes

Every Van Raam bicycle can be fully tailored to its end user due to the many options that are available for the bicycles. Which options are available for your (future) special needs bike can be found in the price list of the particular bike. If you have for example an Easy Rider, you can check the price list of the Easy Rider tricycle to see what options are available for your bike.

Are you still in the exploratory phase? Then it is also possible to assemble your future bicycle using the online configuration tool. With this tool you can also see which possible options and accessories are available for your bike.

Online configuration tool

Van Raam options Crank shortener
A crank shortener compensates for, among other things, leg length difference

Most sold Van Raam options, parts and accessories

Below you will find a small selection of the most popular options at Van Raam. Would you like to see more options? Visit our 'Options' page or contact us and ask us about the possibilities for your special needs bike. During a free consultation and test ride in Varsseveld you can then see which bike with which parts and accessories suits you best.

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Ordering bike parts or accessories

It is not possible for end users to order a bicycle directly from Van Raam. The ordering process is therefore carried out via dealers and local bicycle dealers.
If, as an end user, you notice something about the bicycle that causes it to malfunction, Van Raam advises you to first contact the dealer from whom you purchased the bicycle. If the dealer then concludes that a certain bicycle part needs to be replaced, or if bike accessories needs to be added to the bicycle, the dealer will contact Van Raam. As end users it is therefore not possible to order bicycle parts from Van Raam directly.

The bicycle accessories and parts can be found in the online configuration tool and price list of the bicycle in question.

Van Raam configuration tool
With the configuration tool you can assemble your own Van Raam bike

Ordering bike accessories or parts as a Van Raam dealer

Are you a Van Raam dealer and would you like to order bicycle parts? You can log in via the Van Raam web shop. In our web shop you can order spare parts and self-assembled bicycles online.

Dealer webshop

Do you have any questions?

We are happy to assist you! Please check our contact page or contact us directly using the options below.